Route Optimization Services

Route Optimization Services

Boost business efficiency by optimizing your delivery schedules and routes across multiple modes with our comprehensive Route Optimization Services

The rising costs of fuel and transportation, vehicular congestion on routes, and excess driving time - logistics and distribution companies around the world are opting for advanced route optimization methods to gain a competitive edge. While manually finding the perfect route for your agents is possible, frequently altering the routes and pit stops, or adding/deleting new customers at the penultimate moment can be quite a challenge that impacts the growth of your business.

Customized delivery routing system services from us, a reputed route optimization services company, can provide the shortest and fastest route for your agents while rescuing you from hours of manual planning and unnecessary wastage of resources. Our solutions allow you to plan the most optimized routes with multiple stops, efficiently manage pickup and drop time, and improve your resource utilization capacity, thereby increasing your overall business efficiency.

Route Optimization Solutions We Offer

Route Optimization Services We Offer

The last-mile delivery accounts for the maximum logistics costs. Therefore, we leverage dynamic route re-sequencing, cloud-based planning, and the latest predictive analytics to identify bottlenecks in your last mile delivery and deliver accurate real-time updates and predictive delay alerts. Our delivery route systems quickly analyze real-time mapping data, helping you efficiently plan and schedule hundreds of stops within seconds. Our dynamic route optimization solutions include -

  1. Vehicle Routing Optimization

    Vehicle Routing Optimization

    We help companies leverage efficient pipelines to automate their delivery process, reduce vehicle routing problems, and generate optimized vehicle routes with our technology solutions.

  2. Sales Territory Optimization

    Sales Territory Optimization

    Our sales territory optimization services consider the industry, geography, and customer size while allotting resources across a territory to service customers and maximize sales.

  3. Workforce Optimization

    Workforce Optimization

    By optimizing your workforce, we ensure that you benefit from lower overheads, effective route management, and increased productivity and efficiency.

  4. Real-Time Route Optimization

    Real Time Route Optimization

    We use real-time route optimization technology to help you make smart decisions and streamline the delivery of products while boosting productivity and lowering overheads.

  5. Multi-Modal Transportation Optimization

    Multi Modal Transportation Optimization

    We help you lower overheads for goods delivery and streamline supply chain management in multimodal transportation where the modes include rail, truck, air, and ocean.

Our 4-step Route Optimization Process

We follow a four-step route optimization process which enables us to provide highly efficient services that help you to overcome fleet-based, location-based, and domain-specific constraints. The steps we follow include -

4-step Route Optimization Process

Software We Leverage

Our route optimization solution is built by a team of experts in big data technologies, data sciences, and software engineering. A dedicated team for product management and development is engaged to continuously improve the solution. Our technology depth covers big data solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services, image, and text-based mining solutions, end-to-end machine learning-based automation solutions, cognitive computing and deep learning, and predictive analytics. We leverage the following tools to provide you with the best possible route optimization services -

  • A NoSQL database like MongoDB
  • Google Map integration using APIs (Licensed)
  • Our proprietary route optimization algorithm
  • Django Framework for REST APIs
  • Python Software
  • Distributed setup on Cloud for speed and multi-tenant setup

Clients We Cater to

We serve businesses that plan to improve the efficiency of their on-field personnel, fleets of vehicles, delivery agents, logistic supplies, or pick-up crew, irrespective of the industry sector. Our intelligent, domain-agnostic machine-learning solution considers multiple global (organizational) & local (individual) constraints, and static & dynamic constraints to compute highly optimal fleet allocation & travel routes on the go. Our clientele encompasses, but is not limited to -

  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Courier Companies
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Field Sales Businesses
  • Food Delivery Chains
  • Healthcare Providers and Hospitals
  • HVAC Services
  • Inspection Services
  • Installation & Maintenance Service Providers
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Pest Control Agencies
  • Retail and Distribution Companies
  • Waste Collection Businesses

Why Choose Us as Your Route Optimization Services Company?

Aimed to provide global clients with efficient field service route optimization and other streamlined solutions, we strive to understand their exact requirements. When you partner with us, you benefit from the following services -

  • Eminent Team of Data Scientists

    Our data scientists have vast experience in delivering solutions pertaining to deep analytics and machine learning.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We employ cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by third-party and administered by us to provide the best possible services to all our clients and address even the most complex route optimization requirements successfully.

  • Multi-stage Testing Process

    Our multi-stage testing process ensures that our solutions are evaluated at every phase. This helps the client to handle fewer vehicles, increase the number of deliveries per day, and provide on-time deliveries with optimized routes.

  • Strict Quality Assurance

    Our solutions are evaluated at every phase before being deployed in the production environment. Identified stakeholders are alerted via email or other real-time notifications when the system reports a confidence level lower than the benchmark.

  • Uncompromised Data Security

    Strict user management guidelines are followed for solution on cloud. All the data is stored in a secured environment with the option to purge on user requests. Data uploaded in the cloud cannot be accessed by third party or any other service requester.

  • Flexible Pricing Structure

    We follow a flexible pricing structure where the client will be billed strictly based on project scope, time required for project completion, and the skills of the resources involved.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

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Client Success Stories

Case Study on Optimizing Route for Logistics & Security Firm

Case Study on Optimizing Route for Logistics & Security Firm

We helped a logistics and security services company optimize routes resulting in fewer operational trucks.

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Case Study on Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing

Case Study on Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing

We helped a leading dairy brand optimize routes and ensure on-time delivery.

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Outsource Route Optimization Services to Us

We are one of the most reputed data science as a service companies - and have been providing a gamut of services to numerous global clients. We have been a service provider for over 20 years and we carry rich multi-domain industry experience. Our team is capable of catering to even the most complex route optimization requirements. Outsource route optimization services to us, and also benefit from -

  • On-time delivery with optimized routes
  • Handling of fewer vehicles
  • Increase in deliveries per day
  • Reduced time to deliver
  • Real-time visibility of dispatch to delivery
  • Driving real-time decision-making

Reach out to us if you want to improve your business efficiency by optimizing the delivery schedules and routes for your team!

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