Litigation Services Process

At Flatworld Solutions, our litigation services process follows a structured and disciplined approach to ensure high-quality accurate litigation services for our customers. We have years of experience in coding more than a million pages for a large number of global customers. As our litigation services customer, you can choose your standard coding specifications. Our expert litigation team can compose a well-defined coding manual and help you save time, effort and manpower. Outsource litigation services to Flatworld Solutions and benefit from our accurate and cost-effective litigation services.

Litigation Services Process at Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow detailed planning and processing procedures. Our process-driven approach enables us to efficiently manage large volumes of legal data and deliver desired results within a quick turnaround time. The flow of a typical litigation service process is as shown:

Understand the requirements

Analyze and understand the customers' requirements and processes

Design project workflow

Design project workflow based on the customer's specifications and goals

Allocate a team

Allocate a team of coders, supervisors and project managers

Provide training to team

Provide project specific training to the team

Schedule resources

Schedule resources required by the project team

Run a trial program

Run a trial program to ensure quality & reliability

Make changes as per feedback

Make changes as per feedback and preparing checklists for quality control processes

Execute the complete project

Execute the complete project to the customer's satisfaction

Legal Coding Services Process at Flatworld Solutions

An organization's data is usually stored in various formats such as agreements, contracts, presentations, legal documents, correspondences, and minutes of meetings. Since every legal document could potentially contain a crucial piece of information, it is essential that the data in these documents be well organized. At Flatworld Solutions, our litigation team starts the coding process by examining and extracting relevant information from various documents. Our team of litigation coders then creates a searchable database from these documents based on the customers' standard coding specifications. This ensures any document is easily and quickly retrievable. Our litigation services team handles both, objective coding services and subjective coding services.

Objective Coding Services:

Our litigation services team reviews documents and prepares a computerized index of basic objective data about each document such as:

  • The document date
  • Names of the author
  • Names of the recipient
  • The type of document
  • The title of the document

Subjective Coding Services:

In addition to objective coding, our litigation services team also prepares a computerized index based on subjective data such as keywords and relevant information from the document text. This subjective information helps in quickly finding the required legal document. Subjective coding is implemented on various fields such as product name, person name, document summary etc. Such coding is flexible and could depend on the subjective opinions of a person knowledgeable about the particular topic.

Logical Document Determination (LDD) / Unitization Process at Flatworld Solutions

Document unitization is the process of identifying logical breaks between documents and deciding on document boundaries. It also involves determining the relationship of a document to the previous or subsequent document. Our litigation services team determines where a document begins and ends based on a subjective review of the document. Since the success of a coding process depends largely on logical document determination, each and every project at Flatworld Solutions is analyzed by a professional litigation services team and an experienced project manager. At Flatworld Solutions, we ensure that we achieve precise and consistent unitization by following a well-structured processing protocol.

Flatworld Solutions' LDD / Unitization Process include four main segments as follows:

  • Document and scope client deliverables
  • Unitization
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

No matter what the size of your project, our legal coding process and unitization process can bring about accurate, precise, and consistent results.

Outsource litigation services to Flatworld Solutions and gain control of your data!

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