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The Client

Our client is an established, well-known UK automobile dealer who has been in the business for almost 30 years. Not only is his business immensely successful and sold millions of automobiles, but also is one of the most trusted brands in UK. Thousands of customers have been able to sell their old cars profitably through him, and his successful business model has now been implemented in various countries such as Australia, USA and Canada.

The Requirement

Owing to a busy calendar and an increased amount of day-to-day work, the client's in-house team was having difficulty in handling and clipping countless automobile images. These images not only had to be professionally clipped, but also had to be displayed on the client's website in as short a time as possible. The client's website was a single-point of contact for hundreds of customers looking to buy old-used cars, and its traffic was almost 3 times that of his nearest competitors. The client had express requirements for the following -

  • At least 5000 professionally clipped, high-quality images edited in a time period of 30 days
  • Each image had to be perfectly clipped, including accurate shadow removal, cropping, and any other effects, without any editing variations between multiple images
  • The client wanted to outsource his requirements so as to leverage time zone differences, which in turn would enable him to receive edited batches of images at a faster TAT

The Challenges

Given the customer's stringent requirements, we faced numerous challenges during the course of the project, some of which were -

  • Being occupied with multiple projects at that point of time, we were left with lesser number of professionals to handle such a huge business requirement
  • The customer required high volumes of professionally edited images owing to the nature of his business, in extremely short turnaround times
  • The client expected 24/7 support for his automobile photo clipping requirements, although our staff used to work 24/6

The Solution

In order to ensure that we successfully addressed the customer's concerns while sticking to our high standards of quality and affordability, we devised the following solution -

  • We decided to undertake the project in phases, allowing the photo editing team to get accustomed to the workload which steadily increased with each phase. This ensured higher turnaround volumes as the project progressed
  • At the beginning of the project, we were editing close to 500 images per fortnight, which then steadily increased to 3500 images per month. The steadily increasing volume ensured we were able to meet the customer's requirement of 5000 images within the specified time duration
  • At our peak, our daily turnaround time, based on the image complexity, was calculated to be 9 hours, 6 hours and 2 hours
  • The team of photo editors put in extra hours and worked overtime even though they were used to working 24/6. At the same time, we hired 8 expert image editors to work on the project 24/7
  • In order to ensure a steady quality output, we ensured all the workstations were running the latest versions of image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop

The Results

Our efficient and talented photo editing team was able to leverage our phased approach to the project by ensuring a timely delivery of professionally edited images. This resulted in significant cost savings for the client as well. Some other high points of our successful collaboration were -

  • Professionally edited and accurate images ensured complete client satisfaction
  • In spite of a heavy workload and stringent requirements, we delivered edited images within a short turnaround time, without any delays whatsoever
  • The client was extremely pleased with our efforts and is currently outsourcing most of his image clipping requirements to us

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