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The Client Profile

A top-tier CMS, logistics, and security firm with an annual turnover of $ 3.9 Billion approached Flatworld Solutions for a customized Route Optimization Solution. With the operations spanned across North and Latin America, the logistics firm dealt with the movement of sensitive assets to over 20,000 retail outlets.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Tracking movement of trucks through areas outside of the grid sheet pattern posed a challenge. On many occasions, the drivers missed the delivery addresses only to backtrack later in the day. The movement of sensitive assets added to the additional security concerns. The available telemetry data included GPS location, vehicle ID, and other evolving information. Moreover, the client required optimized routing for well-planned delivery along with real-time reporting based on varying environmental conditions.

Solution Provided by Flatworld

We tracked real-time data and compiled them into big data cluster. Our solutions were applied in the following manner -

  • We apprised clients when anomalies or potential fraud instances were detected
  • Optimized the delivery routes and limited the number of trucks in the operation
  • Provided real-time reporting on security, voice/ image analytics, and delivery compliances
  • End-to-end visibility of delivery status for enhanced transparency

The Result

The implementation of Route Mapping Solution mitigated the risks and costs involved in the operations. A drastic increase in revenue was witnessed from the outset along with a steep reduction in security challenges. The client felt elated with the achievement of increased operational milestones because drivers covered more routes per day adhering to the delivery timeline.

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Flatworld Solutions is a trusted Data Science provider to many small and large businesses worldwide. With top-level expertise in providing the analytics-driven solutions, we stay ahead in the shrinking markets. Being a household name in the industry for 20 years, we are confident of taking on challenges no matter what they are. Our state-of-the-art facility is housed with data scientists, and AI experts who are adept at formulating a customized Route Optimization Solution.

Our highly-advanced Route Optimization Solutions have empowered clients to amplify the revenue while saving unplanned operational expenses. If your organization requires routing intelligence, FWS can help you optimize the process. We are also the world's leading provider of other data science solutions such as lead scoring, automatic documents declassification.

We are here to help you. Join us to outsource your Route Optimization requirements.

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