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The Client

Our client is a leading dining restaurant chain based in the US ready to take the next step towards data-driven business by switching their preference from SQL to NoSQL architecture. They currently used MongoDB to store a directory of restaurant data.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client felt a strong urge to effectively utilize a large volume of unstructured data such as text, and multimedia by implementing a scalable database system to store, retrieve, and process the data in real-time. The options came down to SQL and NoSQL. The preliminary analysis indicated that SQL architecture was not scalable and pricey.

However, the NoSQL architecture facilitates efficient scaling and handling unstructured data. Since MongoDB is a NoSQL document database, they wanted to analyze data identically to SQL database system because fewer query types were supported by NoSQL database system and MongoDB wasn't the most promising choice for developing a practical predictive model.

Tools & Technology Used by Flatworld Solutions

R, Python, HBase, MongoDB, Map-Reduce, Hadoop

FWS' Solution

Most predictive algorithms are known to accept input as relational tables. Despite the efficiency of NoSQL in storing and retrieving data in an efficient way, it is tedious to build predictive algorithm on NoSQL. Since the client was keen on wanting predictive models by using NoSQL data we designed the model to export relevant data from NoSQL into tabular form.

Flatworld's team designed a generic plug-in that was flexible to convert NoSQL data regardless of the complexity, schema or domain into SQL. We also built a predictive algorithm that would efficiently handle unstructured data stream.


The modeling and design implemented by us helped the client to segment customers in an efficient way while maintaining the flexibility of design to effectuate updates that are essential for business.

Partner with Flatworld Solutions - Leader in Data Science Solution

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified company with 20 years of experience in data science solutions. We offer a range of solutions that will tech enable your business to deal with larger and more complex business challenges. Our innovative approach will help your IT, business, and data teams to work cohesively. From exploratory analysis to full-scale deployment of models we offer sustainable and scalable data science solutions that are ideal for your business. We also focus on implementing a growth-oriented system within quick turnaround so that you can focus on revenue generation of your B2B or B2C business. We also offer a wide range of data science solutions such as automatic classification of documents, route optimization, cognitive process automation and more.

If you have custom business requirements we can help you build a business-friendly model. Reach us now for inquiry and get a personalized quote in 24 hours.

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