Outsource Legislative History Research Services

Legislative History Research Services

Avail customized legislative history research services to streamline and simplify your data research needs at cost-effective rates starting at just $10/hour

All the documents that get recorded during the process of statute's enactments become a part of the legislative history. Proposed bills, committee hearings, floor debates, and so many other things are a part of these documents. Attorneys, legal practitioners, legal scholars, judges, and other legal facilitators may be required to conduct legislative history research for many reasons, some of which may include, uncovering legislative intent, understanding the bill, finding contradictions, etc. Most times, the legal parties and law firms seek expert services in order to track, compile, and analyze legislative history to save their in-house costs and time, so that they can focus on their core activities.

For over two decades we have been extending our expertise in legislative history research services, and have 5000+ successful research projects to our credit. There are varied resources and libraries of legislative documents published by Congress and many other private entities that can be used to track and extract the needed information. Our legal experts and search specialists are highly experienced in conducting comprehensive research across all resources to locate the needed information and structuring it for our clients. If you are looking for a partner to carry out legislative history research for you, Flatworld is the most trustworthy outsourcing company in the market.

Legislative History Research Services We Offer

Our specialized teams are proficient in identifying the apt resources to locate and compile the information desired by the client. Here is a complete list of services that we offer to our customers -

  1. Conducting Research on Already Compiled Federal Legislative Histories

    Conducting Research on Already Compiled Federal Legislative Histories

    A company or legal practitioner may require us to find the already compiled copies of legislative histories. There are many resources like ProQuest Legislative Insight, ProQuest Congressional, The Union List of Legislative Histories, Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories, Federal Legislative Histories, legislative histories on Lexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline, LLSDC list on the Internet, etc. Our team can identify, find or borrow, and analyze the required compilations for you and provide you with accurate declaration materials on the same.

  2. Paper Format Compilation of Legislative History Research

    Paper Format Compilation of Legislative History Research

    Arrangement of documents in chronological, reverse chronological, or by document type, by public law title, or in a combination of any of the above can be carried out in paper format by our team.

    Some histories may be shorter, and some may be large, as per the information available. In case of large legislative histories, many documents many be bound together. Slip Law in pamphlet form may be placed at the beginning followed by conference reports, if any, succeeded by other related reports like related bills, remarks, debates, amendments, etc., are all bound together for the clients.

    A comprehensive compiled legislative history research may be as long as 30 bound volumes or more, hence, while compiling them in a paper format, our professional compilers always prepare a title page and a detailed table of contents placed at each volumes for the clients to easily find the exact information, at any given point of time.

  3. Electronic Compilation of Legislative History Research

    Electronic Compilation of Legislative History Research

    Nowadays, most of the legislative history materials are available electronically on Congress.gov, GovInfo, and other commercial platforms. Congress.gov comes with a sophisticated bill summary and status tracking system that can be retrieved by our researchers using relevant bill numbers. Our team has been compiling legislative history research electronically for many clients, thus, they are quite proficient and know the nitty-gritties of using the electronic sources to extract the exact data. From using direct phrases, efficiently carrying out URL linking, to using various sources to document, annotate, index, and bookmark, our team can help draft exhaustive legislative history volumes for you on any electronic medium.

  4. Compilation of Federal Legislative History from Older Records

    Compilation of Federal Legislative History from Older Records

    It takes conviction to carry out research of legislative histories from records older than 1970s. We have expertise in the field and have all the necessary means to do the same. Few of the many services that we provide under compiling legislative history from older records are as follows -

    • Finding the public law number or statute citation and searching for the bill number signed under that law from United States Code (U.S.C), United States Code Annotated (U.S.C.A.) or the United States Code Service (U.S.C.S.).
    • Using various reference tools like Congressional Record Index, the Digest of Public General Bills and Resolutions, Final House Calendar published for each congress since the 1920s.
    • Using productions by the Congressional Information Service (CIS), ProQuest Congressional Libraries, CIS Microfiche Library, etc.
    • Finding older legislative documents from the Federal Depository Libraries, Law Firm Libraries, Federal Agencies, U.S. Courts, Universities, etc.
  5. Statutory Research for Understanding Legislative Intent Language

    Statutory Research for Understanding Legislative Intent Language

    We offer tailor-made legislative research services when it comes to sifting the histories for legislative intent language. Based on your specified statutory focus, we can run a complete analysis and produce information that clarifies the legislative intent.

    Over the years, our team has mastered the art of hunting down the legislative histories and related materials that can help them draw out meaningful declarations of legislative intent along with other related documents. Apart from printed materials, our team takes the aid of electronic databases widely available across platforms like WestLawNext, Lexis, GPO Access, CQ.com, etc.

  6. Regulatory Research

    Regulatory Research

    Conducting research for any federal regulation is also an integral part of our legislative history research services. We can track regulations from the Federal Registers that possess exhaustive information regarding background discussions, public opinions, reasons behind amendments in federal regulations, and other important citations. After finding the information, our team can carry out in-depth analysis, to offer declaration of materials along with other relevant documents to our clients.

    In case, our client requests us to pursue federal agency rulemaking files, which are usually unavailable to general public, we can help run through the process of extracting the files for you, however, success is not 100% guaranteed due to the confidential norms, access terms and conditions of the federal agencies for sharing of such information.

Our Legislative History Research Process


01. Understanding the Information Needed by Clients

It is absolutely mandatory for us to know the exact information requirements of the clients as there are thousands of pages and multiple volumes of laws. Without knowing the exact needs, the process can become cumbersome and the result, inappropriate.


02. Acquiring the Relevant Information to Gather the Data

The next step of the process is to locate the public law number, bill number, number of congress, so that we can use various reference tools and online resources to get the information we want.


03. Checking if Compiled Legislative History Already Exists

We run through various resources and tools available online or otherwise to check whether the already compiled legislative history materials are listed or not.


04. Locating Information from Other Resources for Compilation

Further on, we use other resources like law review articles, newspaper databases, university papers, in order to compile comprehensive legislative history materials for you.


05. Bounding Volumes and Declaration of Materials

Once we have gathered all the information, we compile them together in the desired format for the client, i.e., in paper format or electronic compilation. Along with declaration of all legislative history materials, we attach other related documents and include URLs and citations, etc.


06. Safe Transfer of all Materials

We are very prudent with the legislative materials and ensure complete data confidentiality and security while information gathering, compilation, and transfer by adhering to strict safety measures.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Flatworld - The Most Reliable Legislative History Service Providing Company

What makes us the most favored legislative history research service provider in the market? The following points will answer this for you -

  • Easy on your pockets

    Our unmatched research quality comes at affordable prices, thereby, winning us the attention of large, medium, small law firms, and independent legal facilitators, alike.

  • Customized research solutions

    We understand the specific needs of our clients and offer them custom-suited legislative history research services that fulfils their exact requirements.

  • Team of excellent researchers and specialists

    Our core strength lies in our personnel. We have a team of dedicated researchers that are committed to providing top-notch services to our clients. They leave no stone unturned to make sure that you get the information you have been looking for.

  • Vast experience

    In our two decades of operations in the field of legislative history research services we have accounted for 680+ happy clients, 5000+ successful research projects.

  • 100% data safety

    We follow strict guidelines and take all necessary measures to safeguard client's confidentiality and data.

  • High Accuracy

    We are one of the most trustworthy legislative history service providing company in the market. Our supreme quality and error-free research services are major contributors to our status.

  • Rapid work delivery

    While research is a time-consuming process, we offer fastest turnaround time in the industry as compared to our competitors, making us a clear favorite amongst them.

  • 24/7 services

    We have a global presence and so we are able to offer our services round the clock and cater to tight deadlines with ease.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY based Insurance Firm

Provided Paralegal Services for A NY-based Insurance Firm

We sped up settlements, cut down costs, improved TAT, and ensured zero HR overhead for a NY-based insurance client.

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Outsource Legislative History Research Services to Flatworld

A one-stop shop for all your legislative services requirements, Flatworld Solutions has a highly competent team to offer you best-in-class legislative history research services. Our systematic and structured approach towards unearthing legislative history materials and legislative intent language for our clients is unparalleled in the industry.

If you have been struggling with legislative history research and need an expert to do the job, contact us right away.

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Legislative History Research Services FAQs

  • What does legislative history mean?

    Legislative history includes various materials created while creating legislation, including committee reports, legislative counsel analyses, committee hearings, and floor debates.

  • How do you research legislative history?

    To research legislative history, you need to locate the public law number, use an index to identify documents, and use databases to find documents for the relevant legislation.