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Sales teams are often hard pressed for time; busy calling, chatting, and emailing prospects who show even the faintest interest in their products and services. All that effort goes down the drain if they have been chasing wrong or unbaked leads, which will never convert! Flatworld Solution's Lead Scoring services can help you target sales-ready leads!

Outsource Lead Scoring Services

Flatworld Solutions being a reputed data science firm understands that not all leads are equal, and clearly differentiates a hot, sales-ready lead from a lead just entering the sales funnel. Online and offline buying signals, engagement patterns, job titles, industry type, number of opens, etc. are few factors considered to rank and score leads. A lead with high score is likely to convert, and getting these ready-made details make the job of the sales team a lot easier.

Lead Scoring Services We Offer

Our lead scoring systems will reduce your churn and help you chase the right prospects. Our services will help you to ensure effective lead management, get higher lead volume, and close more number of deals. We provide artificial intelligence-based solution that understands the domain knowledge and constraints shared by your organization and develops a score based on the customized scale desired. These multi-tenant, pre-defined, and custom application interfaces will be available for you to connect with your internal applications. You can then upload, run the app, and generate lead score cards.

The key differentiator of this app is that, for each organization, the feedback is provisioned, and the system will learn from the results shared. This enables the algorithms to develop over time and continuously improve. There are varieties of reports and visual dashboards, which can be customized based on domain and user needs. Some of the major lead scoring services we offer include -

  • Lead Score Management

    Leads are sorted based on the validity of their requests and then prioritized based on their chances of becoming customers. Our professionals will create different types of marketing campaigns and programs to efficiently manage leads and track prospective customers.

  • Lead Nurturing

    We nurture leads by sending customized emails based on trigger factors such as specific customer interactions, time, and other custom parameters. Our resources will also re-engage dormant leads and create a lead nurturing system, which can be adapted to your audience.

  • Sales Lead Value Assessment

    This involves forecasting value of the leads based on lead score and conversion rates. The prioritized leads are then provided to the sales team to work upon.

  • Sales Lead Prediction

    Apart from optimizing sales leads, precise sales lead prediction and sales conversion prediction is made to prevent sales team from investing time in the wrong leads.

  • Sales Cycle Analytics

    Our sales cycle and customer analytics services streamline the lead scoring process to drive business value. We will carefully analyze your sales cycle to drive business insights and understand when your prospects are sales-ready.

  • Customer Analytics

    Specific patterns in your customers' behavior are evaluated and identified by analyzing various parameters, such as buying characteristics, specific needs, customer expectations, etc. This gives sales team a clear picture about customer buying preferences, enabling you to pursue hot leads.

Our Service and Technology Expertise

We are team of eminent data scientists and big data engineers with decades of experience in delivering solutions in deep analytics and machine learning. Our services improve sales efficiency by prioritizing leads, forecast value of leads scored and predict conversion rates, efficiently utilize sales team on prioritized leads and help them build an optimized contact strategy through the sales cycle.

Our technology depth covers -

  • Big Data Solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services
  • Image and text based mining solutions
  • End to End Machine Learning based automation solutions
  • Cognitive computing and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics

Our Services are employed for -

  • Solution Consulting
  • Product Implementation
  • Solution as a Service
  • Project development services
  • Training

5-step Lead Scoring Process We Follow

We follow a streamlined process to provide the best possible lead scoring services to all our clients. This involves -

Scope Understanding  

01. Scope Understanding

This step involves understanding client requirements, collecting sample data, and analyzing visualization needs

Data Analysis  

02. Data Analysis

This is the preparation stage for providing the solution and also acts as the configuration stage in case of repeat deployment

Model Configuration  

03. Model Configuration

Similar to the development stage, the solution comprising big data and data science model building is initiated with the provided data sets

Quality Analysis  

04. Quality Analysis

Here we test our solution with unseen data and verify the accuracy and model's confidence on the output generated. A few cycles of improvement may be necessitated based on the outcome

Solution Deployment  

05. Solution Deployment

Production ready solution is deployed along with the handover activities and contracted period of support

Tools We Leverage

Our lead scoring solution is built by a team of experts in Big Data Technologies, Data Sciences and Software Engineering. This is an industry agnostic solution which is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed via internet, and greatly benefits B2C and B2B customers Following are the tools we leverage to provide top-quality lead scoring services.

  • Django
  • Hadoop
  • Luigi
  • MongoDB
  • amCharts
  • Python

Why Choose Flatworld for Lead Scoring Services?

We have a team of eminent data scientists, big data experts, and software engineers providing accurate and reliable lead scoring services to our clients. By partnering with us, you can get the following advantages -

  • Enormous Cost Savings

    We bill our clients strictly based on their project requirements, which ensures that you pay exactly for what you leverage.

  • Quality Processes

    We follow comprehensive testing before the software is deployed in the production environment. There are components of solution which ensure that identified stakeholders are alerted when system reports a confidence level lower than benchmark. These alerts can be sent via email or other real-time notifications.

  • Quick Project Turnaround

    We understand that most of our clients work on tight deadlines. For this reason we provide quick, accurate, and reliable services at a short notice.

  • Team of Eminent Lead Scoring Specialists and Data Scientists

    Flatworld's team is trained on configuration of solutions, assessing quality, feedback, and basic administration of the platform, and has multi-domain industry experience to precisely cater to any type of lead scoring requirement.

  • Complete Project Security

    We understand the complexity of handling business critical data. So, we have strict data security policies in place and also sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure uncompromised data security. Strict user management guidelines are followed for this solution on cloud. Setup for each user base is provisioned separately with no collaboration using software or hardware.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We leverage a cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by third-party, have excellent internet connectivity to support seamless document uploads, use APIs for integration with in-house applications and salesforce.

Reduce Churn & Regain Customers with Flatworld's Lead Scoring Services

Flatworld Solutions is not only one of the most reputed data science as a service companies but also a leading outsourcing company offering data science services to global clients. Being in the industry for over 20 years now, we have successfully catered to numerous clients across the various industry sectors. Apart from lead scoring, we also provide automatic document classification and route optimization services.

If you are planning to outsource lead scoring then you are at the right place. Just get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.

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Lead Scoring Services FAQs

  • What does lead scoring mean?

    Load scoring is to assign scores to qualifying leads based on their sales-readiness. The scoring will be based on their buying intent, and how fast they move through the sales funnel.

  • Why is lead scoring important?

    It gives the sales team the incentive to work with quality leads than those who just drop out of the funnel after successive qualification. In turn, saving time and money.