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Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Choose our mergers and acquisitions services and get the data-driven insights you need to make strategic business decisions to boost your business growth. Prices start at $10/hour

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are extremely valuable tools to help companies make strategic business decisions and transformation. Bringing organizations together or carving them up into small subsidiaries is a complex process. It needs to be executed in a pitch-perfect manner to include variables such as multi-geography spread, inadequate tools and frameworks, missing talent, and local regulatory bottlenecks.

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe the transformational results from successful mergers and acquisitions can be a game-changer for businesses. With an entire team of M&A professionals in over 10 countries, we are uniquely poised to advise equity investors, corporate buyers, and private investors through the entire M&A lifecycle.

Our Mergers And Acquisitions Services

At Flatworld, as your mergers and acquisitions services providing company, we leverage proprietary tools to offer in-depth intelligence. This helps informed decision-making covering factors such as due diligence, preliminary negotiation, and intelligence for post-deal phases. Our services include -

  1. Mergers And Acquisition Strategy

    Mergers And Acquisition Strategy

    We believe that the central merger and acquisition strategy should be a logical extension of the planned growth strategy for your organization. We apply a comprehensive set of frameworks, benchmarks, diagnostics, and other relevant analytical tools to quickly build on your mergers and acquisitions strategy. From our end, we can advise clients on -

    • Company Screening
    • Performing Due Diligence
    • Business Integration
    • Separations And Divestitures
    • Joint Alliances
    • Corporate Finance
  2. Merger And Acquisition Capability

    Merger And Acquisition Capability

    Armed with a global team of M&A experts and professionals, we have worked with organizations to develop a disciplined and scalable capability to undertake M&A projects. We do this by improving 4 important capabilities - target selection, value creation, investment intelligence, and risk mitigation. We help you maximize the opportunities while avoiding all the pitfalls.

  3. Business Due Diligence

    Business Due Diligence

    As your partner of choice, we do comprehensive due diligence for you to get the best value out of every deal. Over the years, having advised numerous clients on diligence projects for corporate mergers and acquisitions; we can leverage our time-tested tools and acumen in analytics for your profit.

  4. Post-merger Integration

    Post-merger Integration

    Historically, every merger and integration we have supported for our clients has outperformed such typical deals by almost 20%. This is because we take the time to understand the leadership requirements, capabilities, and silos which can hinder a successful merger or integration.

  5. Divestiture Management

    Divestiture Management

    As the mergers and acquisitions company of choice for your business, we prepare you for divestiture and minimize risks of complex carve-outs. We also regularly address all regulator concerns while preparing the assets. Our continuous involvement further ensures you can achieve prices that are 50-75% higher than your internal targets, ensuring the decision to divest is a fruitful one.

  6. Spin-offs Management

    Spin-offs Management

    We help your business realize the best possible value by creating a robust spin-off transaction plan. We have worked on hundreds of different spin-off projects, some of which were extremely large and complex and needed legislature and regulatory approvals for multiple aspects of the spin-off.

  7. Additional Services

    Apart from the above, we also offer the following set of services which are customized as per client requirements -

    • Private Equity Advisory
    • Capital Raising and Financing
    • Financial Reporting
    • Exit Strategy Services
    • Business Valuations
    • Tax Re-structuring
    • Business Performance Improvement

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Mergers And Acquisitions Services?

Our services are designed from the ground up to identify mergers and acquisition opportunities at the right time. By partnering with you, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Cost-Savings

    Identifying potential cost savings is one of our key missions when it comes to performing mergers or acquisitions.

  • Global Team of M&A Consultants

    We have a global network consisting of some of the best consultants in the business, combined with our deep industry knowledge and market acumen.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge

    In-depth knowledge of how mergers and acquisitions work allows us to partner with companies and identify opportunities that have a good strategic fit for their business.

  • Exceptional Synergy

    We understand that the identification of key opportunities is important to your business. We also bring in value by performing an in-depth analysis of the fit with your company before a single call has been made.

  • Data-first Approach

    Data analytics is key to everything that we do here at FWS. Our M&A reports come with detailed analysis based on structured and unstructured data analysis to be used by key stakeholders, financing groups, and rating agencies.

  • Local Expertise

    We work on cross-border transactions that need local language skills as well as a knowledge of local regulations. This further ensures we can enhance the accuracy and speed of the M&A process.

  • Effective Management

    We offer seamless and flexible management for all the core processes required for a successful business merger or acquisition. These include project management, optimizing ground operations and SCM functions, finance-related improvements, etc.

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Outsource Mergers And Acquisitions Services to Flatworld Solutions

We understand that when our clients come to us, they expect proper planning and implementation of the entire merger and acquisition process along with assured tax and legal support. For us, it all starts from the beginning, wherein keeping our focus on your core business objectives allows us to act as a reliable part of your internal team. Take control of business both old and new with Flatworld's unique mergers and acquisitions services.

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