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Big unstructured data gathered from social media platforms, legacy customer databases and intranet collaboration has untapped business value hidden in it. We have the expertise to tap the potential of Big Data to your advantage!

Business no longer rue over less data and information, they are impounded by the problem of plenty! Organizations today cater to a global audience, and are bombarded with unstructured and unrelated data emerging from different channels thanks to the proliferation of devices.

The irony however is that while the big data is readily available on a platter for creation and consumption, most of the businesses are unsure which variety of data is most ideal for processing, and at what velocity and volume. It needs specialized data integration, validation and aggregation skills, and experience to uncover meaningful insights out of the raw data and derive real time business value out of it. This is where Flatworld Solutions can lend a helping hand.

Big Data Analytics Services

Big data analytics finds its use across multiple industry verticals, like Healthcare, Life sciences, Finance and Insurance to name a few. Our big data analytics offerings includes -

  • Tool Selection for Big Data Analytics

    As the big data analytics landscape is dotted with major enterprise level tools, and various other supplementary and stand-alone applications, it is difficult to choose the tool that suits best to your requirements among the lot. We engage the right tools for the right kind of results, based on your goals, expectations, and budget, and ensure that you leverage big data analytics to your maximum advantage

  • Big Data Mining

    The process starts with big data mining on general and specified sets of data patterns and goals. Our effective big data mining system leads to faster data access and advanced data analytics resulting in a structured information delivery mechanism

  • Correlated Analytics

    We do not rely on a single set or flow of data for our big data analytics; rather we look at multiple streams of data before extracting reliable and meaningful information for your business needs. This correlated information gathering and authentication enables correctness of information leading to more accurate decisions

  • Data Inflow Tracking and Authentication

    Once we establish the nature and pattern of the data to be scanned, we continuously look at inflows of similar data, and get more and more valuable information out of it. In this process we also cross-check and re-establish the validity and usefulness of the information, and take corrective measures to get most authentic information if there are changing patterns or trends

  • Goals Oriented Analytics

    In order to align your business goals to analytics, first, we take time to understand your business objectives and specific goals. We then assess the areas where big data applications can be leveraged for your business, and then we chalk-out a detailed analytics plan, specifically customized for your business. Additionally, we consider various factors like, amount of data assessment to be done, budget, areas of importance, key information patterns to be traced, and so on, before creating and delivering the most robust and goal oriented business delivery plan

  • Developing the Information Ecosystem

    As big data applications are vast, we develop a planned ecosystem for your company which comprises of knowledge center, information segregation, permanent account executives, specialized delivery channels, information change identification & authentication, effectiveness assessment, etc. This ecosystem can be the single most powerful tool for your business, assisting in all key decision-making

Flatworld's Big Data Capability

big data analytics capabilityTeam at Flatworld Solutions has vast experience at understanding the needs, behavior and preferences of the customers at different stages of the product/service lifecycle, analyzing their requirements, and establishing a connection between the past behavior and ongoing operational transactions.

There are many companies offering Big data analytics, but what sets us apart is the fact that we make use of gleaning techniques, standard methodologies, analytical processes and workflows to generate the right insights; and our analytics procedures extend beyond the change of technology landscape.

With Flatworld Solution's robust big data analytics services, you can effectively usher in the key business information from the continuous deluge of structured and unstructured business data being generated every moment!

Key Features of Our Unique Service Offerings

  • Multiple Delivery Models

    Information extraction is one aspect and delivering it in time, in another. That's why our specialized delivery mechanism relies on time and channel factors and its related combinations deliver truly impactful information. Our system delivers information periodically and spontaneously, as and when new traces are identified. And with our mobile delivery channel you can always get the latest information at all times thus improving the agility of your resources

  • Real-time Delivery

    Our advanced data analytics keeps pulling out information in tandem with the flooding amounts of data fed into the system through various channels. This, combined with our robust delivery models, gives you real-time information, enabling in-time, assumption-free decision-making capabilities

  • Cost-effective Big Data Analytics

    We feel that big data analytics should not only be confined to big budgets. Therefore, with the help of our specialized infrastructure and resourcefulness, we deliver this critical service at competitive prices for all clients. We also help our clients, on a shoe-string budget, with specific information patterns and insights that are highly important for the business while minimizing the time spent on low-priority information

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

  • 24/7 backup, maintenance, recovery and archival support
  • Big data administration suing best-in-class
  • Actionable insights provided by expert team
  • 720 degree view of your customer experiences to provide accurate analysis
  • Use of predictive models and real-time analytical information for better decision making
  • Leveraging different revenue streams to increase business ROI
  • Cost-effective services delivered within faster turnaround time
  • Superior infrastructure and processes in place to deliver high quality analytical solutions
  • Complete security and non-disclosure of your confidential data

Outsource Big Data Analytics to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that importance of Big Data Analytics, and how it can help organizations achieve their true potential. We have the experience and the resources to solve your big data problems with high speed and accuracy. If you are looking for a company that can analyze your cumbersome data with efficiency, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions!

In this Petabyte age, we can help you make sense out of your BIG DATA, and put it to good use! Contact us today to make a BIG difference!

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