Automatic Document Classification and Indexing

Do you know that two-thirds of the organizations can't find or access important documents on time due to poor document classification? The problem lies in manually tagging the documents with erroneous or inconsistent metadata! Flatworld's Automatic Document Classification can help you accurately and cost-effectively classify the documents after understanding its context, leaving no room for error. Give it a try.

Outsource Automatic Document Classification and Indexing

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide automatic document classification services which are designed to precisely sort and categorize batches of your documents using predefined document classes. We provide industry-agnostic document indexing solutions, which can be leveraged by any organization planning to automate their documents through content-based classification and derive insights from it.

Automatic Document Classification Services We Offer

Document Classification Services We Offer

Our machine learning and cognitive computing-based solutions make use of the linguistic and statistical technologies to ensure high accuracy, and are designed and developed depending upon the documents shared by the customers. The developed solution can be hosted on an internal cloud or as a service platform. We are also open to developing a custom service model that best fits the client's demands.

Following are some of the major automatic document classification and indexing services we offer -

  • Classification Database Creation

    We collect numerous images of one document type, all having similar appearance. The classification database is then created using these images with similar layouts.

  • Document Classification

    Once the documents are scanned or loaded, they are classified and recognized using a pre-trained classification database. We can also update the classification databases every time you add new document types, provide a custom GUI, or just modify the existing ones.

  • Processing Electronic PDF Files

    We are equipped to process both electronic PDF files and scanned documents with maximum efficiency. Our professionals will then leverage suitable software to name and classify processed documents efficiently.

  • File Naming and Classification Using Machine Learning

    We leverage ML to efficiently sort huge stacks of your documents into predefined folders within a very short time. The files and folders will then be named in a way, which makes it easy for you to quickly search and retrieve them. As software trains itself by feeding on unlimited document taxonomies, it gets smarter over time, leading to cost-efficiency.

  • Auto-discovery of Documents

    We can help you quickly import huge volumes of documents, which are then automatically grouped based on the feature similarity or content without any preparation. The grouped documents are then reviewed and used for classification. This eliminates the need for an expensive and time-intensive document preparation task, which would otherwise involve subject-matter experts.

Our comprehensive automatic document indexing services are employed for Solution Consulting, Product Implementation, Solution-as-a-Service, Project Development Services, or training purposes. We provide industry-agnostic solutions, which can be customized as per the specific client requirements and have found vast applications across the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

Our 5-step Automatic Document Classification Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide a gamut of data science solutions to automate document and file indexing. Our proven solution development services model comprises of the following stages -

Scope Understanding  

01. Scope Understanding

All the document types, sample sets as well as the bucket categorization requirements of the client are carefully analyzed

Data Analysis  

02. Data Analysis

This is a data preparation stage where solution is provided based on data samples. It can also be regarded as the configuration stage in case of a repeat deployment

Model Building  

03. Model Building

This step marks the development phase, wherein the solution comprising of big data and data science model building is initiated with the sample sets of approved requirements and provided documents

Quality Analysis  

04. Quality Analysis

Configured solution is tested with documents NOT used for development to verify & calibrate the accuracy of model and validate generated output

Solution Deployment  

05. Solution Deployment

After quality analysis, the production-ready solution is deployed along with handing over the activities to your team, followed by a contracted period of support

Automatic Document Classification Software We Leverage

Our automatic document classification and document indexing automation services involve file classification using machine learning. Our technique of file classification using ML serves as automatic solution for document indexing and classification. Having successfully served numerous global clients, we understand that document indexing requirements vary from one client to another. So, we use some of the most advanced and the latest tools to deliver unparalleled results to all our clients. These include -

  • Django
  • Hadoop
  • Luigi
  • MongoDB
  • OCR
  • Python

What Sets Our Automatic Document Classification Services Apart?

We have a team of eminent data scientists and big data engineers with decades of experience in delivering solutions in deep analytics and machine learning. Our technology depth covers -

  • Big data solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services
  • Image and text based mining solutions
  • End-to-end machine learning based automation solutions
  • Cognitive computing and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics

Why Choose Flatworld for Automatic Document Classification?

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of experts in data science, big data technologies, and software engineering to provide you with the best possible services. Following are some of the major benefits of partnering with us -

  • Low Operational Costs

    The service model will be priced differently based on the lifecycle and comprehensiveness of the document sets provided. This ensures that you pay for exactly what you leverage and our automation solutions help you to lower your operational costs by 80%

  • Swift Project Turnaround

    Our automated document classification services are aimed to process thousands of documents within a few minutes. This speeds up process execution and ensures quick and accurate classification of all your documents

  • Eminent Team of Data Scientists

    We have an eminent team of big data engineers and data scientists who are well experienced in delivering solutions in deep analytics and machine learning. This ensures quick, efficient, and reliable classification of all your documents

  • Stringent Quality Process

    We follow multiple levels of data validations for any data classification software designed by our team. It is thoroughly tested before being deployed in the production environment. Besides, the stakeholders are alerted via emails and other real-time notifications if system reports a confidence level lower than the benchmark

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We have world-class infrastructure in place to provide quick and uninhibited services to global clients. Our document indexing experts leverage some of the latest and advanced tools to efficiently classify your documents

  • Uncompromised Security Measures

    We follow strict user management guidelines for a solution on the cloud. All the documents classified using the solution are not retained in our environment, they are purged as soon as the session ends

Choose Flatworld for Quick & Accurate Automatic Document Classification Services

Flatworld Solutions is a global outsourcing service provider offering a gamut of data science services including automatic document classification, route optimization, lead scoring, etc. Being in the outsourcing industry for over a decade now, we offer top-quality services to clients across the globe. Our document classification services have helped numerous small and large businesses to manage their data effectively and draw useful insights from it.

If you are looking for quick, efficient, and accurate automatic document classification services, outsourcing document classification to Flatworld is the way to go! Get in touch with us today. We look forward to assisting you.

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Automatic Document Classification and Indexing Services FAQs

  • What does document classification mean?

    It's a process where labels from a predefined set are assigned to documents. It helps in faster search strong performance and quick retrieval of documents from the hierarchy.

  • What is automatic document classification?

    In automatic document classification, the content would be automatically organized based on predefined classes so that the files can be retrieved with speed using key phrases or search strings.