Cinemagraph is the new way of creating some of the most powerful digital marketing campaigns. Cinemagraph creation can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and attract the crowd in the most effective manner. This can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive and an expensive affair for companies planning to create it in-house. Looking out for a partner who can provide professional yet cost-effective cinemagraph creation services can help businesses save huge on operational costs.

Flatworld Solutions can cater to all your cinemagraph requirements with world-class photo editing and photo manipulation services. We have a team of photo editors who create a combination of images and videos to provide our clients with highly captivating and eye-catching cinemagraphs that quickly entice their target audience.

Services We Offer

Having been in the image editing industry for over a decade now, we have the required experience and are equipped to handle any type of requests from global clients. Our services help you to avoid the need for licensing any expensive cinemagraph software and also help you to save your valuable time. By outsourcing to us you can move from automated cinemagraph creation programs to highly customized solutions that precisely cater to your business needs. Some of the key cinemagraph services we offer include -

  • Cinemagraph Creation

    Our team of image editors can understand exactly what the clients' need and design unique and attractive cinemagraphs for all their digital marketing needs. We have the necessary skills to either keep the entire background moving or just make a part of the image move. We also provide customized cinemagraphs, as per the requirements of your marketing campaigns.

  • Cinemagraph Trimming

    Often, too long cinemagraphs result in slower loading times and this might lose viewers. We have the required expertise to provide our clients with the cinemagraphs of appropriate lengths. Maintaining appropriate cinemagraph length can improve the interest levels of the target audience and keep them engaged till the end. We can trim the videos to strike a balance between quality and the load time.

  • Cinemagraph Looping

    A cinemagraph should be looped properly for it to play seamlessly. Our team of image editors is skilled to provide seamless continuity and proper looping of your cinemagraph. This will help continuous playing of the cinemagraph and will also prevent slow load times, which can make audience to lose their interest. Properly looped cinemagraphs ensure that the audience' remain captivated till the end.

  • Cinemagraph Editing

    At times, there could be blemishes or the cinemagraph created might require correction of exposure to improve its quality. Our team of photo editors will accurately edit your cinemagraphs by removing blemishes and correcting exposures where necessary. We follow a detailed and streamlined process, followed by a multi-level quality checking process while editing cinemagraphs. In this way, we help you to get rid of any type of image imperfections, such as incorrect exposure, excess brightness, unwanted hues, saturation, etc.

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Cinemagraph Creation Software We Leverage

We believe in providing our clients with the best possible services with a high accuracy rate. When it comes to marketing, businesses should ensure that the cinemagraphs created are attractive and eye-catching. This is possible only when the best image editing tools and technologies are used. Some of the photo editing software we make use of include -

  • Echograph
  • FlickGraph
  • Flixel
  • fotodanz
  • Gifzign
  • iCinegraph
  • Kinotopic
  • Photofocus
  • Pictoreo

Benefits of Availing Our Cinemagraph Creation Services

By outsourcing cinemagraph creation services to us, you can avail numerous benefits, right from saving your valuable time to reducing your overhead costs. Having access to the best infrastructure and skilled workforce, we can help you create some of the most magnificent cinemagraphs in the market. Some of the benefits of outsourcing to us include -

  • Strict Data Security

    We have strict data security policies in place, which ensure that all the images and videos you share with us remain completely safe and protected

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Having multiple delivery centers spread across the globe in different time zones, we provide quick and efficient services

  • Stringent Quality Check

    We have a multi-level cinemagraph quality checking process in place, which ensures that we deliver only the best-quality cinemagraphs

  • Use of Latest Technologies

    Our team of image editors is trained to work on some of the latest photo editing tools and technologies to create stunning cinemagraphs

  • Cost-effective Rates

    We provide professional and attractive cinemagraph creation services at highly cost-effective rates

  • Professional-looking Cinemagraphs

    We have a team of skilled image editors who leverage latest tools to create neat and professional-looking cinemagraphs

  • Industry-best Infrastructure

    We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, using which we create the best-quality cinemagraphs that precisely cater to the needs of all your digital marketing campaigns

Outsource Cinemagraph Creation Services to Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is a leading photo editing company, offering top-quality cinemagraph creation services to global clients. We have a multi-domain industry experience of over 20 years, which enables us to provide highly impactful cinemagraphs of unmatched quality. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and latest software, we provide quick and efficient services at highly cost-effective rates. We also emphasize on strict data security to ensure complete confidentiality of all your critical data. Our team of highly experienced photo editors is capable of handling any kind of image editing requests.

Therefore, if you are looking for quick, efficient, and cost-effective services of cinemagraph creation in India, then just get in touch with us today.

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