Why Flatworld?

Flatworld Solutions, a pioneer in outsourcing over 20 years of experience in providing data entry services that cater to different industry sectors. We are providing data entry services for customs brokerage companies situated in Canada. Our customers have benefited from our experience in processing data and completing B3 forms for the customs brokerage industry.

If you are a customs brokerage company and you want to outsource data entry services then consider Flatworld. Outsource data entry services to Flatworld and give your organization a competitive edge in the customs brokerage market. Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing data entry services to Flatworld makes good business sense.

1. Seamless Transition Management

At Flatworld, we follow a stringent transition management processes to ensure that the data entry processes at your organization are moved smoothly to ours. Before the onset of a data entry project, we would delegate an experienced transition manager with domain expertise to ensure the migration of your customs document processing to Flatworld. Our transition manager would review and learn more about your services and the data entry processes in your organization.

Our transition manager would also learn to use the technologies and software that you utilize for data entry purposes. Once our transition manager has been familiarized with your processes, he would return to Flatworld and train our data entry team. Although, our team would be performing data entry, we would still be following your processes and using the same technology and software as your firm. Our effective transition management process ensures that we provide you with high-quality data entry services.

2. Stringent Training Programs

Our data entry professionals go through stringent training programs at our full-fledged training facility, before the start of any data entry project. Our transition manager trains the professionals on the services and processes of our customs brokerage customers. The transition manager efficiently trains the data entry team on the rules, format, procedures and processes to be followed. The data entry team is also trained to efficiently use the software and technologies that our customer utilizes.

3. Competent Data Entry Team

We have a skilled and trained team of data entry professionals who are well-versed with the customs clearance procedures, terminology, regulatory requirements, documentation and protocols. The team is trained to enter routine shipment details such as date, quantity, as well as description of cargo and process information on shipment value, current exchange rate calculations, discounts, taxes and additional costs. Every member of the data entry team is trained to provide accurate data processing services within a fast turnaround time.

4. Dual Monitors and DMS

Our data entry team works on dual monitors, where one screen is used for viewing the scanned documents and the other screen is used for entering and processing the data. We use dual monitors, so that our data entry professionals can view all the scanned document images in a single screen without having to scroll down, thus reducing error-rates in data processing. At Flatworld, we have the competency to work on our customers' document management system (DMS) and efficiently process transactions related to customs clearance documentation.

5. Quality Assurance Systems

At Flatworld, we ensure quality at every step of the process. Our quality assurance experts ensure that the services we provide are verified for accuracy of critical details. Flatworld's quality assurance experts also check and review the completed work and ensure that there are no omitted data elements. By ensuring quality throughout the process, we provide our customers with high-quality data entry services.

Find out more about the process followed in B3 form generation at Flatworld by reading how it works.

6. Reduced Error Rates and Increased Accuracy

At Flatworld, we can help you reduce your error rates in data processing. For most of our customers, we have brought down the error rates to less than 2% which translated into increased accuracy and productivity. We follow stringent processes to ensure that there is accuracy and quality at every level. Outsource to Flatworld and benefit from maximum accuracy.

Outsource data entry services to Flatworld and benefit from the advantages that we offer.

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We extremely pleased with AJ and Daisy's performance. The team work between them, speed and accuracy is impeccable. They are quick to adjust and take on more responsibility. They are truly a value part of our, and are proud to call them our Teammates.

-Head of Customs Department, Boutique Logistics Organization, Quebec, Canada

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