Fraud Analysis Software Development

Fraud Analysis Software Development

Technological developments are happening at an exponential rate in our fast-paced world. The digital revolution is being embraced by almost all the industries now and slowly everybody is coming onboard. Along with the increase in adoption of the digital processes, there has also been in a massive increase in the digital fraud. Companies should be extremely careful to prevent themselves from any kind of external threats and cyber-attacks. It is always advisable to detect the fraud in the early stages and prevent it from happening across your enterprise.

So what is the solution to protect your organization from any kind of external threat? The ideal solution would be to develop software which detects any kind of external threat well in advance and prevents the fraud from happening. Flatworld Solutions being one of the leading software development companies in the world can help you develop fraud detection software or fraud analytics software. This can help you detect any kind threat well in advance and take steps to prevent it.

Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has been in the software development domain for more than a decade now and has enough experience of having worked with worldwide clients. We have worked for large to small and medium-sized companies across the globe and helped them develop different kinds of custom software. Some of the fraud analysis software development services we offer, include -

  • Fraud Detection Software Development

    Our team has the required skills and resources to develop some of the top-quality fraud analytic software for desktop, web and mobile. Some of the key components of the software we develop include -

    • Anti-money laundering portal development
    • Custom fraud parameters development
    • Fraud data analysis programming
    • Access security management feature development
  • Tokenization & Payment Authorization

    Tokenization is often implemented to replace ACH and credit card numbers with a random number or string. When the payment authorization request is made, only the token might be returned to the merchant along with the transaction verification code. We can help companies to integrate this unique tokenization protocol in their software to make it more secure.

  • Know Your Customer Portal Development

    Know Your Customer or KYC is one of the key aspects in organizations, especially financial institutions such banks and insurance companies. We help companies to develop KYC portals and also help to integrate them with the background verification software.

  • Rule-based Engine Development

    Rule-based engine is a part of the fraud detection software which helps non-programmers to add or change any business logic in the system. We can help you develop such engines for your existing or new fraud detection software which will beneficial in detecting any kind of fraud well in advance.

  • System Integration

    You may be having an existing software and need to add some new features to it. We can take up the fraud prevention software and integrate with the required new components. Some of the system integration services we offer include -

    • Fraud management system integration
    • Credit check module integration
    • Fraud pattern recognition system integration
    • EMV integration
    • Fraud data mining system integration
  • Certification

    Getting the software certified is one of the key aspects which need to be carried out by all organizations. Some of the key certifications we can help you out with in fraud detection analytics include -

    • EMV certification
    • PCI-DSS compliance and certification
    • PA-DSS compliance and certification
  • Data Encryption

    Data encryption usually translates the data into some other form or code which can be accessed by only certain individuals who have a security code. Our team at Flatworld Solutions can help you develop certain encryption protocols which ensure that all the data that you transmit or receive are completely safe from any kind of external threat. Some of the encryption services we provide include -

    • End-to-end encryption implementation
    • Point-to-point encryption implementation

Our Technology Expertise

Our team of software developers consists of highly qualified and well-trained individuals who have the capability to handle any kind of software development requirements. They are trained to follow a systematic process which covers all steps in the software development life cycle. Our team follows a streamlined process to develop some of the best custom software in the industry.

Some of the key technologies we make use of while designing and implementing fraud prevention software include -

  • Java
  • C#
  • J2EE
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • VB
  • .NET
  • ASP
  • XML
  • Zope

7 Reasons to Outsource Fraud Analysis Software Development to Us

Flatworld Solutions' proven expertise in the field of software application development and integration provides our clients with a unique value proposition. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  1. Experienced Team

    We have a well-trained team of software developers who have the required skills and resources to handle any kind of software development needs

  2. Reasonable Prices

    We provide top-quality fraud prevention software development services at cost-effective prices to global clients

  3. Data Security

    We follow confidentiality agreements and workstation data security policies which ensures that all the information you share with us is completely safe

  4. Easy Project Tracking

    We keep the client updated with every step of the software development life cycle and make it easy for them to track the progress of the project

  5. Use of Latest Technologies

    Our team is skilled and has the required resources and work on some of the most latest and cutting software development technologies

  6. Superior Documentation

    We understand the importance of project documentation and ensure that every aspect of the software project is documented

  7. Quick Turnaround Time

    We are known to provide assistance and complete the software project within the stipulated time and keeping your schedule on track

Outsource Fraud Detection Software Development

Flatworld Solutions has been providing top-quality fraud detection software development services and a host of other software development services to global clients. Our experience of over 20 years in the field has helped us gain enough confidence to handle any kind of software development requirements. Our team is equipped to work on a series of custom software development including enterprise applications, web applications, e-commerce applications, web design, and development, etc.

We have a multi-level quality checking process in place which ensures that the software products we deliver are highly efficient and error-free. Our project managers work closely with the clients and always keep a track of the project and ensure that it is complete on the schedule. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, effective and cost-effective fraud protection software development service provider, then look no further.

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