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Legal Data Entry Services

Avail top-notch, error-free, and expert legal data entry services for lawyers and law firms at cost-effective rates starting at just $10/hour

Data entry for legal documents requires high confidentiality and knowledge of complex legal terminologies used in the field of law. Law firms, attorneys, solicitors, legal advisors, advocates, and other legal service facilitators have loads of legal documents, mostly kept and recorded in an unstructured way. At the time of urgency or immediate requirement of any information, it becomes a tedious task for them to find the relevant information. An expert team is required to carry out professional data entry services that can also guarantee complete data confidentiality. Flatworld Solutions has proven to be the best outsourcing partner for global lawyers and law firms. Our experienced and supremely qualified team of legal experts, data entry specialists, and other professionals can help you in manual data entry or automating the data entry process, thereby, organizing information for its easy access in the future.

Hire us to avail top-notch, error-free, and fully secured legal data entry services, and save your company money and valuable time.

Legal Data Entry Services We Offer

We offer a broad spectrum of data entry services for law firms. From softcopies to statistics, graphics to printed material, our specialists are adept at working with all formats and converting them into digitized legal documents. We have a specialized team to handle legal data entry services for law firms and all of them have years of experience in this sector, giving them a robust knowledge of legal terminologies and concepts.

In terms of source formats, you can choose one or a combination of three approaches for our legal data entry services.

  • Data entry from a paper/printed format
  • Data entry from any electronic text-based format
  • Data entry from any electronic graphic-based format

Clients can also choose the desired platform of legal data entry process. It could be through Data Management/Collection Tool or general text-based authoring software solutions.

We provide legal data entry services for all sorts of legal processes and legal documents. Some of which are mentioned below -

 Data entry for case details
 Insurance claim records
 Court forms
 Legislation scans
 Divorce forms
 Import/export legal shipping documents
 Data entries of mailing lists and labels
 Immigration forms
 Arbitration and litigation forms
 Compiling, stacking, and structuring of data
 Digitization of data entries
 Data sorting and cataloging
 Data entry backup and storage services
 Business contracts like MOU, partnership deeds, etc.
 Real-estate and other property-related documents

Our Legal Data Entry Process

Our seamless workflow strongly contributes to making us a highly favored legal data entry service providing company. The process that we follow for each project is as follows -


01. Understanding Clients' Requirements

When the company gets in touch with us to avail of our legal data entry services, our team first assesses and analyzes the needs of the client.


02. Data Gathering and Verification

We take necessary measures to verify and securely receive data from clients for data entry.


03. Executing Data Entry Services

We carry out the conversion and data entry work on the verified data.


04. Data Processing in the Desired Output Format

After performing data entry, we process the data in the format desired by the client.


05. Validation and Quality Checks

The legal data entry process undergoes multiple quality checks before the files are sent to the client for approval.


06. Transfer results to clients

After the client validation of the project, all the documents are submitted in the desired format through our secured servers to maintain data confidentiality.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld As Your Legal Data Entry Service Provider?

Our exceptional quality of services at affordable prices and fast turnaround times are few of the advantages that companies can benefit from when they hire us as their legal data entry service providing company. We offer several unique advantages -

  • Pocket-friendly Prices

    Our reasonable pricing for high-quality services is our major differentiator from the competitors in the market.

  • Specialized Team

    While we have a large team of data entry experts, we also have legal data entry specialists with an average experience of 6 years in the field of legal data solutions.

  • High Accuracy

    With multiple quality checks at all levels, we ensure 99% accurate data solutions for law firms.

  • Options of Customizations

    Are you looking for a tailor-made package to handle varied legal documentation work? We have flexible packages with enough room for customization as per the client's needs.

  • Multi-country Operations

    Our offices are spread globally giving us the power to be there for you 24/7.

  • 100% protection of Your Data

    We place high regard to data security, take all mandatory measures, and follow strict procedures to ensure the same.

  • Advanced Tech Systems and Infrastructure

    Our offices have world-class infrastructure and high-tech systems to ensure the best quality and quicker services to our clients and conducive work culture for our staff.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

    We never shy away from making any rectifications and modifications to our data entry solutions as customer satisfaction is our priority. Our team accommodates all the upgradations and changes required by the client in its entire project lifecycle, thus, building us a loyal and happy customer base.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services Offered to New York-Based Insurance Company

We helped a top insurance company in the U.S.A file motions and draft answers. With our services, our client settled his cases faster and better coped with his increase in workload.

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Outsource Legal Data Entry Services To Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld has operational centers across the world and has expertise in understanding the legal guidelines of various countries. We are the leading legal data entry service provider in the world and have the highest accuracy rate in the industry. Our vast pool of legal experts and data entry specialists handle the complex legal data entry requirements for law firms and other legal facilitators. Outsourcing legal data entry services to Flatworld can save 50-60% of your data entry expenses without trading-off the quality of services.

Get in touch with our experts for a free trial and see for yourself.

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