Customer Journey Mapping Services

Customer Journey Mapping Services

Master the customer touchpoints with the help of valuable insights and ensure better customer experience at prices starting at $8/hour

Customer experience has been overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator across many industries and is estimated to become the number one differentiator in the coming years. Today, customers have infinite product choices with various price ranges, but what truly resonates with them are the personalized content and the augmented experiences they get by engaging or interacting with the brand. The importance of customer experience has heightened in recent times due to the massive shift of physical shoppers to online shoppers. The lack of direct interaction and exchange on virtual platforms creates a void amongst the consumers and they are constantly looking for personalized communications with brands to fill that void. Understanding the customer journey, thus, becomes crucial for your organization to identify user personas and know how they engage with the brand to customize product/service purchase communications in a way that they become meaningful to the targeted customers, enhancing their experience with the brand.

At, Flatworld Solutions (FWS), we offer a suite of customer journey mapping solutions to enlighten your organization on the critical touchpoints of your target audience and how they interact with your brand at different stages. Our extensive expertise in the domain makes it easy for the stakeholders across your organization to view, identify, and take measurable actions to improve the complete portfolio of customer communications for new marketing campaigns. Our team of expert data collectors, analysts, engineers, developers, and other specialists create a single web interface that captures and collaborates customer data across all business silos and maps customer journeys to enhance experiences for future digital communications.

Customer Journey Mapping Services We Offer

Get fast, relevant, and effective customer journey mapping services at reasonable prices. Explore how we can help in leveraging human expertise and AI technologies to boost your customer experiences. Our end-to-end customer journey mapping solutions include the following -

  1. Research Solutions

    Research Solutions

    Our dedicated research team carefully studies your organization's target customer personas to understand their expectations of your business and the varied goals for their communication with your brand. We carry out extensive research via agent-driven feedback telecommunication, online surveys, social media analysis, reviewing customer data on your enterprise applications, etc., to obtain reliable data that can be converted into actionable insights.

  2. Customer Profile Analysis

    Customer Profile Analysis

    Understanding customer profiles and compiling them under relevant categories help your communications and marketing teams to customize communication content in a better way. The collected customer data during the research is analyzed, reviewed, segregated, and organized as per the required characteristics. We thoroughly review the data and build valuable customer profiles based on their purchase behaviors, loyalty quotient, buying patterns, etc., to help you tailor your marketing campaigns and ensure better CX and ROI on marketing.

  3. Flatworld's Customer Journey Mapping Tool

    Flatworld's Customer Journey Mapping Tool

    Our team implements and integrates our cloud-based journey mapping tool to obtain the customer touchpoints across digital as well as physical platforms. It enables the quick creation of detailed customer journey maps across all touchpoints, allowing better insights into customer behavior, expectation, and connection with the brand at various stages. Your teams can easily access the maps, collaborate internally, and make improvements in real-time to augment customer experience and customer journey in the future.

  4. Customer Journey Mapping Training Services

    Customer Journey Mapping Training Services

    As and when required by your organization, we conduct comprehensive, in-house customer journey mapping workshops to guide your marketing teams for effective communication strategies across various platforms to enhance CX and drive better customer loyalty. We extend our expertise in customer journey mapping to individuals, groups, and organizations as an integrated service offering or a stand-alone service as per your preference and requirement. Our rigorous training sessions cover all the prerequisites of customer journey mapping, building customer maps, customer profile analysis and development, understanding the significance of customer experience metrics, and many other topics of importance.

Our Work Process for Analyzing Customer Experience and Journey

Over the years, we have created a well-functioning and rewarding process for our customer journey mapping services. It can be broken down into six stages -


01. Defining Journey Scope

The first step is to identify the user touchpoints with your business and obtain how they interact with each one of them


02. User Persona Creation

We further establish user personas based on the collected data and group them in characteristics defined as per your marketing goals


03. Preliminary Map Development

We develop customer maps based on the current state defining their profiles, their touchpoints, and behavior patterns, etc.


04. Evaluation

Together with your customer experience management teams, we evaluate the customer journey maps and identify the key pain points to work upon


05. Brainstorming

We brainstorm and ideate more personalized customer communication strategies with your marketing teams to enhance future CX


06. Refining the Future Experience and Journey

We help in implementing the new communication strategies across all platforms and review customer journeys in the evolved state

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld as Your Customer Journey Mapping Service Provider?

Why should you be hiring Flatworld for customer experience and customer journey mapping management services? We have listed down the many advantages of choosing us as your outsourcing partner. These are as follows -

  • Safe and Secure Procedures

    We are committed to maintain 100% data security and use FTTP secured servers for the exchange of data.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Our exceptional services do not come with a hefty price tag and that makes us one of the most sought-after outsourcing companies amongst large, medium, small scale, as well as startup organizations.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    We have deployed leading-edge technologies and infrastructural facilities in all our centers to ensure maximum output from our team.

  • Trusted and Reliable Service Provider

    Our long-standing association of 7 years or longer with more than half of our clients is a testament to our credibility as an experienced outsourcing partner.

  • Vast and Experienced Team

    We have 5000+ IT professionals working for us in our more than a dozen globally-located centers with robust qualifications and multiple years of experience in their specialized fields.

  • Scalable and Customizable Solutions

    With a huge team, we have a distinctive advantage to scale our services for bulk requirements without disrupting work quality or timelines. We also offer customized solutions tailored to your specific customer journey mapping needs.

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