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Are you finding it ever more challenging to manage large volumes of data to meet your analytical and operational needs? While big data solutions are a welcome technology that transforms how organizations manage their data, they are often met with challenges, such as slow storage media, lack of scalability, slow network connectivity, and sub-optimal data transformation.

This is when you can outsource big data infrastructure services to a professional company like ours. We have a team of seasoned experts who help you leverage the benefits of big data infrastructure solutions. Collect, store, and manage your data-handling needs using advanced analytics with our customized services.

Big Data Infrastructure Solutions We Offer

We offer a wide range of big data infrastructure solutions that help you with implementation in ways that allow you to manage complex and large volumes of data. Following are our big data infrastructure and big data implementation services -

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

Configure physical and virtual servers for data storage and management with a strong big data analytics infrastructure. This boosts productivity and efficiency while giving your easy access to the information you need and enables seamless collaboration.

Big Data Infrastructure Strategy

Big Data Infrastructure Strategy

Analyze your requirements carefully and gravitate towards becoming a data-driven company. We make this transition smooth by providing you with a big data infrastructure strategy that allows easy data accessibility for everyone in your organization.

Big Data Infrastructure Design

Big Data Infrastructure Design

Our big data infrastructure consulting services are aimed at helping businesses make optimal decisions with the help of insightful analysis. Optimize your data systems and use big data technology efficiently to accelerate success with our big data infrastructure services and consulting solutions.

Big Data Management

Big Data Management

With our big data managed services, we help you organize and administer large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured. Customized big data implementation services enable you to make the most of your big data investments

Big Data Integration

Big Data Integration

Make better use of your data for decision support with our data integration services. We use the best practices and proven processes to help you make the best use of your data. Collate data from multiple sources and organize large volumes of data to make it easily accessible.

Hadoop Big Data Implementation

Hadoop Big Data Implementation

Our Hadoop big data implementation will enable you to process massive datasets and leverage advanced analytics. We check the viability of Hadoop implementation and then devise implementation strategies with the right deployment model for you.

Our Approach to Deliver Seamless Big Data Implementation Services

Implementation is a comprehensive process and requires a thorough analysis of the big data infrastructure needs that are specific to an enterprise. So, we deliver seamless big data implementation services, which involve -


A feasibility study


Planning and conceptualization


Architecture design


Development and quality testing




Support and maintenance

What Makes Us the Preferred Provider of Big Data Managed Services?

Looking for a company that can help you overcome the challenges associated with big data implementation? Then outsourcing big data infrastructure services to an experienced provider like us is an ideal choice. here are some benefits of choosing us -

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

We offer comprehensive solutions to design, develop, and maintain your data platform.

Leverage a multitude of benefits with our artificial intelligence solutions by partnering with us.

With our machine learning services, you can automate your organizational processes and save time and effort.

Improve the efficiency and performance of your AI and ML processes by working with our data scientists.

Big Data Services

Manage and organize large volumes of data the right way with our big data services.

Our services are designed to help you build the right infrastructure for aggregating, analyzing, and reporting data.

Draw insights from your data that help build better solutions for your business with our Data Science As A Service.

Allow the experts to solve your business problems using quantitative methods, such as data analysis and statistical models.

Client Success Stories


FWS Provided Accurate and Reliable Data Integration and Analytics Services to a Leading Indian Bank

A leading India-based bank required advanced data analytics and integration services for about 70TB of unstructured data. We provided the required services on time and within budget.

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Flatworld Helped a Leading LA-based Bank to Reduce Client Onboarding Time

A leading bank based in Los Angeles wanted to bring down the client onboarding time from 10 mins to under 1 minute which was a big challenge. Using our services, the client was able to save an average of 40 hours of work per day.

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Success Stories

Outsource Big Data Infrastructure Services to Build a High-caliber Infrastructure

Leverage cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies that unleash solutions to enhance scalability as your data sets grow. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of big data, our big data infrastructure support helps you -


Deploy big data workload in the cloud to scale your infrastructure as the need arises


Build sophisticated big data ecosystems to collect, store, analyze, and backup large volumes of your enterprise data

Design and implement secure and scalable big data infrastructure for your enterprise with our customized solutions.

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