AI Services in Manufacturing

AI Services in Manufacturing

Unleash new possibilities, design innovative products, and improve throughput with our turnkey AI solutions for manufacturing

Are perennial problems like supply chain disruption, capacity constraints, and scalability issues preventing you from thriving? Then AI services in manufacturing can be the game changer you need. However, adopting AI in manufacturing is a major challenge due to the shortage of AI talent, outdated technology, lack of quality data, data security issues, and the complexity of AI technology.

This is exactly where an experienced AI consulting firm, like ours, can help you make the most of this technology. We assist manufacturing companies to leverage AI solutions in factory automation and mitigate production risks. Be it streamlining your floor operations or improving your throughput for last-mile deliveries, we have got you covered. Driven by a team of experienced AI experts with deep knowledge of AI and ML algorithms, we have practical experience in developing solutions by building sustainable infrastructure, securing the data environment, and streamlining data sourcing.

Our Expansive AI Solutions for Manufacturing

We have developed artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing to assist companies to bring down production costs, overcome labor shortage challenges, and improve time-to-market. Following are some of the top services we offer -

  1. Artificial Intelligence Services in Logistics

    Artificial Intelligence Services in Logistics

    Our solutions have helped logistics companies streamline floor operation issues, become more precise with demand forecasting, and cut inventory-related losses.

  2. Artificial Intelligence Services in Supply Chain Management

    Artificial Intelligence Services in Supply Chain Management

    We have developed AI solutions for capacity planning, inventory tracking, identifying optimal delivery routes, and forecasting errors and lost sales.

  3. AI Services in Autonomous Vehicles

    AI Services in Autonomous Vehicles

    Our AI solutions for autonomous vehicles have assisted manufacturers to come up with automated solutions for vehicles like sensors, real-time tracking mechanisms, and alert mechanisms for safe driving.

  4. AI Services for Factory Automation

    AI Services for Factory Automation

    We have developed AI solutions to automate critical processes such as running tests, troubleshooting, and several other tasks of operations for seamless factory product line development.

  5. AI Services for IT Operations

    AI Services for IT Operations

    This service is dedicated to streamlining IT operations for real-time monitoring of floor operations, predicting and identifying IT service issues with predictive analytics, and improving resource utilization with Big Data analytics.

  6. AI Services in Warehouse Management

    AI Services in Warehouse Management

    Our AI service for warehouse management helps you develop solutions that automate the process of logistics management, automate demand forecasting and program warehouse management.

  7. AI Services for Predictive Maintenance

    AI Services for Predictive Maintenance

    We, develop AI solutions that tap into data from sensors installed in factory equipment to identify and fix errors, thereby preventing breakdowns.

  8. AI-based Product Development Services

    AI-based Product Development Services

    Our AI-based product development services help you develop solutions for creating a simulated environment for running tests before kickstarting production.

  9. AI Based Visual Inspection and Quality Control Services

    AI Based Visual Inspection and Quality Control Services

    Our services of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry include AI-based systems for quality control that is capable of detecting and correcting manufacturing measures automatically and comparing assembly parts for quality deviations.

  10. AI Services in Order Management

    AI Services in Order Management

    Our AI solutions for order management assists you to automate repetitive order entry tasks across multiple channels and manage associated complexities of diverse orders seamlessly.

What Makes Us the Preferred Provider of AI Solutions for Manufacturing?

Our expertise is shaped by our experience in serving the diverse needs of various manufacturing companies across the globe. Following are some of the major benefits of partnering with us -

  • Access to Skilled Data Scientists

    We offer easy access to tech professionals with deep knowledge of AI processes and complexities who have catered to a multitude of floor production needs.

  • Company-specific Solutions

    Our AI services for manufacturing are designed to build solutions as per your business specifications and meet your unique production needs.

  • Customized Automation to Minimize Production Costs

    We automate workflows and build machine learning models with the help of an expert team, well-defined processes, and advanced technologies to minimize your product costs.

  • High-quality Results

    We provide you with an in-house team of experts and the best libraries and tools to develop customized AI solutions that are outcome driven.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have strategically located global delivery centers to deliver customized solutions of AI in factory automation services. This gives us the time zone advantage to deliver solutions faster than you expect.

  • Enhanced Data Management and Safety

    Our AI services handle client data with utmost security ensuring there is no threat from malware, phishing, ransomware, SQL injection, and more.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Engineering Services

Convert and transform fast generating data into useful business knowledge for better decision making.

Intelligence Services

Achieve business objectives faster by empowering your workforce with next-level data computing.

Learning Services

Design, build, train, and implement solutions for predictive analytics, computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

Learning Services

Process large volumes of structured and unstructured data to derive insightful action for precise solution.

Analytics Services

Build an infrastructure to integrate and aggregate data from multiple sources for data analysis and reporting.

Analytics Services

Understand industry trends, predict future requirements, anticipate risks, and formulate a strategy with our business analytics services.

Client Success Stories

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A leading South African automobile company was looking for a service provider who could leverage RPA and help them with digital transformation. Our team helped the client with cost-effective services.

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Flatworld Provided Chart Extraction to a Risk Adjustment Solutions Provider

A leading healthcare risk adjustment service providing company was looking for a service provider who could help them with chart extraction services using RPA. Our team provided the client with services within a quick turnaround time.

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Outsource AI Services in Manufacturing for a Thriving and Sustainable Future

As an experienced company delivering AI services in manufacturing, we assist you to address all problems associated with developing a customized solution for your specific needs. This ensures you have an AI solution that assists you in understanding anomalies and forecasting accurately. Our holistic solution is developed after carefully evaluating your challenges. This approach enables us to help you -

  • Predict how a piece of equipment will behave in the future and take corrective actions in advance.
  • Understand plant operation capacity to align it with the demand and inventory needs.
  • Improve 360-degree visibility across your production plants and warehouses.
  • Make production improvements to detect quality issues and reduce scrap.

Forecast inventory, boost throughput, and optimize your supply chain with our AI services in manufacturing.

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