Outsource Cognitive Computing Services

Cognitive Computing Services

Develop intelligent self-learning algorithms and systems that execute critical business decisions by choosing our team's services at highly affordable prices

Are you looking to develop intelligent and self-learning algorithms for your business but are clueless about where to start? Are you looking for experienced data scientists who can help you with intelligent business solutions? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource your requirements to an experienced and certified cognitive computing service provider.

Flatworld Solutions is one such cognitive computing company that can cater to all your needs with ease. We have a lot of experience in the cognitive cloud computing data science world. If you need any help with artificial intelligence problems, we'd be happy to lend a hand. Our team has shown it's capable of delivering results when it comes to human-like problem-solving and solutions for complicated business programs.

Cognitive Computing Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has been offering computing services to its clients for over 20 years. Our services include -

  1. Research & Development

    Research & Development

    We will analyze your business operations and performance together to determine what's going on. We'll then help you design a plan based on our insights that will enable you to connect to cognitive-based applications to improve your project management capabilities.

  2. Design & Implementation

    Design & Implementation

    Our AI and computing experts will design and implement a customized solution for your business by leveraging proprietary and open-source software. By making the right technology choices, we'll develop the proper technology roadmap to realize your vision for your company.

  3. Cognitive Software Development

    Cognitive Software Development

    Our cognitive software development services range from chatbots and digital assistants to management of the contact center, customer service automation, and insights into markets and sentiment analysis.

  4. Operations Management

    Operations Management

    Our software solutions for businesses help your business stay organized and on track to grow and flourish with inventory management, supply chain logistics, and compliance regulations.

  5. Tech Support Services

    Tech Support Services

    We are a team of leading tech specialists that work to help you run continuous improvement campaigns. Our goal is to provide the latest innovative services that will facilitate your development in the field of cognitive applications.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Cognitive Computing Solutions to FWS?

When you choose us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Information Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS and GDPR compliant organization. This means that we have proper security measures in place to protect all client data.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    We provide our clients with highly flexible pricing options designed to suit variety of budgets and requirements.

  • Dedicated Manager

    We will assign a single point of contact for this project. They can answer all questions you might have about the computing project.

  • Certified Data Scientists

    We have a great team of highly capable data scientists who will analyze your needs and make sure they are implemented in the best way possible.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have different delivery centers over multiple time zones to provide us with the advantage of being able to solve client requests within a relatively fast turnaround time.

Client Success Stories

FWS Designed Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL Built Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

Flatworld Designed a Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL and Developed a Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

We helped a US restaurant chain by optimizing the management of its unstructured data from SQL to the NoSQL data system. We also developed a generic predictive analysis model to deal with unstructured data held in the database.

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FWS Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics to a Top Indian Bank

Flatworld Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics Services to a Top Indian Bank

We provided data integration and advanced analytics to a leading Indian Bank. The client had a large amount of structured data that was slowing down the system and increasing the operating expense. Our team established an analytics workbench and integrated the streaming of unstructured data.

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Outsource Cognitive Computing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing the best quality computing services and a plethora of other data science services to global clients. We have data scientists that are all over the globe who are more than happy to lend their skills to improve your business. They will analyze all your data to come up with the most accurate numbers related to specific aspects of your company.

If you are looking for an experienced and certified cognitive computing service providing company, then your search ends here. Get in touch with us today!

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