Outsource Patent Docketing Services

Patent Docketing Services

Effectively, efficiently, and professionally keep track of your patent applications at prices starting at $10/hour

Patent docketing is an important way of ensuring easy tracking of patent applications. Patent law firms bank on this crucial tool to keep track of the patent application process especially when there are innumerable applications for patents with different documents and deadlines. The process of patent approval consists of many filing deadlines, forms, documents, drawings, and statements all of which require proper tracking.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in patent docketing services. Our clients bank on our well-defined patent docketing process to keep a robust track of all the deadlines, label all the documents, and correctly file them for proper retrieval. Our services are driven by a team of expert docketing specialists who have expert knowledge of the requirements and process of patent docketing.

Our Patent Docketing Services

Docketing is crucial to patenting services because it averts patent attorneys from missing deadlines and receiving patent protection. In fact, missing deadlines come at a huge cost. As missing deadlines reflect wrongly on the professionalism of an attorney, the attorney in all likelihood will end up losing his or her client. All such possibilities can be averted with the help of a professional docketing service provider. Given below are how our patent docketing service providing company takes care of your needs -

  • We ensure each patent portfolio is maintained in a highly professional manner.
  • We assist law firms to key in all legal fees associated with managing the patent application in respective portfolios.
  • We assist law firms in understanding the commercial value of the invention itself based on which the fees for filing the patent application are determined.
  • We help to standardize the docketing process for law firms. As a result, law firms can ensure and maintain consistent workflow and update every patent application as and when required.
  • With our services, law firms can improve data quality by leaps and bounds. Besides ensuring there are no errors, law firms can ensure documents are properly filed and stored, with the right entries so that the possibility of any missed chance stands eliminated.
  • We bring flexibility into the docketing system of a law firm. As a result, they can leverage the system to enters free text into the portfolio explaining the stage of the application.

Our Patent Docketing Process

As a reputed patent docketing service provider, we follow a well-defined process to carry out patent docketing services. It consists of the following steps -


01. Entering the Portfolio

Patent docketing requires a lot of paperwork. It all begins when our client hires us to prepare the patent application. It is then that we undertake the process of entering the portfolio into the docketing system


02. Docketer is Assigned

We assign a specific docketer to take care of your needs. The role of the docketer is to key in the information in the application. The information is entered in complete details and bears the client's name, address, contact number, creation or invention, type of industry it caters to, etc. Other details entered into the portfolio include the legal fees paid, legal fees due, client account number, and the filing fees pertaining to the application


03. Docketer Performs the Duties

Once the key in of important information is done, the docketer scans all the forms, applications, and drawings along with additional documents to create a soft copy of the client's portfolio. The docketer will also take care to add the due dates and deadlines to alert the client about the pending deadlines, fee amount and due date, and so on

Note that you can opt for complete/ any legal assistance after the matter is admitted into court.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Patent Docketing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Law firms and other organizations prefer to outsource patent docketing services to us because of a range of benefits such as -

  • Cost-effective

    We have a highly efficient docketing process based on advanced tools and a fully functional virtual system. This assists us to provide our patent docketing services at competitive costs. Our charges are based on the industry you serve and the soundness and technicalities involved in docketing a patent.

  • Expert Team

    We have an expert team of docketing specialists who take end-to-end care of the patent docketing process. We leverage their services in assisting you with a cost-effective patent docketing service so that our clients can file and prosecute patent applications across the globe.

  • Network of Associates

    We have a huge network of associates across worldwide locations. These associates include several patent attorneys. We leverage this link to make it very easy to file patent applications for our clients around the world.

  • Patent Docketing Experience

    We have patent docketing experience for a wide variety of fields with strict patent requirements. From scientific to literary and from movies to music we have helped organizations across industries and even creative artists to file patents for all across different locations.

  • Patent Documenting Tools

    We bank on several patent portfolio management tools to take the necessary steps to meet deadlines. The tools help us streamline the patent docketing process particularly when the patent portfolio consists of a large number of patents. It ensures dates for patent applications are docketed in advance.

  • Advanced Docketing Software

    The docketing process can be managed with the help of software and we make use of the latest software. There are several advanced software available in the market to meet specific docketing needs. While some software allows for free text to avert keying in information into the system, other software avoids the need for firms to find out the due dates manually. Likewise, a few software come equipped with the audit log feature to assist users to know when editing was done last. We use the most sophisticated software with advanced features to render precise docketing services to our clients.

  • Make Process less Complicated

    Patenting helps to safeguard intellectual property, and in the process encourages innovation, creativity, and invention. It is the one thing that companies do to outflank their competitors in the market. However, the complexities involved in the process make them bank on the services of law firms. Law firms in turn have to depend on a docketing service providing company to meet the critical nitty-gritty of the tasks. We specialize in addressing all process requirements very meticulously.

  • Quality Check

    Our patent docketing entails an end-to-end quality check of every document. We have a four-pronged approach to quality checks. This primarily includes complete data security, meeting specific customer demand, thorough proofread, and fast turnaround. During the proofread stage, we take care to ensure the description along with the functionality is apt.

  • Virtual Patent (IP) Docketing Services

    We have remote IP Docketers across the globe. They take care of the docketing need in their specific country. Our virtual patent docketing services help you save the costs of recruiting, training, and running an internal team. Besides remote patent docketing, we assist our prospects with virtual IP docketing consulting services.

  • Flexible System

    Our docketing system is flexible and provides the kind of provide standardization needed to ensure consistent workflow. We update every patent application as and when required. As our docketing system enables free text we ensure the entry of notes into the respective document of the portfolio to keep matters updated when the application is still in process.

  • Technical Soundness

    A part of the patent docketing process is to ensure that the portfolio is adhering to all the technicalities. While there are several guidelines to comply with, our meticulous services ensure you comply with each of these guidelines. These include accurate patent illustrations and a conforming style of application writing. Our services ensure that you do not miss out on crucial things that can lead to issues at the time of examination. In the process, we guarantee the technical soundness of the document.

  • Claim Structure

    Yet another aspect of our patent docketing service is attending to the claims section. This crucial section serves as an important factor in the protection of your patent. Our experts take care to distinguish between claims and disclosure to keep the novelty intact. Besides our experts ensure the claims are comprehensive in their coverage and have no ambiguous mentions whatsoever. It is only with the help of a robust and conclusive claim structure that it is possible to get a patent and we ensure this in ample measure.

  • Customizable Services

    We specialize in offering highly customizable docketing procedures to clients. Our services are designed to adapt to the need of a customer at any level. Consequently, we help you sync your specific needs with country-specific patenting guidelines.

  • Scalability

    Our services are highly scalable. Several law firms have tied up with us to seek temporary assistance during peak docketing times. Our team of experts shares their workload and function seamlessly as an extended part of their team.

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Outsource Patent Docketing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in providing patent docketing services to law firms and global corporations around the world. We have a great track record of supporting both long-term and short-term requirements. Our clients rely on us for high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective docketing support services to seamlessly meet the numerous technicalities of patenting needs. We bank on a knowledgeable team with extensive experience in patent docketing and a well-developed tech-enabled process for accurate reviewing and docketing of all critical patenting portfolios, across countries. We back this with periodic report generation support along with automated deadline reminders.

If you are looking for streamlined and advanced patent and trademark docketing services, get in touch with our experts now.

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