Text Analytics Services

Text Analytics Services

While data is important to make crucial business decisions, you must realize that not all data is available in the form of numbers. Data available in text format needs to be analyzed by using tools that can identify the commonalities and frequency of the data.

We understand that most business problems can be addressed with effective text analytics, in conjunction with numerical data analysis. A lot of information that is relevant to business or an organization, is usually derived from heaps of unstructured data, which is primarily available in the form of text. Knowledge and business intelligence can be extracted from textual data by leveraging robust analytical tools.

Text Analytics Services We Offer

We have the desired experience and expertise to deliver text analysis services with utmost accuracy at affordable rates. Whether you want to scan a set of documents and model that set for predictive classification purposes or generate a database / search index with the derived information from that set, we can help you with high-quality text analytics services.

Apart from using many types of advanced statistical methods, we also use natural language processing techniques for text analytics, such as syntactic parsing, linguistic analysis and part of speech tagging. Additionally, when there is a requirement for identifying named text features like names of places, people, companies, symbols, abbreviations, etc., we use named entity recognition technique. We also perform recognition of pattern identified entities, especially when the requirement is to identify features like telephone numbers, units of quantities, email addresses, etc. Our solutions comprise of -

  • Recognizing Patterns and Data Segmentation - We can perform advanced pattern recognition and trend identification within the data set to help you understand the results hidden in it in a better way. Based on this, our experts can create well-defined segments in your data.
  • Customer and Trend Analytics - Using advanced statistical tools we analyze the data of your customers, giving you insights into their behavior. Text from the huge data set of customers is analyzed accurately to present findings. In the process of analyzing huge data sets, we come across patterns, which give clues of various trends that are prevalent as well as some future trends. We also provide an insight into their sentiments, as to what your customers feel about your company's products, services and brand. With our customer intelligence services, we help you anticipate their demands in future and invest accordingly in developing profitable products.
  • Principle Component Analysis - We use factor analysis to separate principle components of your data, which will aid you in decision-making
  • Quality Check - Before we present our findings, we make sure that the data is well-segmented and categorized. We also ensure our findings are of the highest quality, as per your requirements.
  • Data Retrieval - Whether information is hidden in huge databases, file systems, content repositories or on the Web, retrieving information is one of the important preparatory steps of text analysis.
  • Noun Phrases - We are also capable of identifying noun phrases and other terms that are related to the same object. Our experts can also identify different kinds of associations between different entities and other pieces of information in the form of text.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Analyzing sentiments, which involves identifying and analyzing subjective data such as opinions, emotions, moods, etc. is also something that we can provide by using proven text analytics methods.
  • Quantitative Text Analysis - Our in-house team is well-versed at identifying and extracting semantic relationships among words for deciphering stylistic patterns of personal text. Popularly known as quantitative text analysis, we can apply this analysis technique that originates from social sciences.
  • Other Services - Here are some additional text mining and text analytics services that we offer (not limited to). Our main goal is to transform text into valuable data which can be used for further analysis using various analytical methods.
    • Analyzing text
    • Lexical analysis for studying distribution of word frequency
    • Annotation or tagging
    • Mining data
    • Recognizing patterns
    • Visualization
    • Predictive analytics

Application of Our Text Analysis Services

Text mining includes text clustering, summarizing documents, producing granular taxonomies, text categorization, sentiment analysis, entity relation modeling, entity extraction, and other related tasks. We deliver all these services to our clients. In the last decade, we have delivered text analytics services to companies that are involved in -

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Publishing
  • Business intelligence
  • Social media monitoring
  • Data mining
  • Security applications
  • Records management
  • Biomedical applications
  • National security Research
  • Software applications
  • Academic applications
  • Sentiment analysis, and more.

Outsource Text Mining Services and Text Analytics to Flatworld Solutions

We can deliver high-quality text analytics services which can help you get a competitive edge over your peers in the industry. Our experts use SPSS, SAS, MS Excel, text and speech mining, and other tools and processes to make sure that you accurately identify any information that is relevant to your company. We are more than happy to provide our text analytics services to companies across industries, across the globe.

We have formidable expertise and experience in performing tasks related to sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, understanding the voice-of-the-customer, trend analysis, affinity analysis and understanding the willingness-to-pay from the customer's point of view. We are positive that we can correctly analyze all data and supply you with the information that your company needs to succeed.

Contact us today to know how our text analytical services can help your business succeed. Outsource text analytics services to us, our team will be happy to assist you with a custom solution.

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Text Analytics Services FAQs

  • What is text analytics?

    Analyzing the massive amount of unordered text content to extract quantifiable data that has meaning, purpose, and insights relevant for business is called text analytics.

  • What is text analytics used for?

    The ultimate purpose of text analytics is to interpret hidden patterns, trends, and information that would pave way for the next wave of innovation.