Emerging Photography Trends that will Rule in 2018

Photography Trends for 2018

Each new year witnesses some new trends, and photography is no exception. Photography, as an art has emerged enormously in recent times, and is still progressing. The future of photography is bright and young talent is being promoted. The commercial photography industry in booming due to the influx of digital technologies. As per BBC Research, the digital photography market is growing at 3.8% and its value is estimated to cross $100 billion in 2018.

Top 12 Upcoming Trends in Photography

Times are changing and so are the markets and industries. The photography industry is no different in this case. As we move ahead in 2018, be prepared for lots of innovation in the photo industry. Below are some predictions of the emerging photography trends, which will be prevalent in 2018.

  1. Unraveling the Hidden with Travel photography

    With the craving for wanderlust, artists are now showcasing their travel photographs. Photography is an important tool while travelling - camera in hand and capturing the timeless stills of the place. As the population increases and the world becomes smaller, people travel more and uncover the hidden areas and off-grid places, which will gain more ground. Travel photography will be a key trend to keep track of in the editorial and commercial world.

  2. What Pleases the Eyes, stays

    Getting the framing and focus right in photos is a very important factor in photography. The props used, the alignment of the frame and the incorporation and elimination of certain objects define the quality of photographs. The focus on certain objects and the blurring out of some and deciding what to do where is another important factor when it comes to picture quality. The importance of visual aesthetics and framing will be another highlight in 2018.

  3. Quality Matters

    The number of people being introduced to photography has seen a drastic rise in the past decade. More people are becoming educated and visually literate, and advanced equipment and technique are being introduced in this field. This trend is here to stay, and the quality of finished photographs will be more desired and appreciated in the coming years.

  4. Visual and/or Lighting Direction Will Gain Attention

    Lighting is an important factor in photography. The parts to be highlighted and the place where shadow falls are keen details to take note of. Visual aesthetics can be highlighted better with lighting. With budget being a major factor while shooting, there will be an increase in the number of people who will consult visual and/or lighting directors for better photographs.

  5. Photography Expanding on Social Media (#Trending)

    With the increasing number of people working in this field and showcasing their work, the usage of social platforms is also increasing. People post their work on social media and are recognized for it. Print publications and works highlighted in newspapers and magazines will diminish and social media will gain more ground. Photography and its base will expand even more on social media in the coming years.

  6. New Technologies give Rise to Experimentation and Creativity

    With the increased popularity in this field, more advanced and easy-to-handle equipment is being introduced. Equipment will vary depending on price, usage, lighting, sensors, features, etc. A user will be able to choose an equipment that suits his/her needs and how exactly a shot should be taken. Availability of new technology and a wide range of equipment will enable more experimentation, resulting in better display of skills and high-quality photographs. Experimentation and different photographs through different equipment will be another emerging photography trend to look out for in 2018.

  7. Technique Will Call the Shots

    Technique and the thought behind a photograph will matter more than just the image as it's the technique which makes a photograph timeless. Visual aesthetics and quality can be improved and learned but technique comes from within and is personal to every individual. The "film look" which was prevalent for two years will slowly start disappearing while selective coloring and white vignettes will be more of a focus. As more talent is being introduced in this field, technique and timelessness of images will be an emerging trend in the photography domain in 2018 and the years to come.

  8. The Young make their Mark

    As this field is gaining ground, new talent is being introduced and there is more space for younger talent. Photography has become more popular with the popularity and accessibility of digital picture capturing, editing, and sharing tools. The young are born surrounded by screens and a knack for the digital. They have a good sense of the equipment and have a fresh outlook. Their views and technique can give a different perspective to this field and they are the future of photography. Historic photography and iconic photographs will be appreciated and will be an inspiration for the upcoming talent in photography.

  9. Creative ways of Storytelling

    Visual storytelling - photo journals and books are new and different ways of storytelling, unlike photojournalism, where the same story is being repeated in similar ways. A unique way of storytelling opens a new space for storytelling outside the standard constructs of photo journalism. Storytelling and visual books are creative ways of telling a story through photographs which require distinct visual thinking and emerging talent. Unique ways of storytelling is one of the upcoming photography trends in 2018.

  10. Fine Art Photography

    Bringing a vision of an artist in a frame is one of the latest trends in photography. The value, meaning, and emotion in a photograph are very important and people look for it to relate to and connect with it. It gives the photograph more depth and a personal touch. Fine art is an idea, a message, and a meaning that an artist wants to convey through his photograph. People are understanding the importance of art and how it can be used to convey a meaning or bring about awareness and fine art photography is just a way of taking that forward.

  11. The Growth of Video

    Videos will continue to grow and gain ground in the coming year as well. Clients want to give their users a sense of interaction and engagement, which comes better through videos. It makes their viewers feel like they are right there, capturing a moment. Stills and video shoots will be another important photography trend to look for this year.

  12. Growth in Brand Communications

    People want to feel a sense of connecting with a certain brand before they approach it. It is personal and has a value different to everyone. Brand communication and advertisements will play a huge role in this. Real people would be cast as practiced models giving them a very real look so that the common man can connect better with them, and hence the brand. The props and the place will be such that they are well received by the people and will make them connect with the brand. Photographs that are imperfect, tactile, and textured will be in demand since people want to see the truth and be spoken to honestly; as nobody connects to a brand that shows perfection at its best.

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