Outsource Intellectual Property Research Services

Intellectual Property Research Services

We provide intellectual property strategy, licensing & litigation support, patent research, and an array of intellectual property research services starting at just $10/hour

IP (Intellectual Property) provisions and laws help to cover ownership and usage rights of a project, commodity, or research paper, among others and are often a key point during a negotiation. In today's cutthroat business world, your IP is one of the most critical competitive advantages that you can leverage, and therefore you need to actively protect and manage the same.

If you or your company owns multiple IPs then you would be constantly hunting for ways to leverage the same and move ahead of your competition. At FWS, we serve some of the world's largest companies and law firms to manage, protect, and drive incredible value for your assets throughout the IP lifecycle. With our help, you can properly monetize your IP, defend litigations, and make the most of your budget to drive success in your field.

Intellectual Property Research Services We Offer

Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves as an accomplished intellectual research service provider by delivering custom solutions which cover patent analytics, technology landscape, whitespace analysis, patent drafting, art searches, IP valuation, and more. Our offerings further cover all stages of IP management, procurement, and enforcement.

Our key differentiator is our team of well-researched and experienced commercial, patent, and legal professionals who enable us to provide an entire spectrum of intellectual property research services. These include -

  1. Technology Intellectual Property Services

    Technology Intellectual Property Services

    At FWS, we work with tech organizations and R&D centers to further their intellectual property research across the technology's life cycle. Armed with domain experts and research analysts, we offer insightful solutions to address and support your technology roadmap during all phases. Some of the key areas we focus on include -

    • R&D Strategy Roadmaps
    • White Space Analysis
    • Tech Landscape Studies
    • Tech scouting and Acquisition
    • Emerging Markets Product Design
    • Monetizing Existing Tech Know-how
  2. Intellectual Property Strategy

    Intellectual Property Strategy

    For most of the tech conglomerates, we work with, IP strategy plays an immense role in their entire business strategy. Given the competitive nature of today's business environment, your IP can help you drive further brand value and business opportunities. With our help, you can keep a close eye on your IP assets and patent issues, while further driving strategic growth. Our offerings include -

    • Prosecution Support
    • Licensing Program Support
    • Prior Art Searches
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • M&A Support
    • Technology IP Strategy
  3. Litigation Support

    Litigation Support

    As your chosen intellectual property research service provider, Flatworld's team of legal consultants and research professionals can assist your team of lawyers, IP attorneys, and witnesses during every stage of your patent litigation process.

    Our legal team ensures all relevant information can be unearthed through multiple channels such as source codes, product testing, publicly aware information, whistle-blower statements, etc. We also offer evidence analysis and evidence mining, and a whole host of similar offerings such as -

    • Patent Monetization
    • Pre-litigation support
    • Post-litigation support
    • Pre-discovery
    • Fact-discovery
  4. Licensing and Commercialization

    Licensing and Commercialization

    The intrinsic value of your Intellectual Property lies in the way it is commercialized post its creation and development. Your IP can pave way for new mergers, resulting in you taking a shot at opportunities that just do not open up for companies without a valuable IP. With our intellectual property research services, you can create value in all your products for your buyers. Our team helps your gather an in-depth understanding of IP Commercialization and Out-licensing issues while helping you with the following -

    • Identifying patients and IP's that can be Out-licensed or In-licensed easily and swiftly while sticking to your rulebook
    • Finding compatible licensees that would allow you to harness the commercialization potential of your IP easily
    • End-to-end support for all IP commercialization activities such as due-diligence, technology evaluation, negotiation, contractual agreements, valuation, royalty payment, etc.
  5. Patent Prosecution

    Patent Prosecution

    Patent Prosecution is an important test of legal and technical competence for the applicant's company in terms of the rights to IP that it owns. Patent prosecution remains highly individualized and requires a lot of skill on behalf of your team of attorneys as the process itself involves high levels of technological jargon and negotiation. When you outsource intellectual property research services to FWS, we can help with the following -

    • Preparing responses for prosecution
    • Strategizing amendments and arguments
    • Creation of patent applications for maximum impact
    • Technical analysis of related official patent applications
    • Technical analysis of cited arts
  6. Patent Research and Analytics Support

    Patent Research and Analytics Support

    Patent analytics and commercialization studies are time-consuming and require exceptional knowledge of the patent laws for various countries. As a result, it remains a time-consuming and costly affair as you try and make the most of your IP. Our offerings include -

    • Helping acquire strong exclusive rights on new inventions and discoveries
    • Introducing patents for licensing
    • Entry planning for a comprehensive new market segment strategy
    • Copyright and IP infringement claims to handle
    • Merger & acquisition-related transactions
    • Competition studies
    • Optimization of patent management costs
  7. Docketing and Paralegal Support for Intellectual Property Research

    Docketing and Paralegal Support for Intellectual Property Research

    As a part of our distinguished intellectual property research services, we offer specialized docketing and paralegal support services. This service includes the maintenance and process throughput to meet deadlines pertaining to Patent, Trademark, and design applications. These services are ideal for companies whose IP portfolio comprises a large amount of documentation dealing with multiple intellectual properties. In order to track the deadlines for each application, we ensure precise docketing and paralegal support is provided at every step for enhanced client satisfaction.

  8. IP Valuation and Audit

    IP Valuation and Audit

    For any modern-day business, value creation and future growth are necessary goals. Having your own IP helps, but IP valuations ensure you are always aware of every facet of your intellectual property. At FWS, we have worked with clients to perform expert IP valuation such as investment analysis, out-licensing deal analysis, overall estimation of the IP, budgeting analysis, merger and acquisition analysis, financial and tax reporting, bankruptcy and litigation processes, etc.

    If your requirement Is to get your Intellectual Property valued, our patent and technology valuation team can help. We leverage proprietary brand valuation tools that provide deep insights into all your strengths and weaknesses thereby helping you to formulize a guide and set a plan.

  9. IP Legal Training

    IP Legal Training

    Intellectual Property laws are convoluted and undergo regulatory changes which makes it difficult for corporations to remain in the know every single time. IP training can help a corporate team understand the latest innovations, technologies, finance, governance, industrial economics and company strategy. We help our clients understand the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Patents and Trademarks through tailor-made IP awareness programs that can be customized as per your requirements.

Our Domain Experience in Intellectual Property Research

Over the years, we have worked with some of the world's largest companies, helping them lead the tech and proprietary innovation in their industries. We also work with countless SME's helping them run a successful IP division within limited budgets. Our experience spans multiple industry verticals and domains, such as -

Food & BeveragesFood & Beverages
Home CareHome Care
Industrial ManufacturingIndustrial Manufacturing
Medical DevicesMedical Devices
Molecular DiagnosticsMolecular Diagnostics
Oil & GasOil & Gas
Personal CarePersonal Care
Power SystemsPower Systems
Renewable Energy IndustryRenewable Energy
Software & Mobile AppsSoftware & Mobile Apps

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

At Flatworld, we are continuously innovating and supporting R&D Heads, senior patent managers, in-house counsels, and risk management teams by providing our expert analysis and opinions on multiple IP strategies. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Custom Solutions at a Friendly Budget

    Our tailor-made solutions address your specific requirements and budgets without hampering your future and objectively modifying the experience for your current enhancement. Our solution is affordable if you have a tight budget to work with.

  • Best-in-class Patent Quality Index

    We are one of the few intellectual property research service providers who possess the framework to assess multiple patents in a portfolio through a combination of objective and subjective parameters.

  • Tech Attractiveness

    We leverage multiple benchmarking tools to assess the attractiveness of your technology based on market performance and commercialization potential. This ensures you always remain connected to what your consumers want.

  • High-quality Patent Valuation

    Our time-tested and robust methodology for valuing patents considers multiple parameters such as quality and market dynamics, etc. earning attributable to the technical know-how.

  • Specialist Team of IP Researchers

    With our help, you can leverage the acumen and experience that our patent analysts advanced degrees and deep knowledge get to the table.

  • Industry-best Experience

    With more than 5000 successful projects under our belts spanning more than 100 different technology domains, we are an experienced and technologically accomplished intellectual property research service providing company.

  • Deep Market Knowledge

    Our market research capabilities and patent law knowledge is superior to most of our competitors and allows you to strengthen your IP strategy and technology processes for better future growth.

  • Unparalleled Information Security

    We take data security and client confidentiality extremely seriously and ensure all global standards for information security are followed and adhered to.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY based Insurance Firm

Provided Paralegal Services for A NY-based Insurance Firm

We accelerated settlements, improved TAT, cut down costs, and ensured zero HR overhead for a US-based insurance firm.

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Outsource Intellectual Property Research Services to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we are constantly fuelling the future of IP strategy and helping build companies ready for the future. Having worked directly with business conglomerates, law firms, solo practitioners, NPEs, research institutes, patent attorneys, start-ups, etc. we are positive that our legal process outsourcing can help you take informed IP-related decisions through an integrated decision-making channel.

To know more about our offerings and how we can help you stay relevant for the future, contact us now!

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