Outsource 3D Floor Plan Conversion

3D Floor Plan Conversion

Generate greater interest in your real estate properties with simple, effective, and visually appealing 3D floor plans at just $7/hour

Floor plans are indispensable - just like real estate photographs - if you want to more effectively market your property to buyers, middlemen, agents or property brokers. Floor plans provide an accurate overview of the entire property and help buyers make their purchasing decisions rather quickly. They capture not only the dimensions of a liveable space, but also its aesthetic essence, and therefore buyers prefer having a look at them.

So, whether you plan to market your real estate through online channels like website, blogs or social networking, or through print brochures, having a detailed 3D floor plan helps you sell your property easily, and is as important as having the images of your property. Therefore along with real estate image processing, we offer floor plan conversions, as both are crucial value-additions to any real estate website.

Our Floor Plan Conversions Services

Still struggling with outdated 2D floor plans? In the post-pandemic world, your audience has moved on, and you should too, to keep up with consumer expectations. Convert to 3D with Flatworld Solutions; we leverage tools like 360 virtual tours to allow you to showcase the exactx` layout in a way that adds to the buyer's experience.

  1. Floor Plan Creation from Drawings

    Floor Plan Creation from Drawings

    Flatworld Solution's floor plan conversion specialists can create detailed and scaled floor plans from manual drawings/sketches, outlines, or photographs.

  2. Floor Plan Creation from Sketches/Photographs/CAD File

    Floor Plan Creation from Sketches/Photographs/CAD File

    Our floor plan conversion specialists are highly adept at converting photographs, original sketches, or CAD file formats into complete 3D or 2D floor plans.

  3. 2D Floor Plan Creation

    2D Floor Plan Creation

    We work closely with clients to come up with floor plan templates that are functional and meet their business requirements. To help attract more buyers and eyeballs to your property, our experts refer to existing photographs and drawings to come up with an exact and attractive 2D floor plan.

  4. 3D Floor Plan Creation

    3D Floor Plan Creation

    We tailor our 3D floor plans to exactly meet different clients' different requirements. Our experts can skilfully convert a basic floorplan into a high-quality and attractive 3D version, enabling buyers to view the layout of a property without having to visit it in person.

  5. Remodelling Floor Plans

    Remodelling Floor Plans

    Our experts can remodel your existing floor plans to enable you to adapt to changing business conditions and we can also convert the remodelled 2D floor plans into 3D floor plans as needed.

  6. Other Types of Architectural Floor Plans

    Other Types of Architectural Floor Plans

    We work with all types of floor plans covering all architecture types, including industrial properties as well as other large-scale infrastructure projects.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Floor Plan Conversion to Flatworld?

Our experts help you enhance your customer's buying journey with simplified 3D walkthroughs for real estate. We are a reliable and professional floor plan conversion service provider and have spent years streamlining and perfecting a system that rapidly and accurately processes floor plan conversions for clients around the globe.

We also provide a complete range of floor plan conversion services, including 2D to 3D floor plan conversion, real estate 2d and 3d floor plan conversion, 3D floor plan conversion services, and 3D floor plan design services, so that whatever your floor plan conversion need, we can help. Other reasons why you should choose us are -

  • 12 to 24 Hour Turnaround Time

    We have employed large staff with considerable years of domain experience, which allows us to scale operations as well as produce multiple renderings within a short period of time. As a result, we can turnaround your floor plan conversion within 12 or 24 hours depending on how urgently you need it.

  • Affordable Prices

    We provide very competitive rates and our pricing structure is also flexible to meet your exact requirements. While we provide extremely cost-effective floor plan conversion services, this doesn't mean that the quality suffers. You will always receive the highest quality services at an affordable price.

  • Latest Software Used

    We use the latest CAD software and other technologies and cutting-edge computer hardware for all conversions to ensure accuracy and high-speed in each project.

  • Expert Team

    Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals with 2-5 years of work experience in architectural services and CAD software.

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  • Conversion in Multiple Formats

    Our team can produce conversions from all major CAD software including AutoCAD, CATIA, MicroStation, and ArchiCAD, among others.

  • Multiple Output Options

    We offer a wide range of output formats that can be immediately uploaded onto the web. This allows you to start using our drawings to promote your property almost instantly, as soon as they are delivered to you. Outputs of Floor plans are made available in JPG, PDF or DWG format.

  • Customized to the Core

    We are the preferred outsourcing partners if you are looking for custom home designs, custom house plans, custom 3D floor plan services, or custom 2D floor plans. Our experts take time to understand your requirements and provide tailor-made solutions crafted to your unique needs.

  • Photograph or Drawing Conversion to Scale

    We can convert drawings, photographs or existing CAD file formats into any desired format and scale.

  • 2D and 3D Renderings

    We offer both 3D rendering and 2D floor plans to match any specific needs.

  • Effective Communication

    We maintain constant contact with each client during a project to make sure no details go unchecked.

  • Flexibility

    We provide our clients the flexibility to review our work through their project management system anytime of the day.

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Outsource 3D Floor Plan Conversion Services to Flatworld Solutions


Before I sent it to you, my picture was good, but not great, and definitely not frame-worthy. Now it looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it printed big and hanging on the wall in my office. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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As an experienced and reliable floor plan conversion service providing company, you can rest easy when you choose us to provide you with floor plan services, including real estate floor plan conversion services. When you hire Flatworld for your floor plan conversion, you can be certain to receive the services of highly-skilled individuals, exceptional quality and accuracy in solutions, and up to 60% in cost savings as compared to other service providers.

Contact us today to learn more about our full range of floor plan conversions and real estate imaging solutions, including 3D floor plans for real estate, and how we can help you maximize your return on investment in your real estate marketing expenditure.

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