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Predictive Analytics Services

Optimize your business by gaining real-time insights into your business numbers and take preemptive actions to drive profitable outcomes and informed business decisions

Poorly researched business decisions translate into unimpressive success rates. For profitable returns and better outcomes, it is important for businesses to harness the power of big data and predictive analytics solutions. This helps organizations understand their customers' needs and behavior, prepare for upcoming future trends, and achieve a distinctive edge over their competitors.

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide scalable and cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions and services to help you gain real-time insight into your existing data, processes, business numbers, and customers to anticipate both existing and upcoming trends and make clear business decisions for desired outcomes. Our holistic predictive analytics solutions can help you minimize risk, improve efficacy, and increase profitability by helping you design effective marketing strategies for better customer service.

Predictive Analytics Solutions We Offer

With more than 20 years of experience in predictive analytics, including predictive web analytics, we, at Flatworld Solutions, are a leading predictive analytics service providing company in India. We provide next-generation predictive analytics solutions to help you gain data-driven insights into your business and unlock hidden business opportunities and potential.

Our in-house experts use the most modern technology and their expert skill sets to evaluate different business variables and develop accurate forecasts and reliable business projections for informed business decisions. By providing the following predictive analytics solutions and services, we help our clients record, monitor, and predict business data to evaluate future trends and changes -

Consumer Analytics

1. Consumer Analytics
Our expert business analysts leverage the power of CSAT surveys and subscription analytics to measure how products and services provided by your company are meeting or exceeding your customers' expectations. Using the survey data, our experts can help businesses understand various factors that are impacting customer satisfaction rate and help them execute new business strategies and plans to increase customer loyalty.

Enterprise Performance Management

2. Enterprise Performance Management
By gauging real-time operational data and business analytics, we help organizations to evaluate their overhead costs and manage their performance to enhance employee efficiency and maximize business processes. With finance at the helm, our enterprise performance management solutions enable CFOs, CIOs, and company leaders to monitor operational and financial trends to make better business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

3. Customer Relationship Management
Our use of digital technology - social media, emails, websites, and online videos - throws a great deal of light on our preferences and likes and dislikes. This information is of paramount importance to marketing professionals and companies, who use these trends to predict customer behavior and improve their customer relationships. Experts at Flatworld Solutions make use of the most advanced tools and software to gather this data and help companies to mitigate risk and design effective marketing strategies that can boost their sales, efficiency, and profitability.

Consumer Data Ingestion

4. Consumer Data Ingestion
In the era of the Internet of Things, huge volumes of data are being generated, by different sources in different formats, at an unexpectedly fast pace. To drive important business decisions, companies need to aggregate, transform, and clean this data as per their specific requirements. We help companies organize unstructured, complicated, and messy data into a structured and streamlined form so that it can be used easily and effectively. Our big data experts use the latest data ingestion tools to help you perform real-time analysis on different data streams and elegantly orchestrate data movement for superior insights.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics for Business Growth

Predictive analytics solutions provided by Flatworld Solutions can help you -

  • Gain deeper insight into your business numbers
  • Identify key trends prevalent in the market
  • Better understand your customer
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Predict future trends
  • Optimize your sales
  • Boost business performance
  • Drive strategic decision making

Predictive Analytics Process at Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we follow a rigorous predictive analytics process to help you uncover various business factors and customer-centric data that can help you build your business and marketing strategies around customer experiences and their likes and dislikes. Our data analytics team works with you to help you dig deep into your company's big data to improve the decision-making process and drive growth. Our process involves -

Data Exploration  

01. Data Exploration

Your Company's big data is analyzed to understand interesting patterns, attributes, trends, characteristics, and demonstrate the existing relationship between them.

Model Preparation Evaluation  

02. Data Preparation and Model Development

New variables are created to build a predictive model using standardized statistical and machine learning algorithms to generate meaningful insights and forecast future events.

Model Evaluation  

03. Model Evaluation

The predictive models are validated and evaluated to check and monitor their future performance and are even fine-tuned for best results.

Sharing of Insights  

04. Sharing of Insights

The predictive models are finally shared with the organization to help them gain meaningful insights, take informed business decisions across various lifecycles of service and product delivery, and strengthen their future business.

Verticals/Industries We Cater To

We outsource predictive analytics services to a large number of clients across different industry verticals. These include -

Real EstateReal Estate

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Predictive Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading predictive analytics service provider in India, offering its services to a large number of clients across the globe. With a skilled pool of business specialists and predictive analysts, we build customized predictive analytics models as per our clients' specific requirements. We utilize the most advanced tools and software to generate detailed and real-time insights that help businesses augment big data intelligence into their business processes to ensure customer and employee loyalty and brand's success.

So, outsource predictive analytics service to Flatworld Solutions and enjoy -

  • Customized Business Intelligence

    We make use of the most state-of-the-art business analytics tools and software to help you create accurate and customized business reports that can help you make informed business decisions and gain a competitive edge over others.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Our services are completely customizable and are tailored as per your specific requirements. This helps us provide project-specific results well within a stipulated time frame and budget and can help you reduce unnecessary overhead costs.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure which is needed to deliver quality analytics services. We have access to world-class office spaces, the latest business analytics tools and technologies, and uninterrupted network connections.

  • Experienced Team of Analysts

    We believe in providing our clients with the best possible services. Hence, we have some of the most talented, skilled, and experienced business analysts onboard who can take care of all your needs within a quick time.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions operates from different delivery locations spread across the globe. This gives us the time advantage and the ability to deliver services within a quick turnaround time without compromising on the quality.

  • Complete Data Security

    We use the most advanced encryption software to keep your business data and other crucial customer-centric information secure and private. Outsourcing predictive analytics solutions to us ensures that your data is always kept safe.

  • Continuous Support

    We are one of the leading predictive analytics solution providing companies. Our customer service executives provide round-the-clock support and service to all our clients to ensure 100% customer coverage and timely resolution of all queries and concerns.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Once you choose to outsource predictive analytics services to us, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact for all your needs. This manager will keep you updated about the latest project developments at all times.

  • Easily Scalable

    We have the required skills, resources, and bandwidth to easily scale up the number of resources for your project. As and when you need it, we can ramp up the service requirement and complete the project faster.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Sophisticated Chart Extraction Services to a Risk Adjustment Firm

FWS Provided Sophisticated Chart Extraction Services to a Risk Adjustment Firm

A leading healthcare risk adjustment firm was looking for a reliable and experienced provider who could use robotic process automation to perform data extraction from charts. Our team provided highly accurate services to the client within a quick turnaround time.

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FWS Helped a South Africa-based Automobile Firm With Digital Transformation Services

FWS Helped a South Africa-based Automobile Firm With Digital Transformation Services

A leading automobile company in South Africa was looking for a competent partner who could further their digital transformation journey by leveraging robotic process automation (RPA). Our team helped the client with cost-effective services.

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Outsource Predictive Analytics Solutions to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a global predictive analytics solution providing company, providing its services to a large number of clients in India and abroad. We are committed to providing you with rigorous and accurate predictive analytics solutions to empower you with real-time business insights for informed and profitable business decisions. Our actionable insights can help businesses understand customer behavior, draw future business trends, optimize their marketing strategies, mitigate risks, and improve business processes and operations. We ensure customized services, complete data security and quick turnaround time, whether the project is big or small.

So come, share your predictive analytics requirements with us and we'll get back to you with a customized service plan that has been tailored just for you.

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Predictive Analytics Services FAQs

  • What is predictive analytics used for?

    Predictive analytics is the method of leveraging machine learning, data, and statistical algorithms to identify the chances of future outcomes based on historical data.

  • How accurate is predictive analytics?

    The accuracy of predictive analytics depends on the quality of the predictive model and its results, the validity of your discovery, and the model's consistency.

  • What are the benefits of predictive analytics?

    The key benefits of predictive analytics are that it improves efficiency, helps gain advantage over competitors, reduces risk, detects fraud, and meets consumer expectations.

  • What are the outcomes of predictive analytics?

    The key outcome of predictive anaytics is its ability to predict the unknown future events using historical data, statistics, modeling, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.