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Our legal experts use litigation software to capture, collate, and analyze electronically stored information to be used as court evidence. Our services start at $10 per hour

e-discovery is the process of collecting and producing information stored electronically. The process is carried out upon request primarily by law agencies to assist the law carry out further investigation. The primary information collected in this process include emails, soft copies of documents, voicemail, databases, presentations, video and audio files, social media, and web sites.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting its clients to retrieve electronically stored data. Over the years we have vast experience in tackling a wide range of discovery challenges. As a well-known e-discovery service provider, we are driven by a team of professionals and technologists with wide experience in tackling difficult problems we have helped our clients with useful solutions to meet their timeline restrictions with complete accuracy in information retrieval.

Why is Electronic Discovery Complicated?

electronic discovery is a complex task because it entails processing high volumes of electronic data. Firstly, the data is highly encrypted. Cracking into the encryption is very tough and requires expert permutation and combination which is both complex and time taking. Additionally, electronic documents are highly dynamic. They contain metadata such as author, time-date stamps recipient information, and file properties that make it hard to unlock.

Also, it is extremely important to preserve the original content and metadata. This is because the original evidence can stand in good stead when the evidence is tampered or soiled. As an experienced e-discovery service providing company we specialize in making the discovery process easy and fast.

e-Discovery Services We Offer

Our professional services and guidance have assisted our clients to make decisions based on robust evidence and action points which is why our clients always prefer to outsource electronic discovery services to us. Our e-Discovery services include -

  1. Forensic Data Collection

    Forensic Data Collection

    Providing evidence from digital devices is very critical for investigations and we have wide experience in undertaking the task of capturing data with forensic methodology. We have performed this task with the integrity needed to support investigations and take it to its logical conclusion. Our team consists of qualified digital forensic experts with wide experience in complex global data extractions, across a range of digital devices. Our team has global experience and, travels at short notice to retrieve onsite data within required deadlines.

  2. Data Processing, Hosting, and Production

    Data Processing, Hosting, and Production

    Data processing is very critical to information retrieval and reading. We have assisted our clients in collecting stored information and processing it to get all the desired information from it. We have processed information in a wide variety of formats. Each of the formats usually has different properties with a variety of nested content. With our data processing services we capture and organize the metadata, analyze and expand the nested content, and ready the text for review and submission. We have distinct processing templates for all your requirements and also can design templates as per your requirements. We have an approach that ensures fast, accurate, and consistent processing. We enable you to use our hosted review platform or your own to view the processed information.

  3. Document Review Services

    Document Review Services

    Document review is the most critical part of the e-Discovery because it establishes the material of the electronic content in the true context. Our document review service is designed to reduce the number of documents that must be processed and reviewed by the effective sorting of the documents. This helps in truncating the project cycle time and reducing the project cost. We have a well-established process of document review that has been developed over time. It comprises definite steps that include capturing or aggregating data associated with matter, filter the data to minimize review sets, bring business intelligence to the fore to pour through the segregated data, and collaborate with teams to take it forward.

  4. e-Discovery Infrastructure Services support

    e-Discovery Infrastructure Services support

    Our e-discovery infrastructure support services are designed to assist you to increase the efficiency and the quality of your service and keep it running at all times. We deliver our services from one of the world's largest and most secure data centers. This ensures all client data is secure, safe, and available at once. Our infrastructure support services include 24x7x365 monitoring, dedicated hardware, 128-bit encryption, Role-based user authentication, and SSAE16, Type 2 Compliance Safe-Harbor rated. With our infrastructure support services, our clients have been able to streamline processes, weed out duplicate data transfer and processing, and enable continuous tracking and reporting.

e-Discovery Process We Follow

We make use of computer-assisted review, analytics software, and predictive coding to prioritize the documents and reduce the bulk. This helps the legal team in reducing the hours needed for decoding the documents. Besides, it also helps in reducing the overall costs involved in retrieving the stored information. This way we help our clients meet the ultimate goal of generating a core volume of evidence from digital devices for defensible litigation. It is because of this end-to-end approach towards information discovery that our electronic discovery services outsourcing is trusted and relied upon the most by our clients. Here is a snapshot of the process we follow -

The process begins with data identification by both parties i.e. we and the client
This is followed by putting the data under legal hold which means the data cannot be deleted, modified, erased, or destroyed in any way
After the legal agreement, the requisite data is extracted from the source, indexed and placed into a database
The data is analyzed to separate it clearly from non-relevant e-mails and documents. After the analysis, the filtered data is hosted on our or the client's platform and made accessible to reviewers i.e. attorneys and paralegals
The reviewers then parse the documents for their relevance to the legal matter. Sometimes, our reviewers also do the coding part and present the results before the client
As per the client's requirement, once the unwanted documents and information are separated, the relevant documents are converted to a static format such as PDF or TIFF

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource e-Discovery Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our electronic discovery services outsourcing has evolved over the years to become one of the most fruitful ways of ferreting out stored electronic information. Our clients keep coming to us because of a range of reasons which include -

  • Affordable e-Discovery Services

    Flatworld provides cost-efficient e-Discovery services tailored to your exact needs. That way, you don't end up paying for services you don't need.

  • Comprehensive Expertise

    We provide our clients with end-to-end electronic discovery management. This includes data collection, extraction and preservation, strategies for litigation holds, and industry best practices for ensuring defensible search, analysis, and review. Our team comprises trained and experienced attorneys and technologists. The team is backed by contract personnel with a wide range of subject matter specialties.

  • Integrated e-Discovery View

    We manage the entire e-Discovery lifecycle through a secure and integrated system. Consequently, our clients can see the progress of the e-discovery process at any point in time. This one-stop view enhances transparency and helps us work as an extension of our client's team.

  • Enhanced Visualization Tools

    Our e-discovery process depends on the best visualization tools and therefore helps us to communicate findings in easy to understand ways. We help our clients comprehend data quickly and easily at any point in time and view progress made in a case.

  • Effective Data Search

    We have an enhanced way of extracting data. This way is highly effective because it removes the common bottleneck associated in the way of data filtering. As a result, we can separate relevant data from the non-relevant ones in the shortest possible time. We follow an effective search term, metadata search, data filtering, and analysis functions to make data search effective.

  • Continuous Case Optimization

    We carry out continual case assessments to optimize proceedings. Every relevant data is examined and re-examined to ensure the information stored is properly brought out. Once the data is analyzed we carry out a re-evaluation or quality check to ensure it represents the true intent. During the process, we continuously provide access to the original files to ensure correct interpretation and decision making.

  • Data Access Speed

    The hallmark of our e-discovery services is the speed of information access. We have an improved way to access, interact, and comprehend vast amounts of data in a quick time. Our process is highly effective because we eliminate export, import, and review delays with systematic information extraction and segregation.

  • Diverse Report Generation

    We provide diverse reports to our clients depending on their requirements and agreements. The diverse categories of available reports that we generate include media and data management reports, data categorization reports, data visualization reports, data ingestion reports, data processing reports, review reports, statistics, and analytics reports, quality control reports, budget reports, etc.

  • Dedicated team

    We provide all our clients with a dedicated project management team. The team works for you and ensures your instructions are followed as per your requirement. This provides our clients with two distinct advantages - get the convenience of having full control over the team as well as retaining complete control of their data.

  • Full Technology Suite

    We offer our clients the most up-to-date software available for data extraction and analysis. The availability of the right software ensures the litigation support teams get the right information analysis in the shortest time and with predictable costs.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services for a NY based Insurance Firm

We worked in three shifts and helped the client in drafting answers and filing motions in a quick turnaround. Our services helped in reducing the client's backlog.

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Outsource e-Discovery Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a reputed e-discovery service providing company, we provide you great value for money. We constantly innovate ourselves to deliver you customized services and at the same time maximize savings for you. Our streamlined internal data processing methods and internal hosting of document review and case management platforms make it easy to expedite cases and investigations. Yet another hallmark of our services is working in tight time schedules. We specialize in delivering on time with ramped up reviews and thorough due diligence to ensure there is no ambiguity or conflicts in engagement whatsoever. At the same time, we leverage the most advanced technology solutions and methodologies to meet the needs of your requirements. Our team applies best practices consistently, which is why we succeed in reducing risk and help manage critical discoveries for desired outcomes.

Looking for a reliable e-discovery service providing company? Contact us now to know for electronic discovery services outsourcing.

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e-Discovery Services FAQs

  • What is eDiscovery software?

    It's a process applicable to electronically stored information (ESI) where legal professionals identify, process, tag, perform a review and do more in the litigation process.

  • Why is eDiscovery important to a company?

    eDiscovery impacts how information is archived, content is searched, archived, and even retrieved on demand. It also facilitates modification, policy deletion, and risk management.