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Legal Coding Services

Our legal experts use specialized coding software to code legal data and ensure uniformity in document standards at rates starting at $10 per hour

Attorneys in law firms have to refer to as well as create volumes of documents for every case. As they are involved in different legal cases at the same time, fetching data instantly becomes a challenge. This can be a big obstacle when information has to be collected after sifting through a lot of data. Legal coding is a process in which these documents are indexed fast and necessary information is collected and collated to help pursue a case.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in legal coding service and today is considered as a top legal coding outsourcing services provider in the market. Our process is driven by experienced coders with years of experience in legal coding. Besides, we provide them with the latest and unique software support to ensure accuracy and maintain our reputation for delivering quality services.

Why is Legal Coding Services Preferred and Outsourced?

Legal coding is a highly preferred mode of collecting data because documents are coded it is driven by certain uniforms standards. These standards have been refined over the years and have now emerged as a highly acceptable, fast, and accurate way of obtaining data for legal requirements. Yet another reason for it becoming popular is that it is run by coding personnel who have great command and knowledge of coding principles, legal terminology, and coding rules. Furthermore, coding is nowadays done using specialized software which makes it more accurate and fast. Therefore legal documents of all types and in different stages of a litigation process are made to undergo legal coding either by a complaint, a client letter, a brief, pleading, affidavit, petition agreement, and so on.

Attorney firms outsourcing legal coding services have realized huge benefits through the process. Besides acquiring speed, accuracy, and agility it has helped them save hugely on costs and deliver improved results. While organizations have realized the importance and imperativeness of a legal coding service facility having it in-house involves a lot of constraints like hiring experts and maintaining regular establishment expenditure. The easy way to overcome these constraints and get all the coding requirements met is by outsourcing legal coding requirements to experts.

Legal Coding Services We Offer

We have extensive experience and expertise in creating indexed or summarized versions of legal documents. We provide services with the sole objective of accessing accurate data fast and at lower costs. At Flatworld solutions, we specialize in offering a range of services on legal coding to our clients which includes individual lawyers, law firms, and legal consultants. Our coding service has been leveraged to record details such as dates, types, writers, places, and various other particulars from a document to a database. In the process, we help find figures and facts quickly and get them established accurately in the court of law. Our legal coding services are highly customizable and specific to client requirements. Some of the services we specialize in includes -

  1. Data Capture

    Data Capture

    This is a step in which we digitize the necessary data from, printed, handwritten scanned, and digital legal documents, Some of the documents we scan through include civil and criminal case details, property records, court forms, divorce forms, insurance claim records, etc. Our data capture process is carried out by trained law graduates and the process is backed by and QA specialists.

  2. Prepare Brief Writing

    Prepare Brief Writing

    Once the data is entered our coding team makes a concise version of the facts from the assimilated data. Our brief writing includes analyzing legal cases and connects the dots to establish the case, patterns, and legal interpretations that have a great influence on a court decision. This is done on a step by step process to ensure the right connection is established.

  3. Document Analyzing

    Document Analyzing

    In this stage, we analyze pertinent data, to extract valuable insights from them. This helps in facilitating the defense and prosecution process alike. An important aspect of document analysis is verifying, cleansing, validating, summarizing, and presenting the data in a file format or database chosen by the client. We bank on some cutting-edge technologies to analyze data. These include MS-SQL, Win Cross, Quantum, Dimension, Access, Quanvert, etc.

  4. Objective Coding

    Objective Coding

    Lawyers and attorneys have to prepare for litigation by collecting a large variety of documents relevant to the case. In other words, they have to look for data and retrieve it from documents and databases. Our objective coding service is designed to assist lawyers' index all the documents/ data upon different bibliographic objectives such as source, title, author, date of doc, doc format, recipient, box number, etc. Our services help in creating an objective summary data from the document.

  5. Subjective Coding

    Subjective Coding

    This is a critical service in which a legal interpretation is linked to an individual document. It is critical because it entails entering information from a document that requires the coder to exercise logic and judgment, such as subject or issue codes. We specialize in this service because our coders have a great understanding of legal coding rules, principles, conventions, and terminology. Our clients leverage the services of our highly trained professionals to procure customized coding services based on their specific requirements.

  6. Document Unitization

    Document Unitization

    This stage comes after the objective and subjective coding stage and involves assembling the individual scanned pages into documents physically after deriving the logical sequence. The documents primarily consist of data extracts, notes, scanned image footers, contexts like trailing emails each of which is procured after accurate studying. After the documents are arranged in the right order they are clubbed together in the right order and filed for use.

  7. In-text Coding

    In-text Coding

    Once the above steps are accomplished we assist in in-text coding. Designed to help reading text in-text coding consists of special codes or symbols or words marked, along with the text. The represented codes help legal representatives think along a specific line by going through the symbols in the code. This assists in a fast and closer reading of the information.

  8. Coding Summarization

    Coding Summarization

    This is the final stage of the legal coding service in which the codes are summarized in the right order. After the coding is done for each of the documents, they are all assimilated and linked one after the other in keeping with the goals and objectives of the customer. Our coding summarization service is designed to make the legal coding process more precise and effective.

Legal Coding Process We Follow

We, at Flatworld Solutions, follow a well-defined and linear process to deliver quality legal coding services. As a result, our clients can always rest assured of the quality of legal codes and the accuracy of the summarization of codes. The processes which we follow in our company are as follows -


01. Requirement Analysis

Every requirement begins with an analysis of client requirements. Our experts sit with you to understand your specific requirements along with customer objectives and the demands. Based on this requirement analysis we draw the strategy for methods, procedures and the way we need to work to deliver the results for the client


02. Assign a Team

Once the strategy is finalized, we provide the client with a dedicated team of coders led by an experienced coder with exposure to similar client requirements. The lead coder serves as a single point of contact for the client. The client coordinates with the single point of contact who in turn coordinates with the team to collectively pull off the project


03. Provide Specific Training

We also specialize in training the customer to understand the coding aspect better. Not all clients understand the coding process well as they are not expert coders. So, when they come to us with coding requirements the dedicated team enlightens them on the process and outcomes so that they can familiarize themselves with the product. Our training readies our clients for future requirements as well


04. The Resources

Once each of the above is met, we arrange for the various resources that will be needed by the project team to accomplish the work. Though this is an internal requirement, it is done with speed and precision to ensure that project delivery happens along scheduled lines


05. Project Execution

Once everything is finalized both internally and externally, we set the schedule for the completion of the project in keeping with client goals. This is followed by implementing the project and providing real-time status to the client on the progress of the project


06. Quality Check

During the project, the coding is checked simultaneously for quality issues. A team of expert quality analysts goes through the codes at random to identify errors and inconsistencies. This can also be considered as a feedback stage where coding is revised and changed as per the judgment of the analysts


07. Inference check

This is the last stage of the project where the summarized coding is checked for subjective analysis. Experts pour through the coding to ensure the insights drawn from them are relevant and can be defended in the court of law


08. Delivery Assessment

Before the delivery, a final check is carried out by our team to spot inconsistencies. When this team is convinced the project is ready for submission to the client. After submission to the client, we run the client through the project to acquaint them with the output

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Why Outsource Legal Coding Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience as a legal coding service provider. Over this period we have been exposed to various legal coding requirements that have honed our skills and turned us, hard-core legal coding professionals. We have catered to a wide variety of legal requirements for diverse industries which includes law firms, healthcare providers, educational institutions, financial sectors, and so on. Irrespective of the industries, we have brought immense benefits for our clients, some of which include -

  • Cost Saving

    The objective of our operations is to help our clients make profits through cost savings. To ensure this we make quality resources available at cheap prices. Also, we have different pricing modules to ensure it fits into all budgetary requirements. Our clients have leveraged these features to save up to 60% of their operational costs and turn them into profits.

  • Quality Services

    As a legal coding service providing company, we try to stand out by providing services that are of top-notch quality. To ensure this at all costs, we have a quality control team that reviews the coding through all stages and especially after the coding summarization. This is why we have been able to provide work with high accuracy and ensure our clients meet productivity levels with success.

  • Experienced Employees

    We have a team of employees whose understanding of legal terminology and documentation is the best in the industry. At the same time, their exposure to different client requirements is immense and makes them highly capable of exercising independent judgments. Besides coding, they specialize in reviewing documents from a legal perspective. This makes them perfectly suited to meet your specific requirements.

  • Enhanced Productivity with Latest Software

    We bank on the latest coding software to provide the best coding services to our clients. The software we use helps to maximize the productivity level and ensure consistency. Some of these include Summation, Masterfile, Ringtail, and Concordance. Besides we also depend on advanced software for multilingual coding, objective and subjective coding, document boundaries determination, etc.

  • Time-Saving

    In a competitive market, we understand the importance of time reductions. Our biggest advantage is that we are present across several delivery centers around the world. Our centers work across different time zones ensuring operations 24/7 and thereby making sure work is delivered on time.

  • High Data Security

    Another critical aspect of operations that we pay outright importance to is customer data security. Our facilities are HIPAA compliant, and we are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified. Besides, our employees strictly comply with OFAC (U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control) requirements. While there are standard data security arrangements we also make a mention of security requirements in our SLAs.

  • Verified by Legal Professionals

    Additionally, we have a robust quality check process to validate each data extraction. Our legal coding services enable you to search based on predetermined search criteria as per the choice made by the lawyer so that we can procure only the required data as soon as possible.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    As a legal coding service providing company of repute we provide top-class infrastructure to our clients for accurate project delivery and submission. We provide our clients with safe and secure data centers, 24/7 technical assistance, make the best market software available for your needs. Besides these standard infrastructures, we try to accommodate all that our clients look forward to having including software to streamline processes and ensure a smooth workflow.

  • 24/7 Maintenance Support

    We provide extensive support to our clients. Our support teams address customer queries during the project as well as after completion of the project. Our 24/7 service centers are spread across 8 delivery centers which are why we can assist our customers by email or phone any time they want.

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Outsource Legal Coding Solutions to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in legal coding outsourcing services as well as drafting & analysis. Over these years we have developed the processes and understanding to carry out coding requirements to accuracy and timely delivery. We bank on the best coders to get the job done. To ensure we have the right talent always, we have a perfect hiring process in place as well as a great employee retention policy. We train coders rigorously with the help of our experienced employees and so ensure only the perfect coder handles your requirements. We also have well-developed processes that we refine from time to time to make it more effective and time-bound. To meet client expectations we provide them with cost advantages, guaranteed delivery time, and post-delivery support for every urgent need. All these factors combined have made us the number one provider of legal coding services in India. Our clients keep coming back to us because we time and again ensured each of these aspects is delivered consistently to them.

Looking for the best legal coding solutions or legal coding outsourcing services? Contact us for exclusive and customized legal coding services for your legal firm.

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