Outsource Alpha Channel Masking Services

Alpha Channel Masking Services

Our alpha channel masking is a way to show off the details in the foreground objects of your photos with beautiful and meaningful separation between complex elements starting at ¢30 per image

You may think it's easy to work with the Alpha channel considering how light the file size is compared to RAW or other heavy formats. But to get the foreground object separated with finesse and to edit it further by retouching and background removal, you will not only need $$$ tools and technology but also people who know how to wield them to ensure your image turns out the way you've expected. In a nutshell, Alpha channel masking services are best left to professionals to achieve pleasing results. And who best to consult in that respect? Flatworld Solutions! We are your trusted Photoshop alpha masking services company with double the skills and technology possessed by any independent editors. Even better is when you find out our services are fast and cost-effective besides being the benchmark for other peers. We work with a wide variety of file formats to create pleasing background separation using Photoshop alpha channel masking. We're so good at what we do that we have been on the speed dial of every busy photographer.

As an alpha channel masking service provider, we work on all types of issues an image manifests in the compositing stage. We adjust the bitmap mask with an extract level of transparency that will separate the area inside the clipping path from the image. From there, we edit the alpha channel in any way you prefer.

Alpha Channel Masking Solutions We Offer

There are many perks of working with an alpha channel masking services providing company like us because we know the industry inside-out and handle intricate photo editing that frustrates even veteran photographers. The alpha channel masking services and other solutions we offer -

  1. Alpha Channel Masking

    Alpha Channel Masking

    When you send us an image that requires alpha channel masking we begin by employing an alpha mask. This makes the inverted selection, making all dark areas visible in a glowing haze. The object in the composition that isn't part of the mask will stay unseen. Any glowing portion represents areas that show elements with a certain transparency. At no cost will the colored channels underwrite the masked selection. The gradient is dense in the masked areas with the range spanning from 0 and 1 and being invisible elsewhere.

  2. Image Masking

    Image Masking

    It's an advanced form of masking compared to clipping because it is ideal in scenes where the background is solid and the foreground has hair or fur in a tight pattern. Here, it becomes tedious when you must deal with image batches. So to have maximum attention to details while eliminating distracting elements, you will need advanced masking services from Flatworld Solutions. We guarantee the work we do is far superior to your expectation. If you're a product photographer or someone in need of a uniform and consistent photo with subject isolation, this is the solution you need.

  3. Image Clipping

    Image Clipping

    If you're worried about that poor background spoiling the quality of the photo, we'll remove it for you at nominal rates. What you should do is choose image clipping services from Flatworld Solutions and let our people use the clipping tool for clipping away the extra bits that you wouldn't need on your image. If you think Alpha channel masking is overkill, clipping is the best solution for basic background separation in a not-so-complex composition.

  4. Background Removal

    Background Removal

    If you are dissatisfied with the original background of your product photo, we'll run a lasso tool to create a layer of your product and replace the background or remove it entirely so your image stands out from the crowd. This service is most beneficial to eCommerce retailers who have a small time window to market their products and need lightweight images that can show on the catalog with the best-looking background.

Alpha Channel Masking Process We Follow

As an established Alpha Channel Masking service providing company, we have refined processes to increase transparency and flow of work. Our Alpha Channel Masking process includes -

We understand the customer's requirements for alpha channel masking and define the scope of work
Acquire all images for which the alpha channel masking is needed
The alpha channel masking team are mapped to the assignment and editing will commence as soon as possible
Images edited by our team go to the quality controller for checks to ensure it looks well-done
Images are delivered along with reports, providing an overview

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Outsource Alpha Channel Masking Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We understand that your requirement may have a uniqueness that not many service providers are capable of meeting but not us. We have a long-term relationship with our clients who've subscribed to our services for punctuality, completeness, and quality. Some more reasons why we can be a partner with you, include -

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    You can save a ton of time by choosing us as your outsourcing partner because we have the bandwidth to scale fast and act faster to avoid keeping the clients on hold.

  • Certified Team of Editors

    With us, you'll find a specialized and certified team of editors with proficiency in editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc. They dedicatedly work on projects that are relevant to your needs.

  • Data Security

    There is no risk of compliance when it comes to image data. Your files are professionally managed with accountability at every level.

  • Affordable Rates

    When you choose us as an alpha channel masking services company to serve your needs, we'll offer you the best quotes you can afford.

  • Multiple Format Support

    We have rich experience working in numerous formats. So bring us the format in which your image was shot and we'll fix all glitches.

  • Scalable Services

    You'll find it easier to scale your requirement with us than elsewhere because we have a scalable workflow that allows the addition of resources when you need one.

  • High-quality Image Editing Services

    Accuracy counts when you're trying to edit images with complex fur and hair meshing with other objects in the background. To achieve the level of perfection you've envisaged, you'll need someone like us because we have a good eye for detail and do what is needed to ensure quality.

  • ISO Certified Alpha Channel Masking Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with 20 years of experience in alpha channel masking. Being certified for offering quality services, there is no looking back for us.

  • Reliable Customer Support

    We will always be within arm's reach of you. Our customer support team is reachable by any means you prefer to keep you supported in any matter including grievances. We're all ears to your feedback.

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The alteration of my picture is outstanding. Your detailed work removed the image of the yellow car and replaced it with what looks like natural rock and shrubs. The response time was very good as the deadline for the publication was on Monday.

Photographer, USA More Testimonials »

Outsource Alpha Channel Masking Services to Flatworld Solutions

Alpha channel masking is a sophisticated editing technique that we offer to photographers, videographers, and studios lacking hands-on experience in the process. We take your images however flawed they are and turn them into great finishes that you'll feel confident about using for marketing. With 20 years of experience in the gamut of image enhancement projects, we are simply the best you can have.

For all your alpha channel masking services need, get in touch with our team today.

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