Outsource Litigation Document Management Services

Litigation Document Management Services

Accelerate litigation document management by outsourcing litigation document management services to law firms & corporates at cost-effective rates starting at just $10/hour

Most law firms, corporates, and advocates are curbing down the costs of extensive-document litigation through electronic content management (ECM) systems. They allow cloud-based electronic document management, eliminating the need for multiple print copies for records, curtailing legal review, and production costs. Are you looking for an expert for electronic document management of your legal cases and support files?

At Flatworld Solutions, we know the importance of legal documents and the necessity for proper documentation. Being around 20 years old trusted litigation document management service providing company, our specialization lies in document management through ECM systems. Our standardized practices and comprehensive processes can help address the client-specific needs for litigation document management, efficiently and effectively.

Our Litigation Document Management Services

With heaps of documents to manage, every firm needs expert professionals to manage them. Our team of legal experts and managers offer specialized services to our clients, which include -

  1. Document Scanning Services

    Document Scanning Services

    The original legal documents should be kept well-preserved for future uses and references. But, over time, the printed documents start losing their color and the ink may also fade over the years, if not kept properly. Our team can preserve their original form by scanning them and sharing electronic copies.

  2. OCR-enabled Conversion of Documents

    OCR-enabled Conversion of Documents

    Our software specialists can help convert your print documents into accurate, searchable, and easily accessible PDFs with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. It can enable users to compare documents, modify, and track changes in various formats.

  3. Document Remediation Solutions

    Document Remediation Solutions

    A step ahead of document conversion, document remediation services involve adding image metatags, signatures, and proper indexing of tables and columns using screen readers and other supporting technologies to help in the quicker discovery of relevant data.

  4. Complete Analysis of Documents

    Complete Analysis of Documents

    Examination and validation of documents are critical aspects to avoid any future legal conflicts that could cost millions of dollars to the companies. We can help efficiently manage and review your documents for investigation purposes, pre-litigation support, etc. We can also analyze the documents to retrieve the key data and verify its relevance at the given point of time and use.

  5. Coding and Storing Services

    Coding and Storing Services

    We provide both, manual and auto-coding services depending on the system that works best for the firm. Our team can also assist in customizing the coding fields of documents for the distinctive needs of the clients.

  6. Database Creation and Indexing

    Database Creation and Indexing

    Our robust and systematic database creation and indexing can help you find the documents you need at the right time. We have experienced professionals who can electronically arrange and assimilate all your data in a structured way, paving the way for quick retrieval by the users.

  7. Privilege Review Services

    Privilege Review Services

    A sub-specialization of document review, relevancy, or the privilege review service is a lengthy process and requires high expertise. We have legal experts and professionals that are experienced in carrying out these towering services with complete precision. Requiring manual efforts, our team goes through huge piles of documents to solve the issue at hand and can also convert them into soft copies to streamline the entire process for the future.

  8. Training and Consultation Services

    Training and Consultation Services

    Our team can also extend their expert knowledge to your litigation support team through thorough training sessions. We help in smooth migration from print to ECM systems and facilitate its use by your team. We offer customized and personalized consultation services for litigation document management services.

Electronic Data Management Technologies We Leverage

We can work on a wide range of technologies and ECM tools based on the client's preference. Some of the popular tools we have worked on include -

Athennian ServeManager EisenVault Closing Folders time matters legisway Essentials SENTIAN SYNERGY DISCO ATTORNEYS ASSISTANT

Our Litigation Document Management Process

At Flatworld, we have incorporated a strict culture of sticking to a defined workflow to streamline the project lifecycle tasks and enable successful delivery of final output desired by the client. We have enlisted 8 steps of our operational process -


01. Gathering Information

To understand the specific needs of the client is our first step towards the litigation document management process.


02. Receiving files and other documents from clients

The project head coordinates secured and proper transfer of all the litigation documents needed to carry out the predefined tasks.


03. Documents review and verification

The documents are thoroughly compiled, scanned, and validated for their uses and future references.


04. Electronic conversion of documents

The documents are recorded electronically by converting them into PDFs, scanned files, and other e-formats.


05. Indexing and other services are undertaken

The other specified needs of the clients are met wherein our team of legal experts carries out specialized tasks like document analysis, indexing, etc.


06. Multiple-level quality checks

The converted litigation documents then undergo a series of quality checks by other colleagues, senior experts, project heads to eliminate any chances of errors.


07. Client review

After the QC by the internal team, the documents are sent to the client for final review, and their feedback and suggestions on changes are accommodated suitably.


08. Project delivery and support services

The finalized documents are submitted or transferred using secured networks and any support services like training, smooth migration, etc., are extended to the clients.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Top Law Firms Outsource Litigation Document Management Services to FWS?

Flatworld Solutions not only work for medical malpractice litigation support service but also for any other kind of litigation services. Having worked across multiple demographics have created our experience list much varied, also we have our presence spread wide around helps us to simultaneously work on several regulatory details. Now let's have a look on the features or the specialty of Flatworld Solutions which will make you choose us over others -

  • Reasonable pricing models

    As a 20 years old litigation document management service providing company, our trust is built upon our top-notch quality services offered at flexible prices.

  • Experts in ECM systems

    Having your legal data online is the critical need of the present time. Otherwise, the huge amount of data in the form of thousands of printed documents can get damaged, lost, or destroyed. Having it properly compiled online using cloud-based document management systems can help you safeguard your documents and fasten your processes. Flatworld has a huge team of experts who can provide you with best-in-class ECM services that are highly accurate.

  • Helping law firms transform into an eco-friendly legal firm

    Imagine the amount of paper that is used up in the form of unlimited printouts, photocopies, etc. We can enable considerable savings of paper and energy, helping you operate in an environment-friendly manner through ECM systems.

  • Services Offered by experienced professionals

    Our biggest asset is our team of legal experts, attorneys, ECM specialists, etc., who are dedicated to achieving the goals of our law firm clients in terms of litigation document management. They are the core reason for our long-standing loyal customer base.

  • Complete data compliance

    At Flatworld, we follow strict measures of quality control and fully comply with the industry standards, practices, and the recognized processes for litigation document management services.

  • Faster e-discovery of relevant data

    Our qualified and experienced team ensures accurate indexing and meta-tagging services so that you can quickly detect and gather the relevant content at the right time.

  • 100% data security

    Be it litigation document management services or any other legal services, we ensure complete data protection and confidentiality for our clients. We take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your data.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

Paralegal Services for a NY Based Insurance Firm

We fixed delays in drafting answers and filing motions with a professional team of skilled paralegals. We also offered a 15-day trial service. The client became happy and vowed to repeat the order.

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Hire the Most Reliable Litigation Document Management Service Provider in the Market

We enable law firms and individual practitioners to focus on preparing their cases by offering superior electronic document management services at astoundingly affordable rates. Avail ISO-certified and standardized litigation document management services by Flatworld Solutions at the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Hire the best available talent in the market to handle and bring all your content on ECM systems, streamlining your processes significantly.

Outsource litigation document management services to Flatworld, contact us today.

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