Outsource Medico-legal Support Services

Medico-Legal Support Services

Our medico-legal professionals are expert in leveraging progressive technology, medical laws, and investigation practices to provide the best legal help at rates starting at $10 per hour

Medico-legal cases are of extreme importance for the administration of law and justice. A doctor has a crucial role to play in carrying out such cases. This is because apart from healthcare obligations a physician has legal and ethical obligations, and while discharging his duties he needs to abide by the laws of the land.

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading providers of Medico-Legal Support Services. We have over 20 years of experience in assisting legal departments and law firms with their medico-legal needs. Driven by a team of senior physicians, multi-specialty specialists, medical professionals, and lawyers, we provide high-class services to our clientele and support them 24x7. As a leading medico-legal support service provider, our services are marked by high accuracy and productivity because we also have immense expertise in Legal Process Outsourcing.

Medico-legal Support Services We Offer

A doctor's role in medico-legal cases is to clinically examine a patient and validate the investigations to be initiated by law enforcement agencies. These investigations reveal the circumstances and fix responsibility on the ailment or said injury according to the law. The circumstances can be child abuse, domestic violence, road accidents, industrial accidents, manipulation of evidence, electrical injuries, chemical injuries burns and scalds, sexual offenses, criminal abortions, custodial deaths, drug overdose, etc. Our medico-legal experts uncover facts through the following services -

  1. Case Screening

    Case Screening

    We have extensive knowledge of the complexities of the legal industry and can assist our clients to identify cases and bring it to fruitful conclusions. Our strength lies in our ability to help you evaluate the potential of a claim and determine if it's worth pursuing in the shortest possible time.

  2. Medical Records Screening

    Medical Records Screening

    With this service, we evaluate the merit of a case along with the standard of care deviations. We evaluate each case with careful attention and focus. We also assist our clients with written affidavits and reports to validate the merit of a case.

  3. Medical Records Review

    Medical Record Review

    With this service, we help you decipher abbreviations, illegible handwriting, and several other issues. We round off the services by providing a clear report. Our professionals are experts in identifying missing and incomplete records. They also specialize in spotting altered records.

  4. Medical Expert's Consultancy and Opinion

    Medical Experts Consultancy and Opinion

    Our consultancy and opinion services are leveraged by our clients to revalidate the data and conclusions arrived at through scientific inquiry and research. Our experts re-examine medical evidence piece by piece to reconstruct the story.

  5. Medical Research

    Medical Research

    Our experts carry out extensive medical research in a wide range of aspects, to help bring medico-legal cases to a conclusion. Every ailment or injury is examined from all angles to make sure it represents the truth.

  6. Preparation of Medical Records Summary

    Preparation of Medical Records Summary

    Any injury claim or ailment requires the preparation of a sequential medical summary. We are experts in creating summaries that explain the nature of the injury, past medical history, and its impact on the injury, etc. We make use of extensive diagnosis knowledge, treatment procedures, medical terminology, and other healthcare aspects to deliver accurate summaries.

  7. Identification and Application of Standard Protocol

    Identification and Application of Standard Protocol

    We assist a legal team to understand whether applicable standards of care have been applied to a particular case or not. In the event of any substandard care, we highlight it and also explain the alternative that should have been endorsed by the practitioner.

  8. Legal Research

    Legal Research

    Medico-legal cases rely heavily on medical cases and judgments made in the past. We have extensive experience in carrying out medical research to establish arguments and buttress facts in the court of law. We have a dedicated team to mine into medico-legal history.

  9. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses of the Case

    Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses of the Case

    Every medico-legal case has a strong and weak point. We lay bare both the points before the legal firm. This helps them understand a case from all perspectives and take the right approach to present the case in the court of law.

  10. Preparing Case Strategy

    Preparing Case Strategy

    Given the complexities and nuances of medical terminology and procedures, constructing a case based solely on medical aspects can be difficult for a legal expert. We ease things out by tailoring the case strategy by bringing the strong points to the fore.

  11. Comprehensive Drafting

    Comprehensive Drafting

    Understanding a medical case from the medical perspective and presenting it from a legal perspective are two different ball games altogether. However, our expertise in drafting the summary helps in meeting a common ground. We have experts to make the drafting comprehensive and easy-to-understand.

Medico-legal Support Process We Follow

Medico-legal consists of several processes and sub-processes. Knowing each of these processes can be an uphill task. By outsourcing the medico-legal services, legal firms can have a solution to all the processes at the same time. All third party vendors specializing in medico-legal cases are driven by a team with complete knowledge of the required processes. Our process is as follows -

We will represent the claimant and contact the office to secure an appointment
Claimant's presence is requested for assessment
Our assessor explains the interview purpose and collects the claimant's consent
The intake assessment will be made by collecting completed forms from the claimant
The submitted details will be validated
We create concise reports on the evaluated data
We furnish the invoice
We submit comprehensive reports to the client
We provide pre-trial consultation

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medico-Legal Support Services to Flatworld Solutions?

The team has dedicated people to take care of different aspects of medico-legal outsourcing such as case screening, review of the medical records, medical record screening, summary and synopsis preparation, medico-legal research, etc. As all of these are taken care of under one roof, the going becomes a lot easier. There are several benefits you get by choosing us as your medico-legal support service provider. Some of these include -

  • Cost-savings

    Yet another reason to outsource medico-legal support services is time savings. Most of the tasks delegated to them are completed overnight. Again several providers have operations from different global locations. By availing services from them it is possible to cover to a case even after office hours.

  • ISO Certified Medico-legal Services Provider

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified medico-legal service provider, we have a completely customer-focused approach, which is why we strive hard to provide you the best professional medical-legal services at all times. We bank on a six sigma methodologies to ensure there is work efficiency at all times. This has helped us expedite our turnaround times and deliver your request to your expectations at one go. It is because of these that all our clients see an extended team in our team of workers and trust us blindly with all their requirements.

  • Scalable Services

    Like any other outsourcing process, medico-legal outsourcing law firms provide medico-legal support to take the burden off the shoulders of law firms. This helps them to better focus their time on core functions. It also obviates the need to build a specialized team for research thus saving hugely on costs. Being a top Medico-legal support service provider, we offer scalable service.

  • Access to Talent Pool

    Our team comprises physicians who are well qualified in different specialties of medical law. Consequently, they are in a position to provide all medical opinions accurately. They are quick in listing the positives and negatives of a medical records review and come back within the stipulated time. Our dedicated team works as an extension of your in-house team.

  • Well-defined Processes

    We have an efficient process to handle every medico-legal case. Consequently, we can deploy the right number of doctors, paramedics, and medico-legal personnel to provide accurate and informed synopsis of a case. This includes the skillful deployment of people for compliance and knowledge management tasks.

  • Customized Solutions

    Every medico-legal case has its unique requirements and we tailor our solutions to meet these requirements. This gives a huge advantage to your process. Irrespective of what your requirement is we understand your case in great detail and work hard towards providing you the needed support on time. It is precisely because of this that we can deliver the best to our clients.

  • Adequate Work Experience

    We have worked for a wide variety of medico-legal cases for an equally wide variety of clientele. So be it a large project or a short-term assignment, we know what it takes to efficiently handle it and bring matters to a logical and fruitful conclusion.

  • Global Service Centers

    We operate from 8 global centers around the world. This ensures that work is completed on time and delivered to you as per SLA. Our multi-shore capabilities also equip our clients with the flexibility needed to complete overnight service turnaround for time-sensitive projects.

  • Strict Quality Standards

    Quality is the byword for our services. Our well-defined process includes a quality analysis stage were experts step in to analyze the quality of the work done. This guarantees strict quality standards leading to complete data consistency.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    As a medico-legal support service providing company we have all the infrastructure in place to guarantee complete data security. Our security structure includes secured premises, restricted access policies, foolproof networks, firewalls, and periodic security reviews regularly.

  • Data Confidentiality

    We believe in strict data confidentiality. To guarantee this, we use security software on your devices to use unique and powerful passwords, disallow opening personal data or accounts via unsecured Wi-Fi networks, use a spam filter, to eliminate unsolicited e-mail, etc. Besides, as we also work towards ensuring cultural compatibility and trust, advanced soft skills, and one-stop communication for all requirements.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services for a NY-based Insurance Firm

The client lacked experience in the paralegal process and needed our help to file drafts and motions. Our services accelerate settlement and lowered their overhead cost and time.

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Outsource Medico-Legal Support Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a reputed medico-legal support service providing company our experts are committed to helping you discover the strengths and weaknesses of a medical case. Our unbiased opinion coupled with expertise and experience help meet our client's specific needs with great precision. Our track records speak for themselves. We have assisted all our clients to win more cases by ensuring our physicians work with them side-by-side in every step of the process. No matter what your requirements are we go out of the way with our medical record analysis to support you with all the important information needed for your case.

Looking for a reputed medico-legal support service providing company? Contact us now to know more about our medico-legal support services.

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