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Since 2019, executive familiarity with AI systems in healthcare has spiked by a staggering 66% and solution deployment by 34%. The awareness and adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare are on the rise. Outsource AI services in healthcare to us to facilitate an environment to ensure enhanced patient experience, remote monitoring, and data security.

We are a global company that integrates AI technology in healthcare systems across multiple platforms. Our services ensure accurate medical diagnoses, accelerated drug development, and more. We enforce AI technologies like deep learning, machine learning, and predictive analysis to increase risk prediction and streamline healthcare processes. Reach out to us to give your patients an unforgettable experience. Optimize your offerings and save 50% on operational costs.

Our Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Services

Avail of our AI services in healthcare to enhance efficiency in your healthcare center. We employ effective strategies to ensure the best ROI; our services eliminate security concerns regarding sensitive patient information. Our AI solutions in healthcare include -

AI Clinical Documentation Services

AI Clinical Documentation Services

The strategic application of our AI-powered clinical documentation services help increase accuracy and repeatability. Our solutions help identify and eradicate clinical documentation gaps and ensure faster medical billing and other benefits.

AI Medical Records Management Services

AI Medical Records Management Services

Our medical records management services ensure the reduction of redundant tasks and optimize healthcare administration for your company. We enable precise extraction of relevant patient data and increase operability in a healthcare system.

Healthcare Fraud Detection Services

Healthcare Fraud Detection Services

Our services leverage the best technology to promote accountability and transparency in a healthcare system. Our fraud detection services help establish a robust value-based care delivery system.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant Services

Healthcare Virtual Assistant Services

Outsource our healthcare virtual assistant services to free up more time to enhance business growth by catering to more patients. From managing appointments to back-office support, we take care of everything.

AI Services in Clinical Trials

AI Services in Clinical Trials

Enhance the process of locating eligible participants through medical record analysis with our AI-powered services for clinical trials. Our services help streamline complex entry criteria and make them presentable to potential candidates.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

Our healthcare cybersecurity services are crucial to hospitals and healthcare centers. With our solutions, you can improve patient privacy and ensure a reduction in medical errors and mitigate other security risks.

AI Services in Healthcare Diagnosis

AI Services in Healthcare Diagnosis

Our AI services in healthcare diagnosis help in the timely detection and prevention of life-threatening diseases. AI assists in detecting early symptoms of patients, minus human error, and provides telehealth solutions.

AI Services in Dosage Error Detection

AI Services in Dosage Error Detection

We provide AI services for dosage error detection to minimize risks associated with incorrect dosages. Our solutions ensure that patients are administered accurate dosage as per prescription; they help save lives with timely detections in case of errors.

AI Services for Connected Medical Devices

AI Services for Connected Medical Devices

Reach out to us for professional AI services in the medical industry. Our services ensure you can reduce your overall costs by reducing manual work through connected medical devices.

Implementation Process for AI in Healthcare


Healthcare Data Collection


Data Processing


Predictive Modelling


Evaluation & Testing


Customer Insights

Why Partner with Us for Strategic AI Medical Technology?

Over 22+ years, we have established our worth as a leading medical AI technology company. Outsourcing AI services to us will help you experience the following benefits.

Additional AI Services to Facilitate Business Automation

Data Engineering Services

Our services help you make better decisions, identify business opportunities, and provide data-driven insights for improved outcomes with our data engineering solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Improve business speed, reduce human errors, manage risks, and boost your overall productivity by leveraging AI techniques.

Machine Learning Services

We help in the easy identification of high-risk patients, make near-perfect diagnoses, recommend the best possible medicines, and predict readmissions with machine learning services.

Deep Learning Services

Leverage our professional deep learning technologies to benefit from early fraud detection and risk analysis. We assist in real-time business decision-making using our patent services.

Data Analytics Services

We assist in offering a personalized customer experience, streamlining business operations, and improving business decisions using proper data analysis tools and software.

Business Analytics Services

We offer enhanced security benefits, interoperability, and international-quality analytics that can lead to business growth and success.

Client Success Stories


FWS Helped a Leading Dairy Brand with Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing

We optimized delivery routes for a Middle eastern dairy supplier by using a machine learning algorithm. Our services lead to a cost reduction of 27%.

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FWS Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics to a Top Indian Bank

A top Indian bank approached us for advanced analytics and data integration services. We processed 70TB of unstructured data and implemented analytics dashboards to improve efficiency.

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Success Stories

Outsource AI Services in Healthcare to Flatworld Solutions

We offer a systematic and streamlined approach to data collection, risk prevention, patient care, and much more. Our services have benefited countless healthcare organizations globally via increased diagnostic accuracy and treatment advancements. Our services enable healthcare systems to -


Ensure better outcomes with increased diagnostic accuracy, guidance on the treatment protocol, risk score prediction, etc.


Improve patient experience through accelerated drug development, easier scheduling, and personalized support.


Facilitate a streamlined environment through proper documentation, accurate imaging reviews.


Increase efficiency with treatment management support and automated workflows.


Better and cost-effective discoveries using AI technologies and enhanced disease interventions.

Reach out to us today and request a free quote to learn about our AI services in the healthcare industry.

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