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Our customer gets the Flatworld Solutions advantage

Our customer, a New York based insurance company, in the business of offering automobile and home owners insurance, needed some help with paralegal services. This company settles the insurance claims of its customers by interacting with various hospitals. This involves a huge amount of legal work. Their workload had increased and there was a huge backlog of cases to be settled. They retained Flatworld Solutions to provide paralegal services.

Flatworld Solutions takes on the challenge

The insurance company had received complaints from various hospitals regarding unpaid claims. Their legal team had to draft replies and handle other legal proceedings like filing motions. As there were a lot of motions still to be filed, a huge backlog of filing work had built up. The customer base had also increased, making it difficult for the company to handle the increased workload with the current resources. The company wanted to outsource some of the workload while keeping the same costs and overheads. They needed to find an outsourcing partner who could meet their expectations in terms of work quality and addressing spikes in the work volume.

The key challenges that our customer was grappling with were:

  • Delays in drafting answers and filing motions in the required timeframe
  • Lack of experienced and affordable paralegals
  • Frequent and non-standard changes in the templates

Flatworld Solutions meets the challenge

Our dedicated team of professionals got to work! This team consisted of trained paralegals with vast experience in the insurance industry. The team had to work closely with the customer's onsite lawyers and create standard templates. Our team worked in three shifts to meet the customer's requirement of round-the-clock service. Meanwhile, our customer had formed a review team and established a mechanism of strict quality checks to ensure high quality of work on a continual basis. Our team also ensured a fast turnaround time of:

  • 12 hours for the draft replies
  • 14 hours for new motions

The Flatworld Solutions difference

  • Customized services
  • Clear understanding of customer's needs
  • Experienced paralegal professionals
  • Real-time communications
  • Round-the-clock service
  • A 15 days free trial period

The Flatworld Solutions competitive edge

Our customer was very satisfied with the consistent high quality of work delivered by our team of professionals as well as the quick turnaround time. The key benefits that our customer derived from our services were:

  • Faster case settlements
  • Substantial reduction in costs
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Creation of standard templates
  • Zero HR overheads

Our past experience of working with law firms specializing in automobile insurance and personal injury law, our team of legal professionals combined with competitive rates, helped us to win and execute this project. This customer is now a regular with us and a good reference point for new prospects.

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