Outsource IP Portfolio Management Services

IP Portfolio Management Services

Ensure that you safeguard your rights economically as well as monetize on your IP portfolios by choosing our IP portfolio management services at prices starting at $10/hour

Intellectual property portfolio management entails taking care of a company's IP rights so that they can be better protected. The protection is usually done with the help of various procedures and processes. Any organization that has several IP rights needs to manage and organize them properly so that their value can be maximized.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has extensive experience in providing IP portfolio management services across the world and in the US in particular. We specialize in tailoring intellectual property filings to the business needs of each client. Our deep understanding of the process helps us strategize ways that help organization safeguard their rights economically as well as monetize on their portfolios. Besides patenting products we also develop IP policies for the protection of inventions and trade secrets.

Our IP Portfolio Management Services

As a reputed IP portfolio management service provider, we offer a range of services. These include -

  1. Competitive IP Landscape Analysis and Risk Assessments

    Competitive IP Landscape Analysis and Risk Assessments

    Almost 80% of the information contained in patents does not get published. Given that there are millions of published patents and patent application references available, there is a mine of information waiting to be discovered for actionable decision making. Patent landscape analysis is a type of analysis that makes use of human intelligence and computer software to organize this information and derive value from it. We specialize in patent landscape analysis to assist organizations, startups, research institutions, and universities to extract business, legal, and technology information. With the help of this information, a business can evaluate a lot of parameters before investing money and time into improved product development opportunities as well as new technology. Besides, our services have assisted our clients to monitor competitor activity, reduce legal risks, optimize research and development processes, and establish a sound IP strategy. The key benefits of these capabilities have been reduced costs and increased revenue.

  2. Project Reviews to Identify and Select IP Rights

    Project Reviews to Identify and Select IP Rights

    It is always important for your business to protect its idea from a competitor so that they do not steal and gain over it. And to do so you need to pick from the four different types of intellectual property (IP). These include trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. You do not require only one. In fact, you can choose multiple types of IP rights to protect an invention. Therefore businesses need to understand the aspects of the idea or invention suitable for trademark protection, patent protection, or copyright protection. Furthermore, businesses must know which aspects of an idea or the invention should be safeguarded by trade secrets. We have wide experience in assisting large and small businesses to understand this and pick the aptest IP rights for their business. Our clients bank on our services to identify their trade secret, when to protect ideas as a trade secret without the need of a patent, determine which type of patent is better for their invention, etc.

  3. Filing Patent Applications

    Filing Patent Applications

    A patent application is a pretty straightforward process. All it entails is filing documents with the concerned body stating that a patent is required, with proper details of the entity to be patented and the identity of the company or person seeking it. Once the application is processed the office will revert with a number. While easy it may seem to get a patent granted, it is fraught with uncertainties which is why just filing never gets you a patent. In fact, most of the applications filed do not even get checked at the initial stage because of some technicalities. Filing for a patent requires a particular format, technique, and language which can only be delivered by professionals. We understand this skill because of our exposure to the process over 20 years. Our patent agents and attorneys know how to use the specific lingo needed to represent the details in a patent application and therefore define things the way the office seeks. For instance, the words consist and "comprise" have the same connotation but quite different meanings in a patent application.

  4. Comprehensive IP Audits

    Comprehensive IP Audits

    IP audits are conducted for several reasons. It may be triggered by specific developments or some strategic needs. An IP audit is carried out primarily to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of owning a property. We have wide experience in assist in companies focus on one or both. Besides a specific requirement, we carry out audits to drive wealth and build present and future corporate value. This happens by adopting a vigilant and aggressive approach to IP. The fallout of this is a significant increase in investor confidence. We have also conducted IP audits to help a company position itself as a leader in its field. Our clients have banked on our audit service time and again to improve revenue streams as well as ensure awareness around their intellectual property. Other benefits of our services include identifying obsolete assets and reducing costs, identifying core assets and deciding on licensing, and bringing about proper mergers and acquisitions, thereby safeguarding your assets and taking cost-effective actions against infringements to IP rights.

  5. Intellectual Property Valuation

    Intellectual Property Valuation

    Intellectual property has attained certain recognition and legal protection under the IP laws of the US. Unlike most intangible assets that get recognized under general commercial and contract law, few intangible assets do get legal cover as intellectual property i.e. as service marks and trademarks, trade secrets, patents, copyrights, etc. However, most companies are not aware of which intangible assets have "value. We leverage our great understanding of intangible assets and the valuation of intellectual property to assist organizations in estimating the intellectual property valuation of their assets. We primarily do this for our clients by regularly assembling and bundling groups of intangible assets around their main intellectual property. One good example of this bundling is trade names, brand names, service names, colors, logo types under marketing-related intellectual property. Likewise, for technology-related assets, we bundle them as design patents, process patents, method patents, etc. Once this is done the valuation is carried out based on different valuation methodologies so that we can arrive at the aptest value.

  6. Advice on Keeping IP Safety

    Advice on Keeping IP Safety

    IP protection is a complicated task for organizations. This is because IP protection comes under the purview of different departments such as IT, legal, human resources, etc. Those in charge of security must have a deep understanding of the dark forces trying to steal this critical information from your company and put it to their use. These poachers do the task with such finesse that by the time the realization dawns the damage is already done. In the case of IP theft, catching the culprit is hard, hauling them to the courts is harder, and retrieving the stolen information is next to impossible. We specialize in assisting organizations to safeguard their hard-earned IP rights. We do this with the help of a well-defined process that consists of steps such as knowing where the intellectual property is; prioritizing them, labeling valuable ones, securing them both digitally and physically, educating employees, helping clients with the right protection tools, and training on how to be on guard 24/7. We also assist organizations develop and implement specific strategies tailored around the nature of their business.

  7. Intellectual Property Licensing

    Intellectual Property Licensing

    Intellectual property licensing is the process of handing over the IP rights to a third party for use for certain products for a certain time, and often for a confined geographic area. Licensing bestows the owner with several advantages. It helps the IP rights holder retain the IP title without much of a hassle of reversing the transfer of rights if the third party fails to live up to the expectations or contravenes the agreement. We assist IP owners to transfer their rights to a third party with a robust license agreement. We draft agreements in a way to give the licensor the right to end the agreement if responsibilities are violated or if future payments are not made. We draft license agreements to underscore the rights granted, the terms of the rights, agreed consideration in exchange, warranties regarding the patent, records and reporting, ways to deal with infringement issues, etc. Besides, our agreements also highlight the other three important factors of letting out a license - dispute resolution, transferability, and termination of the license.

Our IP Portfolio Management Process

Our clients rely on us as an IP portfolio management service providing company because we have a robust portfolio management process in place. The process consists of the following steps -


01. Understanding IP Portfolio

In this step, we sit with you to understand the types of IP your company has, analyze to what extent it is protected, identify the most valuable parts of your IP, and what other IP your business may need in the future


02. Fine Tune IP

In this stage, we draw a strategy for including all innovations that are manifested by internal processes. The steps include recording and documenting processes and innovations, building an army of protectors around your IP, and finding ways to monetize your IP assets


03. Educate Stakeholders

Once the strategy is ready, we educate your employees on the pillars of IP protection. The objective is to acquaint them with the importance and nuances of creating and maintaining valuable IP


04. Integration with Processes

This is the step where we empower businesses to provide instant responses to protect and maintain their IP portfolio. We ensure this with the help of strategic blockages, enhancements, and extensions

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource IP Portfolio Management Services

Managing intellectual property portfolios can bring a range of benefits particularly if you choose to outsource them. These benefits include -

  • Cost-efficient Services

    Our end-to-end process of handling IP portfolio management comes at affordable fees that both give you cost control and bring down the overall costs of maintaining the portfolio. At the same time, we guarantee high-quality prosecution of patent applications because we have a deep understanding of the process. We can strike a balance between cost and quality because we work in offshore companies with easy availability of experts at lesser costs.

  • Access to IP Experts

    We are an experienced third-party support provider and so support our clients with a range of IP experts including experienced attorneys. The availability of a range of IP experts helps you in IP portfolio management from multiple perspectives. We bank on our global networks and relationships to get things done with greater perfection. As a result, organizations can get the best IP portfolio management strategy and focus on their core business.

  • Complete IP Portfolio Management Services

    We provide our clients with end-to-end IP portfolio management services. From assisting you with a part of your portfolio management, i.e. the most important ones, to parts of the IP process, such as patentability screenings of invention disclosures. Our services also extend into areas of protection such as safeguarding digital assets like apps, data, software, or code.

  • Effective IP Management Strategy

    We assist our clients with proper IP management as well as in drawing the right IP strategy. As an area of specialization, we excel in drawing a clearly defined IP strategy to help our clients identify issues around critical macro and micro issues. We link this strategy to the organization's overall business goals and carry out regular reviews to ensure the two are always in sync.

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Outsource IP Portfolio Management Services To Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting organizations with their IP portfolio management. We are driven by a team of attorneys and IP experts who have previously been a part of the industry and occupied in-house positions. We specialize in a range of services all aligned to the business objectives of our clients. Our clients bank on our customized strategies and guidelines to manage their intellectual property portfolios and make the most out of it for business expansion and enhanced revenue earnings.

If your business is looking to outsource IP portfolio management services, please get in touch with our experts now.

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