Outsource Legal Document Review and Management Services

Legal Document Review and Management Services

Avail superior document management and review services at cost-friendly rates starting at just $10/hour

Legal document review and management is a tedious, labor-intensive, and often expensive stage in the litigation process. Often conducted during the discovery or e-discovery phase, legal teams have to spend countless hours collecting, reviewing, and analyzing documentation to understand which ones are the most important, and whether they are "responsive" or "non-responsive" as per the legal case.

Proper legal document reviews not only understand the relevance or responsiveness of the documentation but allow you and your team to properly create a compelling legal case without any loopholes to be exploited by the opposing counsel. At FWS, we are pioneers in electronic and manual document review services. Our review teams comprise of actual legal attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. Their systematic approach accounts for multiple variables such as case strategy, efficiency, figuring out underlying case information, document tagging, and quality control for a comprehensive review for all your proceedings.

Our Legal Document Review & Management Services

During litigation, document review & management is technically the final stage before document production, in which the litigant has to provide all the necessary discoverable information to the opposing counsel. At Flatworld, we offer both first level and second level (privilege) document review service to our global clients. We can review documents in different file formats such as DOCX, PST, TIFF, PPT, PDF, JPEG, MP4, HTML, WMP, XLS, etc.

At FWS, our reviewing team examines individual documents individually to understand what kind of information is contained within them. We achieve this with a potent mix of intelligent document reviewers and state-of-art technology. We offer -

  1. Legal Proofreading Services

    Legal Proofreading Services

    We provide highly accurate and high-quality legal proofreading services that ensures that all your legal content is grammatically accurate, technically fluent, and free from errors or inconsistencies. We also provide advanced legal proofreading services to check whether the flow of content is logical and whether all the content is formatted according to publication guidelines.

  2. Legal Bookkeeping Services

    Legal Bookkeeping Services

    We have a full suite of legal booking services that are handled by experienced accoutants, auditors, and lega teams. Our team collaborates to perform AR services, account payable services, invoicing, ledger management, and myriad of other bookkeeping solutios so that your accounts are well-managed.

  3. IP Portfolio Management Services

    IP Portfolio Management Services

    We have extensive experience in providing a comprehensive range of IP portfolio management services across the world. We specialize in customizing intellectual property filings to the business needs of each client. With our deep understanding of the process, we can help firms strategize ways to safeguard their rights economically as well as monetize on their portfolios.

  4. Subpoena Preparation Services

    Subpoena Preparation Services

    We have 20 years of experience in preparing and serving trials, depositions, and record subpoenas for numerous clients. We help our clients get the jobs done quickly and efficiently, thereby saving a lot of precious time, effort, and money in the process. We can also provide you with access to the most proficient and professional subpoena servers in the industry.

  5. Data Assessment Services

    Data Assessment Services

    Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled legal experts who can help you with accurate data assessment services. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  6. Discovery


    In the discovery stage, we break down bulk documents into data sets that are easy to work with. We -

    • Scan documents and convert them into an electronic format
    • Index the scanned documents and classify them with meta tags
    • Code the documents so that the information is searchable with keywords
    • Help our customers with document retrieval solutions
    • Draft discovery pleadings request for production of documents and deposition summaries
  7. First-level/Pass Document Review

    First-level/Pass Document Review

    Preliminary review of documents for pre-litigation and internal investigation stage involves a thorough review of all legal documentation to identify which particular ones are responsive or non-responsive to the case. We also include other technicalities such as privileged information, the issue at hand, and key information or not during this phase.

  8. Second/Advanced Level Document Review

    Second/Advanced Level Document Review

    This phase involves high-level coding of all pertaining documents; an in-depth identification of privileged documents that can be withheld or redacted; and identification of documents for deposition. We also ensure that all documents are produced and maintained in specific folders allowing for easier access, differentiated based on subjects, issues, and relevant parties.

  9. Other Services

    • Process Serving Services
    • Due diligence review of internal documents
    • Responsive and privilege review of the document
    • Document management services
    • Objective-based document selection and coding
    • Document review based on privilege and levels of confidentiality
    • Review documents based on issues and any subjective criteria
    • Building case charts with fundamental terms and official concepts
    • Deposition summaries
    • Documentary database review
    • Establishing evidential database

Our Document Review & Management Process

This process involves the review of vast numbers of legal documents. The costs of document review are a large portion of total litigation costs. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide superior document management and review services at cost-friendly rates to companies, law firms, and, legal research firms across the world. Our team of legal experts follows proven management practices and document review procedures. We are equipped with robust technological infrastructure which enables us to review your documents within short turnaround time.

At Flatworld, our review teams specialize in multiple levels of document review, leveraging a range of attorneys and legal professionals to create rock-solid cases for our clients. Our systematic approach towards legal document review includes the following steps -


01. Finding Underlying Case Information

It is extremely hard to conduct an efficient review without understanding the underlying issues of the case. As a result, we begin by first understanding the case literature, checking the keywords, key names, date ranges, etc. This helps us getting prepped and ready to take on the challenges of the next stage while examining the contents of all documents.


02. Case Strategy

After understanding the entire factual background of the case in question, we begin to understand what exactly your legal team hopes to achieve. This is essential since many prosecutions depend on discovery and document review if they want to pursue the case further, or prepare for a settlement. We believe in letting the facts speak the story as it is, and ensures that it allows you to fine-tune your approach, whether it has to be more defensive or aggressive.


03. Document Tagging

One of the key phases of the process as your legal document review service provider is document tagging. Consistency is the key here, as all our reviewers use a common set of tags to apply to the documents, after getting approval for using the same from you. Based upon the case objective, we either employ a simplistic approach (relevant, not-required, or privileged) or go in-depth (case lead, unfavorable, neutral, in favor, etc.). The key here is all our reviewers understand the process, ensuring homogeneity throughout.


04. Quality Control Checks

One of the realities of the document review process is that even the most experienced reviewers will make mistakes given the scope of the project on hand. Relevant documents might get tagged wrongly, or a confidential document might find its way to the production set. As a result, our quality control measures are by default one of the toughest ones to bypass, by performing regular sampling of reviewed documents, sampling more documents in the important categories, etc.


05. Efficient Delivery

Accuracy and thoroughness are our cornerstones as your chosen legal document review service providing company. At the same time, we believe speed and efficiency are also extremely important as large review projects can scale up costs. A strong review team like ours help to manage inflated costs, by performing high-quality document reviews within the stipulated time.

Legal Document Review - Our Key Differentiators

Over the years, we have added numerous value-adds to our legal document review services which allow us to present a compelling case forward for our clients. Some of how we differentiate from competitors while also ensuring maximum benefits for our clients include -

  • Narrow Down Data Volumes

    Controlling the amount of data that has to be reviewed allows us to control the final narrative. Based upon inputs from your end, we aim to reduce the documentation by removing what is unnecessary right at the beginning, while also allowing a way for you to go back to them should some last-minute changes necessitate the same. Our ability to narrow the review funnel ensures we can provide a lot more within the same time duration as compared to any other service provider.

  • Leverage Proportionality

    Ideally, the costs involved during document discovery should be proportional to the value of your case. If you feel that a case is valued at approx. $25,000, we ensure the review part does not run up higher costs, which many other companies can do. Add to this the fact that non-cooperative opposition can lead to a large number of e-discovery requests, further complicating things for the document review process.

    Therefore, at FWS, we always look at potential data volumes and estimate all the document review costs based on historical data. This ensures a clearer communication as per the prices involved, allowing you to plan your budget accordingly.

  • Collaborate with Internal Review Team

    More often than not, corporate legal teams give the project to the service provider and expect the entire document review to be done. We believe that document review should be a mutual effort between both the teams with frequent communication and status updates. We have reaped rich dividends following this policy, and all our clients appreciate the faster and more efficient process which is a hallmark of a good communicative process.

  • Software Advantage

    We are one of the few document review service providers who leverage Technology Assisted Review (TAR) which includes predictive coding tools for faster processing. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) within our software, we can address most complex client requirements such as -

    • Search Filtering - We can review documents for specific keywords, word combinations, etc. for relevant document tagging
    • Document Tagging - Consistent tagging is essential during a document review. Using the software, we can apply pre-defined tags to documents, ensuring labels remain consistent throughout
    • Document Redaction - Depending on certain legalities, documents might need to be redacted before being produced to the outside counsel. Our e-discovery software allows us to quickly redact documents (phrases and complete sentences) with ease, simplifying the process
    • Document Batch Processing - Usually, document sets need to be broken into batches for multiple reviewer units. Our software platforms can easily designate tasks based on skill levels while ensuring a proper record is kept for the same
    • Stamping - Also known as Bates numbering, this ensures that as the dispute progresses you always have an easy way to find the reference document in the production set. This is ensured through unique identifier numbers

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Document Management & Review Services to FWS?

At FWS, our document review services have served further purposes for our global clients apart from only e-Discovery. We have worked on regulatory investigations, due-diligence in mergers and company acquisitions, etc. What sets us apart is our key set of ideals which ensure all our clients are satisfied with the work put in by our team. Some of the main reasons to work with FWS on document review includes -

  • Affordable Pricing

    A cost-efficient document review process is seldom seen in legal processes, but at FWS, we change this notion by allowing you to make further gains by pricing the services with transparency.

  • Exceptional Experience

    We are armed with a team of professional lawyers and legal practitioners who are trained regularly, come with unique expertise in document review projects, and more importantly, have the acumen to understand what is important in terms of the legal case and what is not. They have served in antitrust investigations, mergers, and acquisitions, government investigations, etc.

  • Delivery-Focussed

    We distinguish ourselves from most of our competitors based on our transparent work processes which are focussed towards delivering the work within strict timelines. With us, you can always close your cases faster.

  • High-quality

    By focusing on hiring people who are right for the job and have a vast legal experience we not only promise high productivity but also exceptional quality. Add to that stringent checks via AI-driven software, and we ensure 99.99% accuracy in the document review process.

  • Technology and Infrastructure Advantage

    Our process-driven approach and infrastructure which allows us to recruit and train the best talent set us apart from our competition.

Client Success Stories

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Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

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Over the years, Flatworld has worked with clients across the globe providing the highest-quality document review services at cost-effective rates. Our attorneys and legal practitioners come from the best law schools and leverage the tools we provide them at their disposal to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

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