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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) along with the use of Artificial Intelligence has digitized the businesses for offering best customer handling solutions online. The widespread effectiveness and great impact of chatbot tools have already been noticed for the past several years. The consistent race of brand creation over the international market has digitized entire situations allowing the grand entry of high-end chatbot tools to interfere in the business processes.

Those were the days when the organizations and enterprises preferred to hire the customer care staffs in multiple numbers and allot them the time slots to handle entire customer calls and emails anytime. However, such a solution has never proven cost-effective and practical which resulted for the business entrepreneurs to switch over towards alternative digital solutions.

Popular RPA Chatbot Tools for Enterprises

By using RPA chatbot tools, organizations have improved their interactions with customers and have leveraged their profits. Flatworld Solutions is a premier service provider in the segment and has offered customized solutions that meet precise requirements of customers. The following list of points explain the best available RPA Chatbot tools for organizations or enterprises -

  1. Amazon Lex

    Amazon Lex

    Amazon Lex is equipped with the deep learning technologies similar to that of the Amazon's most widely used tool 'Alexa'. Amazon's Lex technology is equipped enough to convert speech to text and effectively recognized the intent of the text using the potentials involved in automatic speech recognition and natural language processing. Use of the natural language understanding processes is a vital part involved under the artificial intelligence which has been implemented consistently over the newly launched technologies including RPA Chatbot tools as well to make it exhibit human intelligence like behavior.

    Versatile variety of bots can be constructed using the technology and thereby making the favorable environment for the deployment of chatbots with the easy to use consoles, testing, building, and appropriate arrangement based processes. Unlike the traditional customer handling experiences until today, Amazon Lex has kept itself separate from all such traditional approaches with increased implementation of high-end technology and reduced utility of the hardware devices. Enhanced security and supports have been given a great importance by providing a built-in integration with AWS platform.

  2. IBM Watson

    IBM Watson

    IBM Watson has become the first choice of the biggest entrepreneurs to build their smart AI enabled chatbots for frequently handling up the customer queries. Built with the technology secrets involved under the neural network technology, IBM Watson is available with enhanced conversational capacity with sound working compatibility with the languages including Japanese and English. Unlike the traditional bots which are programmed to answer the specific list of questions which have been already fed inside their memory, IBM Watson acts smartly to answer the questions as per the sole intelligence and even guide the customers for a list of processes involved under their concerned query. Utilizing the technologies like Java SDK, Node SDK, and iOS SDK, the conversations become a repository for the customer information for accessing the customer base and thereby increasing the bot's intelligence for further needful.

  3. Microsoft Bot

    Microsoft Bot

    Microsoft Bots have been in huge demand by the biggest entrepreneurs following the brand name and enhanced technology installations for handling and managing up the bots based widespread functionalities. Developers are provided with the cost-effective solutions for constructing the bots as per the requirements. These bots varieties may range from simple to middle level and effectively integrated with the virtual assistant and enterprise applications like 'Cortana'. Provided with a favorable build up the environment to get functional effectively both locally as well as on Azure, these can get smartly integrated over the wide range of messaging platforms including Facebook, Web Widgets, Twilio etc. to name a few. Cognitive services provided under the Microsoft bots allows to see, listen and even act parallel to that of the human reactions. Additionally, human photographs can be identified and needful suggestions are provided as per the human's necessities.

  4. Oracle Chatbot

    Oracle Chatbot

    Combination of intent detection along with the natural language processing and sophisticated machine learning based functionalities fulfills the Oracle Chatbot with the ability to effectively handle and main the context of the conversation. The favorable interface supporting the natural conversation provides an environment to get the technology easily compatible with the mobile apps, messaging apps, voice assistants as well as the wide variety of messaging apps available today. Back up functionalities get increased to meet the necessities of the updated entrepreneur's demand with timely delivery of equipped enterprise solutions. Oracle Bots provides an effective built-in analytics to keep an eye over the customer's necessities and track their accessing locations to understand the market requirements. All the sorts of internal B2E issues are resolved in addition to the available external B2C like problems. The Bot is gaining worldwide popularity and is widely adopted for versatile solutions.

  5. Facebook Wit.AI


    Apps building opportunities are offered to the developers by this great internet giant 'Facebook'. After getting them created, they may be assigned the added functionalities to behave like a Chatbot for interacting and resolving human issues soon after the conversation. The Wit.AI is made equipped with the inbuilt capacity to understand and process the natural languages to better understand the user's query and resolve them immediately after receiving. Simple B2C Bots very often utilize the importance of this environment but more lists of added functionalities are provided in integration and association with the IBM based services.

  6. Dialogflow


    Dialogflow is an environment developed by Google to handle the customer's queries and respond them accordingly with the smart implementation of the natural language processing based technologies along with the AI enriched texting and voice-based conversation as well. Being developed by Google, reliability had never been a factor worldwide and accordingly the environment is being used by the massive number of organizations all over the world. The chatbot environment is even extremely easy to implement over more than 14 platforms with just one click. Dialogflow agents have been developed to get integrated inside the concerned client's apps to pave the appropriate path while exploring the requirements. Users very often feel the things extremely natural as they never feel burdened even not being tech savvy at all. However, coding proficiency will definitely be a positive point for the beneficiaries to better understand and use the Dialogflow RPA Chatbot tool.

Enhance Your Business' Efficiency with Latest RPA Chatbot Tools

Flatworld Solutions has a team of experienced professionals that excel in these RPA chatbot tools and understand your business requirements. Our cost-effective cognitive process automation services and a plethora of other data science solutions are designed to offer tangible results so that your business reaches newer heights by incorporating the best of available technologies. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of data scientists who can develop some of the most complex tools which will suit your business requirement.

So wait no more and get in touch with our team. At Flatworld Solutions, we are always eager to hear from you.

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