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Deposition Summary Services

Are you looking to outsource deposition summary to review the depositions efficiently? If yes, we can help with precise, concise, yet informative deposition summaries

A deposition is a crucial part of the investigative process that takes place before a trial. All the facts and important details that the witness knows about the case go into the deposition. All the information is gathered at the pre-trial stage. However, with all the pieces of evidence that are included in the deposition, it is all the more convenient to refer to a deposition summary that consists of the key points from the deposition that helps by providing a frame of reference during the trial. The deposition summary is a written synopsis of the deposition that makes it easier for attorneys to access information. When you get professional help to write a deposition summary, your chances of winning the case increase.

Flatworld Solutions provides deposition summary services to law firms and independent attorneys to help them prepare for the trials better without the burden of summarizing the entire deposition all by themselves. Coming up with a deposition summary can be a time taking process. When you outsource deposition summary services, you save much of your time that can be utilized for other important case-related tasks that require your attention. Our paralegal experts have adequate qualifications that make them capable of summarizing depositions accurately, including all the relevant data.

Deposition Summary Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is one of the most experienced and trusted deposition summary service providing company with 19 years of priceless experience at providing the services and growing each year. We work with a team of handpicked paralegal experts who are proficient in summarizing transcripts as per the needs of the clients.

Following are the deposition summary services that we offer -

  • We understand the client requirements by communicating with them to make sure that our deposition summary services are highly useful to the client throughout the litigation process. Our team of professionals is diverse, with specializations in fields like medical, technology, and science besides the legal arena. We summarize deposition transcripts in English and other languages. In case you require deposition summary services in any other language, please contact us.
  • Depositions transcripts can be summarized in various formats. Our professional paralegals are experts at summarizing depositions in different formats. When our clients give us a specific format for the deposition summary, we ensure that the summary follows the given format. However, when there is no specific format or instructions, we follow the universal format.
  • Our paralegal team goes through the entire deposition transcript to take note of all the important points so that our clients can readily access all the salient information which shall save their time. When a transcript is summarized in a precise manner with a clear purpose and objective right, in the beginning, it can help attorneys during mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

Our Deposition Summary Process

Flatworld Solutions follows a very systematic process to provide flawless deposition summary services for law firms that help them win a trial. We diligently work through each step of the process to make sure that the outcome of our hard work is concise, precise, and accurate deposition summary. Following are the steps that we follow -


01. Understanding Clients' Requirements

When you reach us, we communicate with you to gain a clear understanding of your requirements including the format and other specifications. We receive the transcript from you and other documents that can be useful in formulating the summary. You can send us the files via a secure FTP channel to ensure complete data security.


02. Analyzing the Transcript and Collating Key Points

Summarizing a deposition transcript requires extensive analysis of the whole document to gain a complete and accurate understanding of the matter. Studying the transcript and underlying key points is an integral step before creating a deposition summary so that the theme of the transcript can be highlighted and the purpose becomes clear. Our paralegals diligently go through the entire document word by word to identify salient points that would be central to the summary.


03. Summarizing the Transcript

After collating all the key points and perusing the transcript, we summarize the deposition that can be used for the trial. We ensure that no important information is missed from the summary and note down the key threads so that it becomes easier to access specific points without having to go through the entire summary.


04. Proofreading and Quality Check

Analyzing and summarizing a document with an abundance of information and important points can often result in errors. Our team of paralegals conduct a quality check and proofread the deposition summary diligently from start to end to correct any possible errors. We pass each of the summary documents through two phases of a quality check to ensure that there are no loopholes, missing points, or inconsistency in the information.


05. Delivering Deposition Summary

After proofreading and fixing mistakes, we seek your approval and feedback and deliver the deposition summary via a secure FTP channel or DropBox to you.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Deposition Summary Services?

Flatworld Solutions is a preferred deposition summary service provider over many other such firms for a host of reasons. We have been providing deposition summary services for over 19 years to various law firms and attorneys to help them be better prepared for trials. Following are the benefits that you get when you decide to outsource deposition summary services to us -

  • Complete Confidentiality

    We understand that our clients share crucial information related to various cases with us that are to be dealt with the utmost level of care and confidentiality. This is why our team of paralegals and other legal subject matter experts sign a confidentiality clause to give you complete data security assurance. We use systems that are highly protected so that there is no breach of data security at any stage of the entire deposition summary process. Furthermore, we send and receive files via a secure FTP channel to safeguard the information that you share with us from third-party access.

  • Accuracy

    When it comes to deposition summary, missing even one piece of crucial information can mean losing the case. With so many other tasks at hand, it can be overwhelming for attorneys to analyze the deposition transcript and summarize it accurately. Our team of professionals specializes in summarizing transcripts with the highest level of efficiency without leaving out any of the key points. Our multi-tier deposition summary process ensures precision and no scope for errors.

  • Affordability

    Outsourcing deposition summary services is a more affordable alternative to having it done in-house. Moreover, it also ensures improved productivity when experts take care of the task for you. We provide deposition summary services at the most reasonable rates without compromising on the quality of our services. We promise quick TAT to help you prepare ahead of time for the trials. Contact us to discuss your deposition transcript summary requirements and get the best-suited, customized rates for the services.

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Outsource Deposition Summary Requirements To Flatworld Solutions

Deposition summary is an integral part of a trial, and a relevant and accurate summary of the deposition can change the course of the trial in favor of your case. A perfect deposition summary helps in preparing for the trials in a better manner. However, going through every detail in the deposition transcript can take days of hard work and dedication for attorneys. When you outsource deposition summary services to a professional deposition summary service provider like Flatworld Solutions, you can save much of your time and dedicate that time to preparing for the trial with one less task to worry about.

With our premium-quality deposition summary services from professional paralegals, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the complicated part for you. We have catered to the needs of countless clients. The success stories of our clients testify the worth of our services, making us the favorite deposition summary service providing company both in India and offshore. Our legal experts have an in-depth knowledge of the different formats and legal standards topped with years of experience which prepares them to offer deposition summary services to clients from all over the world.

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