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As artificial intelligence becomes mainstream and the tech world realizes its limitless applications, businesses across the world are wondering how this revolutionary technology can help them in solving one of the core problems - customer services. Keeping customers satisfied is one of the key challenges for any organization and so far very few companies can claim to have solved this riddle. There is more than what it meets the eye in this challenge because customers are humans and humans are inherently unpredictable.

But can Artificial Intelligence cast a magic spell and find a way to deliver the top-most customer service without burning a hole in the pocket? The nature of AI proposes that creating such solutions is indeed possible and, in fact, it is cost-effective as well.

How Can AI Reshape Customer Experience?

Flatworld Solutions has been a torch bearer in this segment and is helping organizations to extract maximum benefit from AI to deliver efficient customer service. And while doing so Flatworld solutions is showcasing how AI can reshape the customer service segment and pump more efficiency in it. Here are some of the key findings in this regard which reflect AI's ability to revamp customer service -

  1. In Financial Transactions

    In Financial Transactions

    Online purchases and online money transfer is still plagued with frauds and cheating. Organizations have invested tons of money to make the system secure and error-free but hackers are still having the last laugh. One key hindrance here is the inability of organizations to adopt robust encryption methods and other security measures. Such measures may make transactions more secure but they also bring inconvenience by making the process complex for customers. Hence organizations need to create the perfect balance where the process is simple but at the same time, it is highly secure and reliable.

    By roping in AI, organizations can certainly create more secure platforms which are easy to use. Such platforms would detect fraudulent activities immediately and would raise the alarm. They can also be used to bring more convenience to customers when they are making an online payment.

    Technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing can help companies in identifying suspicious activities.

  2. For Enterprises

    For Enterprises

    From tech giants to start-ups, everyone in the tech world is excited about AI and this fact is evident from the sheer amount of investments that are being made in this domain. In fact, experts believe that there is no slowing down in the near future as enterprises will keep on pushing the envelope.

    But before joining the bandwagon enterprises need to think about three critical stakeholders which will define the outcome of AI in customer service. First, the people who create and implement the AI-based solutions. These people must know what exactly the scope of their solutions is and they need to possess the proper knowledge and skills. Second are those people who will work with these machines. Some of their tasks will be taken over by machines and hence they need to adapt to the machines. They must be provided with proper training.

    And third and the most important stakeholders will be the consumers who will use these solutions and machines. The millennials will swiftly learn the way such systems function but the older generation may struggle to get accustomed to these new systems. They need to be properly educated about it.

    AI is definitely going to change the way people deal with enterprises and their products. There will be a lot more personalized service where AI systems will analyze individual cases and deliver customized solutions. But for this, they will accumulate a large amount of data and this brings us to the eternal debate on how much data should enterprises handle and more importantly who should handle it.

    Expect law-making agencies to create stern laws regarding data regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union is a leading example of such laws. These laws will affect customer service as they prevent enterprises from entering certain territories.

  3. Streamlines Interaction with Customers

    Streamlines Interaction with Customers

    Customers often complain about arrogant, ill-informed and rude customer representatives. One reason for such behavior by customer representatives is that they are humans who get affected by situations and specific conditions. But this is not the case with AI-based chat-bots. These chatbots would never feel unwell and nor will they turn up late to the office. Also, they will never get angry with the customer and will have the patience to explain the same thing to a customer several times who is a slow learner.

    All these features enable the chatbots to deliver the supreme customer service that exceeds expectations and keeps the customer happy. At Flatworld Solutions, we have devised numerous chatbot-based solutions for our clients and have helped them in bringing more efficiency in their customer service.

  4. AI can Make Recommendations and Improve Sales

    AI can Make Recommendations and Improve Sales

    The essential benefit of AI-based systems for handling consumer interactions is that such systems can, in fact, drive sales and increase profits. AI-based systems are more intelligent than humans and excel in multi-tasking. Hence, they recommend some products and services to customers when they are answering their queries. As AI-based systems provide solutions in real-time, they have more chances of luring a customer into buying the service or product.

    AI-based customer support systems can understand the requirements of customers in real-time and can suggest these services and products immediately. This saves the customer's time and also brings more profits to the organization. Thus, this is a win-win situation for all.

  5. The Human Interference

    Human Interference

    The criticism against AI is that it will kill jobs and will eventually rule humans. The fear of machines ruling humans isn't a new one but this argument lacks substance. AI will definitely bring efficiency in the customer service sector but it won't do it by eliminating the human presence. AI-based machines will definitely take over some tasks but it will still need humans to train it and to transfer the knowledge.

    AI will reshape the customer service sector and it will also reshape the human interference in this domain. However, it won't replace it.

Take Advantage of AI-based Customer Experience to Stay Ahead of Competition

AI has immense possibilities and the best way to exploit these possibilities is to incorporate this system as soon as possible. If you too wish to deliver best-in-class customer service without stretching your budget then Flatworld Solutions is your best bet. We have a stronghold on data science and several aspects of AI such as chatbots and other machines and also have the expertise to customize these solutions to meet your evolving demands.

Get in touch with us today and know how AI will enhance your business prospects by keeping your customers satisfied and content.

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