Outsource Legal Publishing Services

Legal Publishing Services

Legal document publishing and editing can be a complex chore if you lack the time for it. To resolve this challenge, you can outsource legal publishing services to us starting at just $10/hour

The process of researching, writing, editing, and publishing legal articles helps the legal fraternity get valuable insights from fast-emerging cases and judgments. This, in turn, helps them analyze laws and clauses and their application from a different perspective. If this is what you struggle to achieve, our Legal publishing gives you a deeper understanding of all aspects of the law and inspires critical thinking. Besides, it helps you immensely in promoting your research and writing skills which can help you understand your field better.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in legal publishing. Driven by a team of legal experts with years of experience in legal matters our professionals have acquired the competency in writing, editing and presenting legal facts and analysis in blogs, journals, online portals.

Our Legal Publishing and Editorial Services

After deciding on the topic, detailed researching must be carried out to scoop relevant and interesting content as well as analyze the related provisions of law. Once this is accomplished, professionals must dig into precedents to understand the topic from the right perspective. This is what we mainly do, but there's more we can do and those include -

  1. Legal Topic Selection Services

    Legal Topic Selection Services

    We have extensive experience in helping publication houses choose the best topics for publications. This is because we keep ourselves abreast of up-to-the-minute legal developments and understand which topic will appeal to the reader the most or which topic the market is waiting to lap up. We bank on various sources such as Lexis Advance, Bloomberg Law, Westlaw and multiple Internet resources for stay updated on both federal and state legal developments. Besides, we also monitor international legal developments to know what is happening where and choose a topic in keeping with the happenings.

  2. Legal Writing Services

    Legal Writing Services

    Our legal writing services are designed to write on a topic to communicate intentions, arguments, facts, conclusions along with correlating cases to establish an argument to legal readers. Our team of writers is highly competent in paralegal responsibilities, perfect understanding of law clerk responsibilities, knowledge of staff attorney responsibilities and several critical legal resources. They leverage these qualities to write and present stuff in a highly organized way and that is concise and easy to understand.

  3. Copy Editing Services

    Copy Editing Services

    We have a team of copy editors to help our publication and writing team to review write-ups and make it error-free. Our copy editors have both legal knowledge and command over the language to help boost up publishing quality. They are ably supported in their duties by legal analysts and legal editors. Besides looking into the editing part, they also ensure that the layout and format of the write up are as per the requirement of the publication house.

  4. Illustration Creation Services

    Illustration Creation Services

    With this service, we help support a topic with the right illustrations. This is an extremely important service for our clients as it involves presenting a point of view in a pictorial format in order to delineate the flow of argument or build a case in graphics. We have a team of highly accomplished illustrators who develop these graphics and pass it on to the writing team for validation. The illustrations are developed in fine detail and great clarity.

  5. Content Quality Check Services

    Content Quality Check Services

    We have a special team of feature writers, analysts, and editors with experience in legal editing services. We leverage their expertise to help publication houses carry out quality checks of the highest standards. Once the language check is done it goes on to our team of legal expert writers who review the content from the legal perspective. Together we ensure that the quality of the content is up to the mark.

Why Outsource Legal Publishing and Editing?

Legal publishing is difficult and time-consuming because it involves heavy research and editing and multiple levels of quality checks. Practicing lawyers and legal students find it impossible to go through the grind of writing a scholarly article because of a host of reasons such as competency, paucity of time, and most importantly over the fact that the end result is not worth all the effort involved and the extra time spent on writing an article could have been otherwise used for understanding a case better or covering a portion of a student's syllabus. Most publications prefer to outsource because of reasons such as -


Guaranteed Quality of Work

This is because the content is researched and written and implemented at global levels by lawyers.


Guaranteed Turnaround Time

This is because outsourced service providers of legal publications work in different time zones. Work assigned in the evening is usually ready by the next day morning.


Guaranteed Savings in Costs

This is because the costs of operations in third world countries are very less and can lead to an overall reduction in costs by 70%.

Legal Publishing and Editing Process We Follow

Legal publishing is considered a grinding work because of the number of stages involved. The process begins with a preparatory stage which includes deciding a topic for writing an article. This is a critical and iterative stage because the topic selection plays the most important role in making the publication popular. Our legal unit is proficient in delivering customized legal services for publishers. Some of our services include -


01. Topic Selection

This is the most challenging stage of the process wherein we find a topic that makes a perfect fit for a law review article or seminar paper. We look for topics that are novel, interesting and current and are strong enough to command 20 or 30 pages of discussion. At the same time, it must be small enough to be meaningful and hook the interest of readers.


02. Research

Once the topic is selected it is important to carry out proper research to gather the right set of information for presentation. We look for materials that would make the topic well-defined, convincing, substantial and worthy of publication. To ensure this our team of writers and researchers examine legal write-ups and cases, look for cases where courts have split on their interpretation of the law, seek opinions from experts, browse through latest scholarly publications, mine through competitive publications including online portals, etc.


03. Writing Content

This step follows the research stage. In this step, the knowledge gathered from research is presented in a contextual, meaningful, logical and effective manner. Great care is taken to ensure that views and content are original. Ensuring all this requires meeting high standards as the write up will have to withstand independent scrutiny of legal luminaries from leading publication houses.


04. Copy Editing

Once the copy is written it is reviewed by a team of editors who are primarily language specialists. It is at this stage that the overall presentation and compliance with the format specified by the journal is also investigated. This ensures every publication gets the write-up just as they would want it to have.


05. Quality Review

This is the final stage of publication when the write up is reviewed by legal experts. It is done through different stages to ensure no aspect of the presentation gets overlooked. Any controversial figure or fact is flagged for cross-reference. We also review quality to ensure it is consistent with the style of the publication house.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Publishing and Editing Service to Flatworld Solutions?

Our clients choose us because of our extensive experience and understanding of legal publishing. Our legal knowledge and research capabilities are comprehensive enough to build a robust article on any legal topic. There are other reasons as well as why our customers prefer us. These include -

  • Affordable Services

    Our legal publishing and editorial services are highly affordable. If you have a small budget to work with, we can still give you options to customize your services.

  • ISO Certified Company

    Our clients rely on us because we commit ourselves to deliver the highest standards of quality. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified legal publishing and editorial service providing company, we have helped the legal fraternity. That includes helping students to connect with faculty and other researchers to remain abreast of legal nuances and development.

  • Expert Team

    Our publication and writing team consist of expert legal research professionals whose understanding of the legal professions is shaped by at least 5 years of experience. The team of professionals is led by legal experts whose understanding of the legal perspective of the publication is second to none. They carry out quality checks and ensure contextual relevance.

  • Information Confidentiality

    As a reputed legal publishing services company, we keep our client's data strictly confidential. These data include opinions gathered from experts who want to maintain anonymity. Also, we follow strict information security procedures compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations and ensure our research methods are not revealed to our client's competitors.

  • Well Developed Workflow

    We follow a well-defined research, writing and editing process which has been honed and developed over the years. This helps us in maintaining proper task management, to meet timelines and goals. Our publication and editing workflow include proper document indexing, multi-level quality check by legal experts, etc.

  • Quality Assurance

    We believe in delivering quality write-ups. Right from topic selection to researching and from editing to reviewing we ensure quality standards are maintained at all stages. Our clients have always depended on us presentations that are highly convincing and backed with facts.

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Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

We resolved delays in drafting answers and filing motions with a team of experienced paralegals after providing a 15-day trial service. The client was deeply satisfied with the outcome.

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Outsource Legal Publishing and Editorial Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a legal publishing and editorial service provider and legal process services, we have over 20 years of experience in writing legal articles after collecting detailed and relevant legal information from all available platforms. We have well-developed ways to find information and opinion on a topic and validate it with the right use cases. As a result, our writing is always sound enough to interest readers and can be relied upon for furthering a legal point of view or triggering a new approach to tangential thinking.

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Legal Publishing Services FAQs

  • What is legal publishing?

    Legal publishing is the process of publishing texts that report different laws or discuss the practice of law.

  • What is the difference between publishing and printing?

    Printing involves the process of binding and creating the physical format of the book whereas publishing involves printing along with owning the intellectual property of the book as well.