Car Image Clipping Services

Car Image Clipping

Several images in marketing materials and official brochures have a lot of distractions which diverts the focus of the viewer from the subject in consideration. These distractions can be removed from the images by using suitable image clipping services. Image clipping involves mainly of removing irrelevant objects from the photo and highlighting the main object in the image. Image clipping is an important task especially when it comes to marketing for the automotive industry.

Flatworld Solutions offers car image clipping services to some of the major car manufacturers and their marketing departments. It is important for car manufacturers to showcase their cars in the best possible light and be able to attract customers to buy them. We understand very well the requirements of our clients and provide the best photo clipping services attuned to their requirements.

Flatworld Solution's Car Photo Clipping Services

Flatworld Solutions has been in the image editing domain for over a decade now and has been providing quality services to clients across different domains. Our vast experience helps us understand the various car photo clipping benefits and provide the services accordingly. We understand exactly what sets professional, catchy car images apart from the rest, and can help jazz up your marketing materials with car images clipped as per your requirements. Some of the key car image clipping services we provide include -

  • Car Image Clipping

    Our team of expert photo editors at Flatworld Solutions can clip out the unwanted backgrounds from car photos and other distracting objects which divert viewer attention. In order to make the car photo more realistic we also add shadows and make the car photo more attractive.

  • 360 Degree Car View Creation

    It is important that the car images look very attractive and have a long lasting effect on the customers. We create a 360 degree view of the car including the interiors and help the customers to visualize the interiors and have a realistic feel of the image. This can convert most customers who are on the fringes of decision making, thereby boosting sales.

  • Recoloring

    We at Flatworld Solutions can help our clients produce car images in different colors. Sometimes the required car color is not available to be photographed and hence the color cannot be showcased in the marketing catalogs. In such cases our team can create car images with multiple colors.

  • Car Modifications

    Sometimes certain car modifications may not be available to be photographed and hence the marketeers are not able to showcase these new features to the car images. We can help you in adding such car modifications to the images and help you showcase these features.

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Why Choose Flatworld for Car Photo Clipping Services?

Flatworld's vast image editing experience helps us provide the best in the industry car image clipping services. Some of our clients include the top car manufacturers of the world. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us for car photo clipping services include -

  • We leverage the latest image editing tools and technologies to perform high-quality image clipping services
  • Our team of photo editors is well-trained to work with the latest photo editing tools and technologies including Adobe CC, etc.
  • We consider image clipping as a creative work rather than a mechanical job and hence engage the best image editing professionals in the industry who have the requisite experience in performing similar projects
  • We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies to provide image clipping services while ensuring peace of mind for our customers
  • We provide the best services at cost-effective rates and provide further discounts for bulk orders
  • Our infrastructure and skilled resources help us to provide the services within a very short turnaround time

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Provided Image Clipping Services to New Zealand Bike Designer

Flatworld Solutions Provided Image Clipping Service to Bike Designers for New Zealand

A New Zealand based client outsourced image clipping services to Flatworld Solutions where 5 images were delivered per day. The project was completed with one resource without lapse in quality.

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Choose FWS for the Best Car Image Clipping Services

Flatworld Solutions has been providing specialized car image clipping services and a plethora of other image editing services to clients around the world. Our vast experience of over a decade helps us understand different businesses and their business models and hence provide customized photo editing services accordingly. We conduct regular audits to ensure that our processes conform to all ISO standards, while incorporating client satisfaction as a defining metric at all stages. The images you share with us are completely safe, stored in secure locations and we strictly conform to the confidentiality agreement.

If you are looking for a reliable car photo clipping service provider, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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