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Strengthen your supply chain by streamlining and optimizing operations with our reliable analytics services

Robust and well-functioning supply chain management is central to successful organizations. With the emergence of lengthier and complex global supply chains due to the increased scope of operations, the need for data-driven supply chain management has become critical.

Flatworld's expertise in supply chain and statistical analysis helps in transparent, intelligent, and enhanced supply chain management through improving front-line operations, demand forecasting, predictive analysis, and other planning services. Our expert team of analysts and other research specialists provides leading-edge supply chain analytics solutions to aid in establishing better supply chain opportunities and reducing its operational costs dramatically. Partner with Flatworld Solutions to avail exemplary supply chain analytics services that can minimize costs and increase visibility across the board.

Supply Chain Analytics Services We Offer

With deep expertise in analytics tools, technologies, and methodologies, we can create or customize a solution for your exact requirements. We leverage a mix of existing tools available in the market along with our own solutions to design a perfect-fit option. Our supply chain analytics services include -

  1. Demand and Capacity Assembly

    Demand and Capacity Assembly

    We enable you to forecast products and customer order patterns to identify the probable demand scenarios so that you can have better contingency plans and reduce costs by planning. We bring down the processing time by almost 60% by facilitating automated demand and capacity planning.

  2. Suppliers and Procurement Cost Analytics

    Suppliers and Procurement Cost Analytics

    Our team offers customizable AI-based supply chain analytics solutions that drastically enhance the supplier visibility in terms of performance, risks, costs involved, etc., and predicts materials procurement costs in real-time. Our accurate supplier data insights help the client in making important decisions regarding price negotiations, switching to other suppliers, landing costs, etc.

  3. Working Capital Analytics and Management

    Working Capital Analytics and Management

    Our innovative solutions enable optimization of working capital and improvement of operational results by enhanced cost benchmarking, augmented visibility of key performance areas, ruled out inventory wastages, and other errors.

  4. Expenditure Analytics

    Expenditure Analytics

    Our analysts deliver solutions for real-time insights into company spending and how it can be streamlined for augmented efficiency and maximized revenue. Our team can build customized spend analytics dashboards that can appropriately assist the company in identifying key areas for cost reduction and better expenditure planning.

  5. Optimizing Stocks and Inventory

    Optimizing Stocks and Inventory

    When we help you predict customer patterns and forecast sales, inventory planning becomes simpler and more efficient. Our end-to-end analytics services ensure smooth logistics and supply chain network across all levels and channels.

  6. Purchase Order Flow Analytics

    Purchase Order Flow Analytics

    Our exceptional analytics solutions enable your company to know where the inventory is needed the most. Our capabilities facilitate the company to route and reroute in-transit inventory as per the predictive demand.

  7. Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Analytics

    Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Analytics

    The Flatworld team not only helps in the real-time appropriation of warehouse activities but also offers a holistic outlook of the company's supply chain so that they can assess the entire network and establish better control and cost-cutting systems to increase their operational efficiency.

  8. Distribution and Logistics Analytics

    Distribution and Logistics Analytics

    Control and avert unnecessary hours of service, optimize rate per mile, and improve delivery times by automating warehouse location tracking system, minimizing freight costs, and other planning insights with our tailored logistics analytics and management solutions.

  9. Supply Chain Data Analytics and Assembly

    Supply Chain Data Analytics and Assembly

    As part of our analytics solutions, we help in structuring and creating a data log along with the elimination of redundant information. We also turn data into meaningful statistics like graphs, pie-charts, etc., to offer quick insights to decision-makers.

  10. Principle Component Analysis

    Principle Component Analysis

    Our analytics team enlists all the important KPIs in all sectors that can serve as the benchmarks for all operations in the supply chain.

  11. Customer Analytics

    Customer Analytics

    Our team carries out extensive market research and tailor-make customer analytics solutions to establish crucial customer data and patterns that can enormously help in optimizing supply chain systems.

  12. Supply Chain Predictive Analytics

    Supply Chain Predictive Analytics

    Our team implements a solution that undertakes a detailed analysis of the market demand, customer patterns, product journey, and all the other important sectors to accurately forecast not only the current but the future trends in the industry, enabling efficient decision-making by the company management.

Our Supply Chain Analytics Process

Key steps in our process include -


01. Gaining Insights into Client Needs

The first step is to deeply understand the client's desired result and expectations from the project and establishing performance measurement scales as per the same


02. Plan Drafting

Our team devises the roadmap and sets tailored supply analytics solutions as per the pre-determined client needs. We identify the need for customization and application or API development


03. Plan Validation

After a thorough internal check and elimination of any discrepancy, the plan is reviewed by the client


04. Establishing Analytics Systems

The analytics team starts with the execution of the plan and implements the analytics solutions


05. Data Integration

The data is integrated into automated processes for deriving meaningful information for the client. The tools are integrated with all the other existing databases and software to generate a seamless solution


06. Preparation of Reports

The team designs user-based dashboards and comprehensive analytics reports in the format of the client's choice. These are delivered at the chosen frequency to the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld As Your Supply Chain Analytics Service Provider?

There are multiple reasons why we should be your next supply chain analytics partner. Some of them include -

  • Outstanding Industry Knowledge

    Being in the industry for over 20 years, we are the leading supply chain analytics services company with an experienced and highly-driven team working tirelessly to provide leading-edge supply chain analytics solutions to our global clientele.

  • Cost-effective Price Models

    We have affordable packages that can be tailor-made to suit the client's needs to help them reduce their operational costs.

  • Data Protection

    We maintain complete data security through NDAs and stringent data safety measures at all levels in the workplace.

  • Customizable and Flexible Solutions

    Our agile and sturdy analytics solutions are scalable and flexible to accommodate the dynamic needs of the supply chain networks and their future needs.

  • Advanced Technological Solutions

    Our expertise in Big Data technologies and popular analytics tools enables us to offer state-of-the-art analytics solutions to clients.

  • Cross-domain Pollination

    Flatworld uses contemporary analytics that collaborates with all the fields like statistics, operations research, ML packages, and platforms to facilitate fast and accurate decision-making at the management level.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Sophisticated Chart Extraction Services to a Risk Adjustment Firm

FWS Provided Sophisticated Chart Extraction Services to a Risk Adjustment Firm

A leading healthcare risk adjustment firm was looking for a reliable and experienced provider who could use robotic process automation to perform data extraction from charts. Our team provided highly accurate services to the client within a quick turnaround time.

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FWS Helped a South Africa-based Automobile Firm With Digital Transformation Services

FWS Helped a South Africa-based Automobile Firm With Digital Transformation Services

A leading automobile company in South Africa was looking for a competent partner who could further their digital transformation journey by leveraging robotic process automation (RPA). Our team helped the client with cost-effective services.

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Supply Chain Analytics Services FAQs

  • What is supply chain analytics?

    It is the process of using data to enhance the operational effectiveness within sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics workflows across supply chain systems.

  • Why is supply chain analytics important?

    It helps organizations to make course correction whenever profits tank and allow recovering from downtimes with an effective backup strategy.