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Analytics Services for Contact Center

We provide professional analytics services to analyze and improve the performance of your contact center operations

Is measuring the performance and productivity of your contact center a challenging task? If so you need specialized contact center analytics services to assess call center operations. This is where contact center analytics from specialists like us helps you stay on the path of your business goals.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have specialists working with advanced tools to collect and measure the data to track contact center performance. We calculate call resolution rates, establish revenue generation per agent, assess the best calling times, flag-off and retain aggrieved customers, determine per contact cost to the company, etc. At Flatworld, we employ the best of talent to conduct high-end contact center analytics so that you can assess and work on improving call center administration.

Contact Center Analytics Services We Offer

When you choose to outsource contact center analytics services to Flatworld Solutions, you can be assured of best-in-the-market service offerings. Our vast range of analytics services for contact center include the following -

  1. Call Center Performance Analytics

    Call Center Performance Analytics

    We study every aspect of agent performance, call quality, time management, knowledge management, shift management, floor dynamics, call duration, and much more to give you a wholesome picture of how your call center is performing. This will help you in clearly identifying the problem areas.

  2. Voice of Customer (VOC) Analytics

    Voice of Customer (VOC) Analytics

    We study each call to understand the quality of services provided by your agents. Our analytics services include deciphering tone and the underlying voice textures to understand the client's expectations, needs, and issues to deliver better products or services, thus, enhancing customer experience.

  3. Trend Analytics

    Trend Analytics

    Our analytics specialists can closely examine previous data to draw out market trends and predictions. We conduct an in-depth analysis of hefty data sets to spot recurring patterns, thus, aid in improving or undertaking control measures for better business operations.

  4. Text Analytics

    Text Analytics

    We thoroughly interpret customer information given in text form like online chat or emails into meaningful data for various uses by the contact center. Analyzing the text help in creating better, more proactive replies that solve customer problems faster.

  5. Voice Analytics Services

    Voice Analytics Services

    As per the availability of voice data, we conduct extensive research on customer calls using varied identification methods to better understand your target customer. We leverage voice analytics technologies to study the tone of the customer and how happy or dissatisfied they were with your service.

  6. Reducing Average Customer Handling Time (AHT)

    Reducing Average Customer Handling Time (AHT)

    Scrutinizing the available data to establish average customer handling time by agents and providing optimal solutions for its effective reduction is one of our core competencies. We have been in the field of customer support for the past 20 years and have many ideas and best practices that can help improve the performance.

  7. Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Predicting future market trends, customer behavior patterns, etc., are one of the major contact center analytics services we provide to our clients. Our predictions help you prepare and plan for the future course of action.

  8. Customer Intelligence Analytics

    Customer Intelligence Analytics

    Assessing customer purchase patterns, problem areas, FAQs, login activity, likes/dislikes, etc., we can help prepare insightful customer analysis reports to help you understand your target audience better.

  9. Valuating Customer Satisfaction

    Valuating Customer Satisfaction

    Computing and determining customer satisfaction levels through testimonials, feedback forms, voice data, etc., can help assess the capability of the contact center to address the needs of your customers.

  10. Preparation and Compilation of Data

    Preparation and Compilation of Data

    Our advanced analytics tools can also help in management, compilation, and stacking of contact center databases for our clients. We also carry out logistic regression in line with the pre-defined data collection criterion.

Contact Center Analytics Process We Follow

As the topmost contact center analytics service providing company across the globe, Flatworld Solutions operates in strict adherence to its working process policies, which are as follows -


01. Determining the Purpose of Contact Center Analytics

It is imperative to understand the client's needs and expectations regarding the analytics services for the contact center. The core problems or areas that the client wants us to focus on is important to discuss to establish the scope of our work.


02. Assigning a Specialized Team

Determining work goals can greatly help us in employing the right team to our client. Along with an expert team, a dedicated project head is also appointed to ensure a single point and free flow of communication.


03. Transfer of Data and Authorizations by Clients

Clients can transfer relevant data for analytics or can provide the necessary permissions and authorizations in case the data has to be collected in real-time.


04. Tracking

This is the phase where analytics begins and the first step is to track, capture, and compile important data. We deploy specialized analytics software or leverage existing technologies.


05. Data Interpretation

After tracking, our adept professionals and auditors interpret the findings for you to evaluate your call center's strengths and weaknesses.


06. Analytics Reports and Future Predictions

The interpreted data is then consolidated in the form of valuable reports containing useful insights on future performances and business forecasts. It also provides solutions to improve contact center performance.


07. Submission of Reports

Using our secured FTP servers, we submit all contact center analytics reports to our clients. We also prepare dashboards that clients can readily access anytime insights.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Contact Center Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld offers 360-degree contact center analytics services to customers from all around the globe and our fast turnaround times, accurate assessment, and transparent work structure make us a dependable contact center analytics service providing company. Here are some reasons why are always the top choice for clients -

  • Highly Trained Teams

    We have highly trained and expert professionals in our team to handle all types of business analytics service requirements.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Leading-edge infrastructural set-up and best analysis tool availability are some of our fundamental strengths. We are efficient in doubling the power of analytical tools by combing our in-depth knowledge of SAS, R, SPSS, SPSS Text mining, MS Excel, and Speech Mining to ensure that our clients get quality services.

  • Flexible Rates

    Flexible price structures and cost-effective rates of our services has earned us a large base of satisfied clients.

  • Timely Support and Services

    Our development centers are spread across many countries, enabling us to provide services in record time and all round the clock.

  • High-quality Analytics Services

    Our predictive analysis reports are one of the highlighting factors of our contact center analytics services. Our future predictions are highly accurate and can considerably help businesses improve the performance of their call centers.

  • 100% Data Security

    Data security is one of our focal principles and we take all necessary measures to ensure complete data confidentiality.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Contact Center Analytics Services Provider

    We are an ISO-certified company with complete adherence to internationally regulated business practices and guidelines.

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Outsource Contact Center Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions

Conducting extensive analysis of your contact center data and drawing reports on past, present, and future performances are activities that we excel at. Flatworld Solutions has the power of a great professional team and best-in-class business analytics tools to provide end-to-end contact center analytics services to global clients. Opting for our business analytics solutions can take your business to new heights by identifying your strong and weak functional areas. Do not wait to get started, contact us now.

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