Outsource Foreign Law Legal Research Services

Foreign Law Legal Research Services

We understand the similarities and differences between the legal systems of different countries and can help you with comprehensive foreign law legal research starting at starting at just $10/hour

Foreign law legal research deals with the study of foreign or international laws and how the laws of two or more countries are related. This is a vast area of study that is incredibly complex, and it requires a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, being proficient in the field of law and legal studies is also one of the prerequisites for smooth execution. One of the best developments in this field of study is that today, legal teams are blessed with the opportunity to outsource foreign law legal research services to companies that hold immense expertise in providing such solutions. This also helps legal firms to significantly lower the costs involved in hiring full-time experts. If you are looking for a foreign law legal research service providing company that provides efficient, unerring, high-quality, and trusted solutions, Flatworld Solutions is all that you need.

When you outsource foreign law legal research services to Flatworld Solutions, you get to save your time, effort, and costs involved, which can be directed to other essential operations so that your firm and services witness growth. When you collaborate with us, we become a part of your goal, and offering you the best services becomes our aspiration, which drives us to achieve perfection in providing you our foreign law legal research services.

Foreign Law Legal Research Services We Offer

Foreign law legal research makes the most sense when professionals undertake the research process with great diligence to ensure there are no errors or mistakes. Our team of professionals has been offering a variety of our foreign law legal research services to various firms to take this burden off their shoulders. Following are the legal research services that we offer -

  1. International Law Research

    International Law Research

    When dealing with global clients, international legal research is an inevitable operation. However, it is also a huge challenge for law firms to acquaint themselves with the laws of another land to ensure their services are unerring. We offer international law legal research services that are specific to the case that your firm takes up, including the laws and regulations, history, and other relevant information.

  2. Multi-Jurisdictional Research

    Multi-Jurisdictional Research

    We also offer multi-jurisdictional research services and perform in-depth analysis to gain an extensive understanding of how the laws, legal operations, rules and regulations, policies, and other jurisdictions of a country differs from another, based on the specifications that our clients provide us.

  3. Case Law Research

    Case Law Research

    When lawyers handle a specific case, they need to study previous cases that are similar to the existing case to make useful and accurate predictions and support the case they deal with. We offer case law research services wherein we find out similar cases, analyze these cases to make references that help lawyers in handling the current case with greater insight.

  4. Collective Research of Secondary Sources

    Collective Research of Secondary Sources

    We have been offering foreign law legal research services for more than a decade to various clients from all around the world. In the process, we have become experts at evaluating an incredible number of journals and other secondary sources- both offline and online daily. With our updated knowledge about the recent legal developments in different countries and our researching skills, we create comprehensive reports for you.

  5. Legal Opinions

    Legal Opinions

    We work with the legal subject matter and law experts who have worked for years and have gained a clear insight into international laws. If you need help in making informed decisions that are objective and accurate, you can opt for our legal opinion services to seek our opinion and explore options as we help you with research and provide professional advice when you need it.

Our Foreign Law Legal Research Process

When providing foreign law legal research services, Flatworld Solutions follows a well-framed process so that the research can be conducted step-by-step, ensuring accuracy and infallibility. Following are the steps that are a part of our foreign law legal research process -


01. Receive Order

When the client reaches us and communicates their research requirements for the case that they are dealing with, we understand the purpose of the research and what outcomes the clients expect. Being completely transparent about your case requirements will help us improve our plan of action and research process.


02. Plan of Action

We create a plan of action to help you with foreign law legal research by assessing your case, requirements, and assessing what all resources are needed, the document preparation process, and an estimated timeframe to deliver the report.


03. Document Preparation

We extensively study foreign laws and regulations and go through a variety of resources, including history, different cases, precedents, legal amendments, and other references to prepare the research document. We also outline additional resources and links for further study.


04. Quality Check

Once we draft the entire research document, we pass the document through a rigorous stage of quality check wherein all the errors and mistakes are eliminated. After going through the document once, we again cross-check for inconsistencies to ensure that there is no scope for errors.


05. Final Draft

After a quality check, we send the final draft to the client in the chosen format. We make changes to the draft as per the client's feedback and conduct additional research is required to ensure that the draft fulfills the requirements of the client's case.


06. Delivery

After seeking approval from the client, we deliver the draft via a secure FTP channel. We ensure that we uphold confidentiality throughout our foreign law legal research process by using secure systems and channels for file transfer.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Foreign Law Legal Research Services?

Flatworld Solutions is an experienced foreign law legal research service provider, working with legal experts from all around the world. When offering these services, experience and proficiency are two of the most crucial merits, and we possess both. Here are a few reasons why you should outsource foreign law legal research services to us -

  • Affordable Solutions

    One of the biggest benefits, when you outsource foreign law legal research services, is that outsourcing cuts down the costs involved in international research. Furthermore, we offer customized services and only charge for the services that you select.

  • International Standards

    We strive to achieve perfection while offering our foreign law legal research services by adhering to international standards of quality. We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company, which gives you complete assurance about the quality of our services, making us a reliable foreign law legal research service provider.

  • Diligent Researchers

    We work with a team of researchers and legal subject matter experts who are passionate and diligent in ensuring that the services are extraordinary and fulfill the client requirements, leading to client satisfaction.

  • Data Security

    We understand that while providing foreign law legal research services and various other services, we deal with sensitive information and data that our clients provide us. This is why we work with systems and transfer files via safe channels to ensure there is complete data security. Our lawyers also sign a confidentiality clause to keep your data protected.

  • Scalability

    If you are handling too many cases at a time and need our foreign law legal research services to help reduce the burden for you, we are ready to upscale our services at any point in time.

  • Quick TAT

    With the help of a team of experienced lawyers, paralegals, and researchers who are highly efficient and work with precision, we promise quick turnaround times so that you can wrap up the case at hand within the stipulated timeframe without failing to meet your deadline.

Client Success Stories

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Provided Paralegal Services for A NY-based Insurance Firm

We sped up settlements, cut down costs, improved TAT, and ensured zero HR overhead for a NY-based insurance client.

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Flatworld Solutions is the favorite foreign law legal research service providing company among countless legal firms and lawyers. We have worked for years and have assisted lawyers in handling their cases by providing legal research services. Our ability to focus on the nuances of client requirements and commitment to perfection is what sets us apart from many other companies. We aspire for more than just completing projects and meeting deadlines. We are passionate about what we do, and your satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

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