Legal Document Drafting Services

Legal Document Drafting Services

Leverage our legal document drafting service to streamline the drafting of legal pleadings, discovery documents, and other litigation documents

Is your firm accruing unbilled time because of the complex and repetitive changes that document drafting requires?

There is a growing need among legal enterprises and law firms to optimize their operations, increase flexibility, and reduce overheads for their day-to-day tasks. For better efficiency, law firms need to optimize support tasks including legal document preparation, legal drafting, and patent searches. While legal drafting, analysis, and documentation are integral parts of any law firm's daily work, they require an exceptional amount of time and resources. If you lack the bandwidth to oversee these resource-intensive tasks, then you can partner with an ideal service provider who has the necessary skills and experience to handle your requirements.

As a leading provider of legal document preparation services, we can take care of all your backend legal drafting and documentation requirements so that you can focus on your caseload and other legal activities. Our legal services are provided by an expert legal team made up of qualified lawyers who are skilled at handling any type of legal analysis, legal drafting, or legal documentation. We ensure compliance with stringent regulations and perform due diligence at every step.

Our Legal Drafting Services

We can take care of drafting complaints and motions, finding inaccuracies in documentation, and proofreading for corporate, bankruptcy, civil rights, criminal law, and many other domains. Our legal documents drafting services include -

  1. Legal Memorandum Writing Services

    Legal Memorandum Writing Services

    Our professional and expert legal professionals, lawyers, and paralegals help you draft clear and compelling legal memoranda, including the headings, statements of the legal issue, answer to the legal issue, statement of facts, discussion, and conclusion.

  2. Trial Briefs Writing Services

    Trial Briefs Writing Services

    We have expert legal professionals, lawyers, and paralegals on board that help you draft all sections of trial briefs, including case style preparation, introductory statement preparation, and trial brief argument preparation.

  3. Statutory Compliance Services

    Statutory Compliance Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with statutory compliance services within a short time. Some of the key statutory compliance services we offer include statutory compliance audits, statutory benefits administration, and statutory advisory services.

  4. Legal Document Preparation and Management

    Legal Document Preparation and Management

    Our legal document services help you reduce extra workload, increase productivity, and manage documentation risk. Our services include document preparation for entire court procedures, e-filing of court documents prepared as per your instructions, and follow-up assistance.

  5. Appellate Brief Services

    Appellate Brief Services

    We help you draft organized, and concise appellate briefs, whether you are a respondent or petitioner or whether the appeal is by leave or as right. Our experts will respond to key arguments, refine your legal and factual issues, and distinguish bad facts and law.

  6. Legal Coding Services

    Legal Coding Services

    We will catalogue your existing legal documents so that they are electronically filed and can be retrieved, arranged, prioritized, and reviewed easily. We use time-tested frameworks and coding protocols which are backed by multiple quality control levels to ensure better compliance.

  7. Patent Docketing Services

    Patent Docketing Services

    Our team of professionals have expert knowledge of the requirements and process of patent docketing. Leverage our well-defined patent docketing process to keep track of deadlines, properly label documents, and accurately file each record and document for efficient retrieval.

  8. Property Tax Appeal Services

    Property Tax Appeal Services

    We help clients appeal their property taxes when they end up overpaying the government. Our services owners of homes, multi-unit family buildings, condos, high-rises, factories, office buildings, or any other type of residential/commercial property to successfully appeal their property taxes.

  9. Corporate Compliance Services

    Corporate Compliance Services

    We provide all-inclusive and comprehensive corporate compliance services for enterprises of all sizes. We have significant experience in providing corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and federal statutory compliance services.

  10. Legal Analysis Services

    Legal Analysis Services

    We specialize in the assessment of complex legal documents and help our clients identify the legal context quickly and efficiently in different legal spheres. We also offer independent legal analysis for national, international, and regional laws across a variety of legal policy areas.

  11. Contract Drafting Services

    Contract Drafting Services

    Get clear and precisely drafted contracts that safeguard professional relationships based on mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions. We ensure that the contract is drafted professionally, has the right format, and has the elements that are essential for the contract to be valid.

Advantages of Choosing Our Legal Document Preparation Services/h2>

We have worked with some of the world's top law firms to help them reduce their workload, while ensuring all their documentation and drafting needs are taken care of. We ensure that all legal documents provided are checked for inaccuracies and drafted as per client specifications. Partner with us and benefit from -

  • Expert Professionals

    We have an experienced team of lawyers with at least five years of relevant experience and the correct set of analytical skills.

  • Extensive Knowledge

    We are well-versed in the jurisdiction laws spanning both US and UK, and have a separate team of individuals specializing in international law.

  • Accurate Services

    With our help, you can minimize errors and ensure that all your documentation is in line with your requirements. Reduced errors and extreme attention to detail are our hallmarks.

  • Data Security

    Our high-quality infrastructure which ensures 100% security and privacy of your confidential data. We are also ISO-certified and adhere to high data security and safety standards.

  • Reliable Database

    Legal drafting rules often change overtime, and our lawyers ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest regulations. Over time, we have managed to build a substantial legal library and legal resource database for our lawyers to fall back on.

  • Affordable Prices

    We offer competitive prices which suit your requirements. You can also save on costs associated to hiring and training of individuals.

  • Scalable Services

    Our extreme flexibility ensures you can easily ramp up or ramp down a project or secure our services only on a seasonal basis.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Our legal document drafting service is offered on a 24/7 basis and is always delivered ahead of schedule.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Law Office Management Services

We can help you with your routine and daily law office management functions. We have provided high-quality legal processes to companies, law firms, and legal research firms.

Personal Injury Legal Services

We help victims of personal injury, injured due to someone else's negligence, navigate the complex legal landscape and help them get the highest compensation.

Litigation Support Services

We ensure that you receive all the support you need to effectively fight your legal case so that you can balance your core business activities with your litigation obligations.

Legal Document Review Services

We offer superior document management and review services. Our systematic approach accounts for multiple variables such as case strategy, document tagging, and quality control.

Legal Research Services

We offer accurate and reliable research services for the legal sector. We can help you cite the appropriate legal references for various cases and offer insightful legal research.

Paralegal Support Services

We provide paralegal support services to clients across the world. We work as extensions of your in-house legal team to search, recover, analyze, and present the desired legal information.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services for a NY-based Insurance Firm

We resolved delays in drafting answers and filing motions with a team of experienced paralegals after providing a 15-day trial service.

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Outsource Legal Drafting and Documentation Services to Us

Over the past 20 years, we have offered a wide range of legal services and support solutions to global clients. Our teams are composed of innovative thought leaders in the field of law, who ensure that we deliver thoroughly researched and completely accurate legal analyses and reports to our clients. If you are looking for a service provider who can provide excellent legal documentation and drafting, in-depth analysis, or well-research legal articles - we are ready to help. Outsource legal drafting and documentation analysis services requirements to us, and streamline -

  • Preparation of discovery documents and pleadings for reviews
  • Analysis and organization of legal information and files
  • Legal, non-legal, and medico-legal research

Contact us right away to learn more about our services and how they can help your business!

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