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In an age where sharper, brighter and cleaner photography with natural color is a part of life, there is no place for images which are short of the elements which elicit a finer picture. This need for "near" perfection pictures has boosted the business of photo editing, which is a revolution in itself. Now, nobody has to put up with blurred, faded, dimly lit or hazy photographs that are usually captured in haste within few seconds of time.

Such images can be captured in a raw format with a digital camera. This raw format, which is not fully processed, is then enhanced for better quality using raw image conversion software. Conversion of raw images is one of the most prospective outsourced works. Flatworld Solutions has expertise in providing this service. If your organization is looking for conversion of raw images, then choose Flatworld as your outsourcing partner.

What are raw image files?

A raw image file, in simplified terms, is nothing but a digital negative analogous to a film negative used in traditional film camera photography. This digital negative captures the image as red, green and blue pixels which are later on converted to a proper image using raw image conversion software. Raw image files have modestly processed data from the image sensors of a digital camera. This file cannot be readily printed or used with a bitmap graphics editor.

What is raw image conversion?

When raw image files are converted to finer images in RGB format (JPEG or TIFF) by using a color filter array that filters the three basic colors from an image sensor, the process is called raw image conversion. This process of generating a refined photograph or image from the pixilated raw image is also termed as 'Digital Development'.

Conversion of raw images is done using advanced digital image conversion software like DXO engine. DXO engine is used to rectify the 16-bits in a digital image for excellent image rendering. This software also provides the feature for visual enhancement of an image. The professionals at Flatworld Solutions use DXO engines to ensure excellent quality in photo conversion.

Why use raw image formats for capturing images?

Raw image files are smaller in size and so easier to save. Since the images are captured in terms of red, green and blue colors, there is an option of enhancing the quality of image by filtering the colors at different levels and in different ways. Picture conversion of a raw image for better quality is always less tedious with a minimal risk of damage to the final photograph than that of an image in RBG format like TIFF, JPG/JPEG or PSD. The images captured in JPG or any other formats are very heavy in size and also the scope of fine tuning such images is very less.

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Why opt for Flatworld's conversion of raw images services?

Flatworld Solutions is one of the best options for raw image conversion or image format conversion because it provides:

  • An advanced technological support along with creative inputs from highly efficient professionals
  • A team of professionals who are well acquainted with the idiom and technique of raw image conversion after working with a number of brilliant photographers
  • A team which believes in detail and quality work
  • A cost effective and time-effective outsourcing partner

When you go through the digital images processed at Flatworld, you cannot miss the "reality factor" in them.

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