Outsource Enterprise Data Integration Services

Enterprise Data Integration Services

If you are searching for enterprise data integration services that are speedy, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective, outsource Enterprise Data Integration to FWS

Most modern enterprise IT environments comprise disparate systems like ERPs, CRMs, business applications, databases, and other third-party solutions with varied APIs. A lack of central repository or unsystematic data integration may lead to data silos, complexities in accessing the right data at the right time, and many other discrepancies and issues, which if left unresolved, may lead to decreased productivity, increased operational costs, and greater risk of data loss.

Flatworld offers best-in-class, advanced, cloud-based enterprise data integration solutions that are simple, speedy, cost-effective, and most importantly, scalable as per the growing needs of the enterprises. We enable smooth migration and integration from legacy systems along with driving successful integration for new cloud infrastructure. We have a global team of more than 500 IT professionals with specialized data management and integration workforce diligently creating and innovating better solutions for data integration. Our long-standing experience of over 20 years in IT has given us the advantage to create data integration solutions for varied industries like healthcare, logistics, finance, and other sectors.

Enterprise Data Integration Services We Offer

Be it schematic, semantic, or syntactic data conflicts, we help in resolving all of them through our expert services. We offer end-to-end integration support services that include -

  1. Data Integration Consulting

    Data Integration Consulting

    Our team assesses all the data points like unstructured databases in the form of audio, video, emails, etc., data from the social media, large data logs, and the Big Data to assist you in creating a robust data management system. We also help in technology and software selection, reviewing the scale of the system, and offering our expert knowledge in other aspects of integration architecture development according to the unique needs of the client.

  2. Enterprise Data Integration Implementation

    Enterprise Data Integration Implementation

    Our ETL processes identify all the data sources and unify them on the cloud system. Flatworld also helps in customizing and implementing pre-built industry-specific integration solutions allowing smarter and speedy data integration.

  3. Data Profiling and Processing Solutions

    Data Profiling and Processing Solutions

    Along with integration, we enable efficient synchronization of all the structured and unstructured data across all sources, simultaneously fixing data format complexities to allow efficient system integration and access without compromising the quality of information, thus, helping in making the data richer and more meaningful.

  4. Real-time Data Integration Solutions

    Real-time Data Integration Solutions

    For organizations already working on cloud systems, without proper data integration, the complexities may increase multifold. With deep expertise in the domain, Flatworld's team offers real-time integration of application log data across multiple servers into the stipulated database at lightning speed using best-in-class smart integration technologies.

  5. Big Data Integration Solutions

    Big Data Integration Solutions

    Big Data has become a crucial part of every organization to drive greater business value and our team's expertise in extracting and integrating Big Data from various sources is unparalleled in the industry. We enable the smooth transformation of the extracted data which is then loaded seamlessly into the Data Warehouse for simplified access and usage.

  6. Data Cleansing Solutions

    Data Cleansing Solutions

    Keeping the data up-to-date and accurate is another important aspect of effective integration. Data cleansing includes removing outdated data, correcting or addressing erroneous data, and proper compilation and structuring of data for easy and speedy access.

  7. Continuous Performance Analysis and Support Services

    Continuous Performance Analysis and Support Services

    We keep a close tab on our ETL processes and tune them as per the evolving demands of the enterprise environment. Our team also extends maintenance support of the integration framework along with other support services and consultation solutions.

Our Enterprise Data Integration Process

We have a streamlined work approach towards integrating enterprise data from varied sources that have been tested-and-tried for successful results over the period. The key steps of our process involve -


01. Analysis

The first step is to understand the client's needs so that our team can develop an all-inclusive data integration plan. We closely study the existing infrastructure of the enterprise and the system framework


02. Road-mapping

After devising the scope of work, the team drafts an overview plan for the integration


03. Design and development

Selecting the right integration technology, setting up the architecture, identifying data sources, etc., are all undertaken under this phase


04. Integration

Data integration and synchronization are undertaken and all the data from the varied sources are connected to a central repository or Data Warehouse


05. Maintenance

Our team enables performance tuning of the integration tools and also extends support services as required by the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld as Your Enterprise Data Integration Service Provider?

  • Global capabilities

    Flatworld offers world-class services that fully comply with industry standards and guidelines. We also keep on adding to our expertise and regularly upskill our workforce with the latest advancements in the field so that they can serve you to the best of their abilities.

  • Proficient team

    We have a vast team of designers, developers, data engineers, data analysts, and other specialists who are not just highly qualified but fully committed to their work. Our team always keeps customer satisfaction as their priority and makes sure that they deliver A-rate services.

  • Cost-effective, customizable services

    When you partner with us, you get the advantage of paying only for what you need, i.e., we can tailor your package as per your needs and budgets, making us a trusted and reliable enterprise data integration service providing company.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

    Our offices are equipped with all the modern facilities, up-to-date hardware systems, advanced software and technologies, and a welcoming environment, enabling our team to perform better at work.

  • Data protection

    As an end-to-end data management company, we place high importance on data safety and undertake industry-standard safety measures to ensure that your data is protected from loss, damage, theft, or attack of any kind.

  • Faster turnaround

    Our diligent team ensures that all timelines are duly met and the work is delivered well before the deadlines with an assurance of high service quality.

Client Success Stories

FWS Designed Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL Built Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

Flatworld Designed a Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL and Developed a Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

We helped a US restaurant chain by optimizing the management of its unstructured data from SQL to the NoSQL data system. We also developed a generic predictive analysis model to deal with unstructured data held in the database.

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FWS Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics to a Top Indian Bank

Flatworld Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics Services to a Top Indian Bank

We provided data integration and advanced analytics to a leading Indian Bank. The client had a large amount of structured data that was slowing down the system and increasing the operating expense. Our team established an analytics workbench and integrated the streaming of unstructured data.

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Outsource Enterprise Data Integration Services to Flatworld

Eliminate the data silos and do away with the complexities of unstructured and disparate data through efficient transformation and unification of all data into a Data Warehouse. Hire the leading IT company with more than two decades of experience in data integration solutions and bid farewell to all your data management worries.

From synchronization to Big Data analytics to data cleansing, our adroit team will do it all while you focus on your core business tasks. Don't delay, begin today. Get in touch with one of our experts.

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