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The Client

The client is a top banking group based in India who wanted help with data management. Flatworld Solutions was elected for managing and leveraging its data because of our proficiency in Big Data and related services.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client contacted FWS trusting our years of experience in Data Science and furnished the following requirements -

  • Needed centralized data storage and processing infrastructure which could act as a single and up-to-date reference point for all existing and upcoming analytics and Business intelligence requirements (MIS plus Reporting)
  • Sought our expert assistance to carry out a detailed analysis of their data organization as well as to prepare prescriptive road map leveraging Big Data for next three years
  • The client wanted to wholly utilize the data to ensure its practices met all privacy, regulatory requirements, compliance as well as better experience for its customers

The primary challenge in the project was that -

  • The banking group was swamped with heaps of data from various sources that had to be well-segmented for better utilization

FWS' Solution

After thoroughly assessing the client's needs, Flatworld's Big Data Engineers and Data scientists collaborated to prepare a detailed Big Data platform-based solution along with an estimated timeline. Our solution was aimed to effectively utilize the data and optimize its overall management. The solution we offered were as follows -

  • Our experts prepared RFP/ tender document for implementing Big Data and providing definitions to bank-specific metrics for maximum effectiveness. The document also helped evaluating RFP response, as well as identifying ideal Big Data implementation partners
  • A complete analysis of their data organization was performed, and a prescriptive roadmap for the next three years was made readily available to completely utilize the Big Data

The Result

Flatworld's gamut of knowledge, skill, and expertise in Big Data lakes solutions proved to be effective in delivering client's project with outstanding success. With the project completion, the bank was left with the largest, powerful, and cost-effective Big Data lakes in the world.

Partner with Flatworld Solutions - Leader in Big Data Lakes Solutions & Consulting

Flatworld Solutions has 20 years of industry experience in offering data science services. With the help of a team of well-experienced data scientists and big data engineers, we have successfully delivered challenging projects at cost-effective rates from our global delivery centers. We use several proprietary and licensed tools as well as big data platform like Hadoop for data management and big data lakes solutions & consulting. We also implement solutions by working as an extension of our client's team and have the capability to execute any project which involves big data lakes.

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