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The Client

Our client is a Swedish sports and outdoor photography company works in unison with its suppliers, societies and associations, to produce and deliver images, derived from the junior and elite class in Sweden.

Situation - Business Need

Our client was committed to serving their customers by providing affordable products on time. The primary driver of its business was customer affordability to customers and therefore cutting down operating costs was a major challenge. The client wanted to explore offshore possibilities to meet its objectives.

The fact that Flatworld Solutions has been providing editing solutions to clients world over for more than a decade, was one of the reasons why they engaged our services.

The client's business requirement included:

  • Delivering affordable and quality products to its customers
  • Ensuring that there was a significant reduction in operating costs so as to work around the budgeted cost estimates
  • Additionally, there were some locally driven issues, such as:
  • Dearth of qualified and skilled labor
  • High costs of infrastructure
  • Difficulty in maintaining a 48-hour turnaround time with existing capacity


For finding a solution to the problems that were plaguing them, the client turned to Flatworld Solutions. With its decade old experience and proven abilities in providing customized editing solutions to a worldwide clientele, Flatworld Solutions summoned up its resources to execute the project. The team at Flatworld Solutions did a thorough analysis of the client's requirement and took stock of the challenges.

The client's business situation put forth the following challenges:

  • Ensuring a quick turnaround time by providing round-the-clock coverage
  • Guarantee 98% quality output
  • Using licensed software and optimize resources for infrastructure maintenance
  • Ensuring that adequate resources were deployed to meet the workload and the turnaround time
  • Assigning skilled and experienced image editors
  • Guaranteeing 98% error free output by following a stringent quality control system
  • Assigning a supervisor to handle all client queries
  • Deploying dedicated workstations complete with the latest, licensed software

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The Flatworld Solution

The experienced team at Flatworld Solutions had a good understanding of the business situation and the challenges. They charted out a process for the successful completion of the project.

The salient elements of our solution, included:

  • Allocating adequate quality resources to the project
  • Ensuring complete security of client data by using:
  • Secure VPN communication - IPSec/PPTP for data and information safety
  • McAfee Enterprise Suite for virus prevention and cure to ensure that client's data remained free from viruses
  • HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) and NAC (Network Access Control)
  • Gateway level anti-spyware and spam filter for internet access and mail servers
  • URL filter application for surf control
  • Domain level access restrictions along the Group Policy
  • Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication
  • Centralized server based storage and File system access policy based in user authentication
  • Allotted 4 Mbps dedicated bandwidth to the Imaging Department for fast data upload and download
  • Deployed 40 high-end workstations with the very latest image editing applications
  • Assigned a supervisor for handling client queries and resolving issues


  • The client witnessed savings of up to 50 % per annum
  • Marked improvement in efficiency as a result of training of new recruits and existing employees on new technologies
  • Outsourcing the project to Flatworld Solutions helped reduce operating costs
  • The client's objective of providing affordable and quality products and services to its customers on time became a reality
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