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Trademark Consultation Services

Get customized attorney support to secure your brand with our trademark consultation services!

Are you trying to build your brand or carve a niche in the business? Obtaining a trademark is crucial for every business that aspires to become a big label in the future. However, most trademark applications that are not drafted/filed with the help of a trademark attorney are often rejected. This is mainly due to minor errors such as issues with descriptiveness, confusion regarding the trademark application process, and more.

This is exactly where trademark consulting services, like ours, can help you. We provide professional services and guide you with all the information needed to submit your trademark application successfully. Our attorneys, with excellent experience in trademark laws, know all the pitfalls to avoid while registering for business trademarks. This helps you forgo the long and tumultuous processes and ultimately save your valuable time and efforts.

Trademark Consultation Services We Offer

We provide you with expert and legal trademark consultation services to help you trademark your brand without any problem. Our services include -

  1. Trademark Identification

    Trademark Identification

    The business trademark can be anything from your business name, logo, image, or tag line, depending on your services. Our experts will sit with you to identify the trademark that can be registered.

  2. Trademark Searching

    Trademark Searching

    The approval for your trademark depends on the risk level of filing your trademark. Our US trademark attorney will search the USPTO system and standard law results to identify the viability of your trademark registration.

  3. Opinion Letter

    Opinion Letter

    We are a trademark consulting firm that cares for our clients. So, we provide you with a detailed opinion letter, helping you understand our search results.

  4. Drafting and Filing Your Trademark Application

    Drafting and Filing Your Trademark Application

    As a continuation of our services, we help you draft and file your trademark application with all the necessary documents and proofs.

  5. Legal Actions and Responses

    Legal Actions and Responses

    When you outsource trademark consultation services, we also help you with USPTO-related legal actions based on your trademark application.

  6. Maintenance and Monitoring

    Maintenance and Monitoring

    We track and monitor your trademark application after filing so that we will be able to acknowledge office actions immediately, avoiding any delay with trademark approval.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Flatworld Solutions the Preferred Trial Presentation Company?

We specialize in providing legal assistance and USA trademark consultation service. Our attorneys have years of experience in liaising with the trademark laws and understand the long and tiring process of trademark registration and its instant benefits. Following are some of the reasons to choose us -

  • Transparent Fee Structure

    Your application's trademark registration services fee depends on your requirements. We offer flat-rate services and nominal hourly rates for customized assistance.

  • Complete Data Security

    We are an ISO-certified legal services firm following stringent data security measures to prevent data breaches. This ensures all your confidential data remains safe with us.

  • Expert Consultation

    When you leverage our services, you can work with an understanding US trademark attorney who will help you thoroughly understand the trademark registration process.

  • Short Turnaround

    We have multiple global delivery centers and a team of skilled and experienced trademark attorneys working across various time zones. This empowers us to provide you with quick and timely support.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services for a NY-based Insurance Firm

We resolved delays in drafting answers and filing motions with a team of experienced paralegals after providing a 15-day trial service.

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Outsource Trademark Consultation Services for Expert Legal Advice

We are a reputed legal services firm with 20 years of industry experience providing global clients with legal drafting and analysis services. It takes months to get trademark approval from USPTO. We collaborate with you for an extended period and assist you till you get your trademark approved. Our attorneys deliver accurate and elaborate responses to office actions and provide you with the necessary support to -

  • Complete the trademark registration successfully
  • Respond to office actions on time
  • Increase the chances of trademark approval

Let our best trademark attorneys take the lead while you sit back and focus on your business. Grab your free quote now!

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