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Outsource Legal Memorandum Writing Services

Legal Memorandum Writing Services

Avail our professional legal memorandum writing services provided by expert lawyers and paralegals starting at just $10/hour and boost your productivity and cut costs

Are you finding it difficult to draft compelling legal memorandums? Are you short of the necessary manpower needed to write your legal memoranda? Are you looking to outsource legal memorandum writing services to a professional and reliable legal memorandum writing service provider? Are you looking to save on costs related to hiring full-time employees to write your legal memoranda? If so, you have come to the right place.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of legal memorandum writing services. Our team of legal professionals and experts have years of experience in helping clients with all of their legal memorandum writing needs and can take on your legal memorandum writing challenges with ease. Like all other legal skills, our trained legal experts have honed their organizing and writing skills by having worked with numerous clients over the years.

Legal Memorandum Writing Services We Offer

We are a leading legal memorandum writing service provider and can help you with every stage of writing your legal memoranda. Our legal research services are top-notch and customized to every client's unique needs. Our legal memorandum writing services include -

  1. Legal Memorandum Heading Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Heading Preparation

    In the heading section, our experts will include details such as the author's identity, the date, the subject, who the client is, and the recipient of the memorandum. We will also include a brief statement and begin by answering either with a "yes" or "no" and follow this up with a concise and clear explanation for why we have provided the particular answer.

  2. Legal Memorandum Table of Contents Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Table of Contents Preparation

    We will make a table of contents so that it is helpful for readers. The table of contents will break down the structure, approach, and analysis to enable the reader to easily find specific parts of the memorandum.

  3. Legal Memorandum Statement of Facts Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Statement of Facts Preparation

    In this section, we will cover the presentation of your client's information objectively. The statement of facts section will cover the relevant facts used to research and prepare the memorandum. If applicable, we will provide a chart, table, or diagram to summarize the relevant facts.

  4. Legal Memorandum Answer Section Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Answer Section Preparation

    We will also answer all questions directly and completely, making sure nor to be inconclusive, indecisive, or indirect. Our answers will also be based on reasons that are legally supported.

  5. Legal Memorandum Assumptions Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Assumptions Preparation

    If relevant questions remain unanswered, we may need to make appropriate assumptions. In this case, we may create a separate section or include the questions in the statement of facts section, in which case, we will rename the "Statement of Facts" section to "Facts and Assumptions".

  6. Legal Memorandum Legal Issue Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Legal Issue Preparation

    This section is usually a brief one-sentence statement. Here, the legal question will be defined and a few facts will be included to support the statement. We will keep this section descriptive and concise for greater effect. If there are multiple issues, we will list them in the order they'll be discussed.

  7. Legal Memorandum Discussion Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Discussion Preparation

    In this section, we will use one of two ways to discuss the legal issue. We may use the Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion (I.R.A.C) format or the more preferred Conclusion/Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion (C.I.R.A.C) format. We understand that the discussion section is vital and will take great care while formulating this section making sure to discuss the law and its application to the particular case.

  8. Legal Memorandum Conclusion Preparation

    Legal Memorandum Conclusion Preparation

    There are two ways to include a conclusion. We may include the conclusion in the statement of the facts section or introduce it in the end where it will also present a brief outline of the legal analysis.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Memorandum Writing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are a leading legal memorandum writing service providing company and provide specialized and customized legal research services to our clients. As a top legal research service provider, there are many reasons to choose us for your legal memorandum writing requirements, including -

  • Affordable Prices

    We provide top-quality legal memorandum writing services at extremely competitive prices. With us, you can cut costs and boost productivity.

  • Experienced Team

    We have an experienced team of lawyers and paralegals that have at least 5 years of relevant experience as well as superior analytical skills.

  • Knowledge of US and UK Laws

    We are well-aware of the jurisdiction laws of both the US and the UK and have a separate team of professionals that deal only with international law.

  • Up-to-date on Regulations

    It is no surprise that legal drafting rules change over time. Our lawyers ensure that they always remain abreast of the latest regulations.

  • Attention to Detail

    Our legal experts are committed to producing error-free legal memoranda by paying close attention to detail.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Our lawyers and other legal professionals have access to high-quality infrastructure which ensures that they produce high-quality work with 100% security and privacy of your confidential data.

  • Substantial Legal Resources

    Over time, we have built a substantial legal library as well as a top-quality legal resource database for our lawyers to refer to enable them to provide high-quality work.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    We provide our services with extreme flexibility to ensure that you can easily ramp up or ramp down resources working on a project. You can also obtain our services on a seasonal basis if that is what you need.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    When you outsource legal memorandum services to us, you receive your services very quickly as compared to other providers.

  • Customer Trust

    We have gained the trust of numerous clients globally who have received outstanding legal research services from us. We always put the needs of our clients at the forefront and provide customized services that meet their needs exactly.

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FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services Delivered to New York-Based Insurance Company

We filed motions and drafted answers for a top insurance company in the U.S.A. With our services, the client settled his cases faster and managed to better deal with his increase in workload.

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Outsource Legal Memorandum Writing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been offering a full bouquet of legal process outsourcing services for over a decade and a half to a global clientele. With our top-quality legal research services, you can focus on other core areas of your business while we take care of the nitty-gritty of drafting compelling legal memoranda. Our cost-effective prices also mean that you can outsource your legal memorandum services to us without cost concerns.

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