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The Client

A well-known supplier of dairy products in the Middle East responsible for production, packaging, and supply of nutriments sought consultation from Flatworld Solutions for streamlining their distribution process. With 500 sales routes, 24 storehouses, and a strong customer base exceeding 35,000, this brand reaps an annual turnover close to $400 million.

Problems Faced by the Client

The product movement through 500 routes required a strapping delivery plan. Client wanted an efficient method of delivery, and approached Flatworld Solutions to evaluate the activities in the following areas.

  • The route schedule
  • Fleet management activities
  • Delivery specifics such as - mandatory routes, personalized time of delivery, driver unavailability, service outage, and more
  • Judicious use of delivery agents to prevent additional operational overhead
  • Overlapping service routes from same service depots
  • Allocating routes on a long-term basis - daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Planning the delivery of perishable dairy products

Solution Provided by Flatworld

Using evolving technologies like data science and applied engineering, FWS successfully resolved the challenge by applying the route optimization algorithm. With three-dimensional approach and sophisticated route mapping algorithm, we resolved the challenges with great precision. Here's how we did it -

  1. We leveraged ML algorithms to map locations in proximity and create sub-sets for delivery points that were closer to each other
  2. Distance between the store and depots were fed into optimization algorithm to design a superlative route map
  3. Enhanced the delivery plan after incorporating all aspects of the prerequisites such as fleet, location, and time. It enabled enhancing the sales benefits along with the frequency of delivery and number of delivery points
  4. We used ML and genetic algorithms to plan the itinerary in a sequential order that in turn facilitated higher sales volume for the client
  5. Accommodated evolving client constraints through resequencing of routes

The Result

The application of our advanced Route Mapping Services enabled the client to achieve 27% reduction in the distance traveled and 16% decrease in the routes taken. With the utilization of our service, the client successfully achieved measurable results within the insisted timeline. Also, it resulted in significant savings in the operational expense with the reduction in the number of delivery trucks.

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Flatworld Solutions is a contemporary organization and a trusted name among global businesses. Ours is a company which provides exceptional value through rich Data Science Services, including Route Optimization Services. Our fast evolving and multifaceted organization is driven by the emerging opportunities in the industry. Our customer-centric approach enables you to discover solutions that enhance the profitability of your business. We are also the providers of other top services such as lead scoring, automatic document declassification, etc.

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