Outsource Legal Proofreading Services

Legal Proofreading Services

Get access to high-quality and accurate legal proofreading services provided by highly-experienced professionals with legal backgrounds at prices starting from as low as $10/hour

Legal proofreading is extremely important in the legal profession, especially since errors in legal documents like misplaced commas, colons, or hyphens can lead to significant changes in interpretation. A legal document that is not proofread is bound to contain errors that can have disastrous consequences and fail to convey the meaning that it is supposed to. Therefore, legal proofreading is a service that is in high demand.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading legal proofreading service provider to clients from across the world. We help lawyers, law students, and professors, among others to present and publish high-quality and accurate legal documents of all kinds. With our high-quality legal proofreading services, you can save on time and have the confidence that your document is error free. Your document will also be treated with the highest confidentiality and privacy.

Our Legal Proofreading Services

We are a top provider of legal proofreading solutions to clients from around the world. We have experience in proofreading legal documents related to corporate, litigation, insurance, intellectual property, real estate, labor and employment, bankruptcy, class action, technology, banking and finance, and telecommunications law, among others.

When you choose our precise legal proofreading services, our editor will correct all mistakes and provide feedback using MS Word's track changes and comments features. Our editor will also provide you feedback on how you can become a better editor.

Our legal proofreading services are comprehensive and include -

  1. Language Review

    Language Review
    • Spell Check

      Our editors correct typos, hyphenation errors, spelling mistakes and other simple mistakes.

    • Grammar and Syntax Check

      Our editors perform a comprehensive and in-depth check of the grammar, including word order, verb tenses, prepositions, agreement, sentence structure, articles, and more.

    • Punctuation Check

      Our editors correct typos, hyphenation errors, spelling mistakes and other simple mistakes.

  2. Academic Style Review

    Academic Style Review
    • Style and Tone Check

      We check that the style and tone are consistent. We check for overuse of the passive voice, inflated and redundant phrases, subjective language, taboo words, and more.

    • Legal Writing Conventions

      We check all abbreviations, acronyms, equations, numbers, Latin abbreviations, etc.

    • Consistency Check

      We perform a thorough consistency check to ensure consistency in the language and style choices.

  3. Feedback

    • Queries Sent Across

      When the meaning of specific sentences or phrases is unclear or when you must make a content- or style-related choice, our editors will leave queries in the document asking you to take appropriate action.

    • In-text Tips and Suggestions Provided

      Our editors use comments to offer general advice, suggest improvements, and explain nuanced grammatical rules.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Proofreading Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Proofreading legal documents is what we excel at and we provide professional legal proofreading services to serve the needs of a variety of clients. We are a leading legal proofreading service providing company and provide you with many reasons to choose us. These include -

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Our legal proofreading services are highly cost-effective. We provide the most value-for-money you will find anywhere.

  • Well-defined Process

    Our legal proofreading professionals follow a structured and disciplined approach to ensure that there are no errors in the final output.

  • Latest Software Tools Used

    We use the latest versions of all the appropriate word processors, including MS Word.

  • High-quality Services

    Our ISO-certification stands as proof of our ability to provide superior-quality services.

  • Data Security

    We are extremely strict about adhering to the strictest data security and privacy guidelines. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS-certification also demonstrates that we take all precautions to ensure complete data security.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We provide our legal proofreading solutions at extremely quick turnaround times as compared to our competitors.

  • Expertise in Many Areas of Law

    We have expertise in providing legal proofreading services that cover a wide range of law areas, including corporate, litigation, insurance, intellectual property, real estate, labor and employment, bankruptcy, class action, technology, banking and finance, and telecommunications law, among others.

  • Error-free Documents Provided

    Our legal proofreading team pays the utmost attention to detail to ensure that all the output is error-free.

Client Success Stories

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Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

We fixed delays in drafting answers and filing motions with a professional team of skilled paralegals. We also offered a 15-day trial service. The client became happy and vowed to repeat the order.

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Outsource Legal Proofreading Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a pioneer in providing high-quality legal proofreading services. Our proofreaders are all native English speakers and have a legal background or many years' experience with proofreading legal documents. As such, our legal proofreading team is well-versed with all the technical jargon that makes up much of legal documentation.

If you are looking for a high-quality and cost-effective provider of legal proofreading services, get in touch with us today!

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